Chapter 37: Returning to Steinbeck Fief Part 1

Ximengsi Continent’s southern part, the border area of Steinbeck Fief, Lawrence River

Clyde, Princess Natalie, and Sigrid returned to the Kruft Kingdom’s military camp. The complexions of these two beauties were a little red. Their gaze was somewhat bashful looking at Clyde. In the previous treatment ritual, for various reasons, they had given their first kisses to Clyde, and now after those events, they were inevitably somewhat bashful, constantly recalling that event.

Now, Princess Natalie and Sigrid wore simple dresses. Natalie’s armor had been destroyed by those distorted shadow magical creatures within the city ruins, so she could only use this clothing for the time being. Clyde tried his best to control his gaze and sneak peeks at them as much as possible. These two beauties wore only an outer thin layer of cloth, nothing more. They were completely bare underneath. A slight gust could easily make people indulge in fantasy.

“Eh, this place is already…”

“Be careful, there might still be magical creatures in the vicinity.”

Kruft Kingdom’s military camp had been completely destroyed by magical creatures. It was the handiwork of Clyde’s younger sister, Bloodkin Lolita Lucifer, and her summoned magical creature army. Those bloodkin familiars had routed this expeditionary force of over 5,000 troops. Other than Kruft Kingdom’s elite troops, the Berserker Corps, who had escaped by a fluke, everyone else had been killed, including Prince Gruz.

When Clyde’s party saw Prince Gruz, he was already an undead. The entire Kruft Kingdom’s military camp was now a pile of debris. Victims of Bloodkin who had suffered blood-sucking would transform into undead. Compared to other types of undead, this kind of undead were regarded as variant blood-servants who couldn’t move beneath the sunlight. Like most of the bloodkin, they would be reduced to ashes beneath the gaze of the sun.

Those undeads’ movements were very slow. Basically, they were no threat. Clyde’s party could easily shake them off. Princess Natalie hesitated for a while, but she was eventually pulled away by Clyde. She had originally wanted to stay behind and die in the line of duty, but at the crucial moment, Clyde seized her sword.

“Princess Natalie, you are not responsible for this catastrophe. Your king shouldn’t blame you. Moreover, this is entirely because of Prince Gruz’s showing off.”

“Clyde, when I came out, I made a military pledge with my father, the king. Although royal brother was incompetent, he was the first heir to the throne. Since I was unable to protect him, returning is…”

After her explanation, Clyde understood the military pledge set up before she had exited. It was to protect that good-for-nothing prince. Since she had failed this task, the consequences of returning unharmed were very serious. The possibility of execution was not great, but since Kruft Kingdom belonged to “Clark Alliance,” there was a possibility that she would be turned into a slave and lose her status as a princess. Thinking this, Princess Natalie felt that it would be better to die here. Clyde understood the Clark System. If he were the king, he might also not simply execute those he was displayed with and actually try to turn them into profit. 

“Princess Natalie, how about we do this: take refuge in Steinbeck Fief first. I am the person in charge of the place’s guards regiment.”

“That’s not good; it will implicate you.”

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“No, no, the witch Ista is also taking refuge in Steinbeck Fief. Adding one more is fine.”

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Princess Natalie finally agreed under Clyde’s strong request. Since she had nowhere else to go, it would be better to go to Steinbeck Fief and temporarily stay there. Kruft Kingdom’s royal family regarded men as superior to women, so Princess Natalie felt little to no sense of belonging. Therefore, it was very easy for Clyde to incite her defection.

“I say, am I also counted? I also have nowhere to go.”


“I truly have nowhere to go. Rest assured that I will work; I will not laze around.”

Sigrid seemed to have made up her mind to follow Clyde. At the very beginning, Clyde had had some misgivings because Sigrid had fled the imperial family’s marriage contract over two hundred years ago. Since she was still alive, if he took her in, wouldn’t that be setting his Suzerain fiefdom against the Adrian Empire?

Even after two hundred years, she had still not aged. According to the evaluation standards of the Light Church, Sigrid could already be regarded as a heretic. She would definitely be classified as a witch. Steinbeck Fief had already taken in one witch. Since there was the precedent of Ista, he need not need care about adding another one.

Clyde quickly left Kruft Kingdom’s military camp, and after crossing Lawrence River, returned to Steinbeck Fief’s Suzerain residence, Stanley City. Before leaving, Clyde used his strength to destroy the floating bridge above Lawrence River. Like this, if other hostile nations came to attack, their attack tempo would be greatly slowed down.

In the short term, Kruft Kingdom wouldn’t attack again. Their losses had been truly disastrous this time. In addition, their military funds plan had also greatly diminished due to Princess Natalie’s unforeseen betrayal, and Clyde had seized everything. Now, he needed to watch out for other nations of Clark Alliance. Those fellows were rushing over for witch Ista. He didn’t know when they would attack.

When Clyde’s party arrived at Stanley City, this city had already taken on an entirely new look. During his absence, his younger sister, Bloodkin Lolita Lucifer, had summoned a large number of bloodkin familiars and rearranged Stanley City that had lain in waste for over a hundred years while repairing the damaged places. Now, Stanley City looked like a completely new city.

However, because there were no residents, the massive Stanley City proper leaked a kind of indescribably strange atmosphere. It was a completely refurbished city without any residents. If the buildings had not been renovated, it would have given an impression of an unmanned ghost city. Now, the population of this new city was just at a hundred or so. Except for Clyde, all others were girls.

“Captain Clyde, your fief doesn’t seem to have anyone!”

“Princess Natalie, this is just the beginning. It’s normal to not have any residents.”

Facing Princess Natalie’s question, Clyde awkwardly showed the path, leading Natalie and Sigrid to the palace entrance where his younger sister Lucifer and Suzerain Princess Saras, who had already received Clyde’s magic communication message in advance, were waiting. As for Witch Ista, she was occupied with her research and did not come out to welcome them.

“Lord Clyde, welcome back! The trivial matters of city operations are all solved. I’ve already helped you deal with most of them.”

“Princess Saras, you suffered.”

“It’s okay. You two, come with me. Suitable clothes are already prepared.”

Princess Saras led Princess Natalie and Sigrid inside to change into regular clothing and out of their skimpy outfits. On the scene, only Clyde and Lucifer were left behind. Lucifer was lost in thought while looking at the distant back views of Natalie and Sigrid.

“Big Brother, you… you didn’t do anything strange, did you? Where are their inner clothings?”


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