Chapter 36: The Truth Buried in Needham Plain a Hundred Years Ago

The outskirts of Needham Plain’s ruined city

Carrying the two girls, Clyde quickly evacuated this desolate place. After rescuing that mysterious girl, he didn’t encounter any obstruction by magical creatures on the way out. No one knew whether those magical creatures had misgivings about Clyde or if they simply feared this mysterious beauty. In any case, they smoothly escaped.

This city had already been abandoned for over a hundred years, so it was very difficult to find a place to stay. Moreover, those several hundred soldiers of Kruft Kingdom who had followed Princess Natalie her had already disappeared without a trace as if they had never arrived. The entire city was frighteningly quiet. Just the sounds of the three could be heard.

Since they couldn’t stay in the city area, Clyde’s party looted everywhere and left before it got dark. On the outskirts of this city area, they temporarily pitched a small camp beside a brook. This place was some distance from the city area, and their field of vision was relatively wide. They didn’t need to worry about any magical creatures lying in ambush. Compared to the city area with complex terrain, the wilderness area outside the city was a lot safer.

“No need to wait for them. There are so many magical creatures here. They’ve probably long been…”

“Then, how should I address you? Miss Sigrid, should be long dead!”

“Mister, your common sense is unreasonable. Names must not be mixed up.”

After confirming their safety, Sigrid removed the cloak she had been wearing and let Clyde see her real appearance. She was a drop-dead gorgeous pink-haired beauty. Her pupils were also enchanting pink. Although she wore a common cloak, Clyde was still able to discern her slender, devilish figure. This beauty’s attractiveness index instantly rewrote the ranks of the beautiful companions beside Clyde. She surpassed even first ranked Valkyrie Cynthia.

In those past years, as the crown prince’s wife candidate, Sigrid’s attractiveness index had ranked third among all of the human nations’ princesses on Ximengsi Continent. However, over two hundred years ago, she had unintentionally summoned and, moreover, opened gates to different dimensions, specifically the Ghost Realm’s and Demon Realm’s gates, leading to the final great calamity.

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Originally, Sigrid had wanted to use the dimension gate to flee the arranged marriage, but beyond her expectations, she had simultaneously opened the Demon Realm’s and Ghost Realm’s gates. When she had opened the different dimension’s gate, she had obtained the strength coming from the different dimensions and transformed. She couldn’t be regarded as of the Human Race anymore. Even after over a hundred years, Sigrid still had the same beautiful young girl’s appearance she had had that year as if she had never aged. In addition, that energy from those different dimensions granted her a kind of peculiar exotic aesthetic feeling.

When Clyde held her hand, he noticed that Sigrid’s energy surpassed an average Demon Lord’s and belonged to an existence from a different dimension, but he didn’t understand much about the different dimension realms; therefore, he temporarily couldn’t define Sigrid’s current attribute. As for those two Demon Realm’s and Ghost Realm’s gates, he would entrust them to Valkyrie Cynthia in the future because it was relatively safer if the people of Divine Realm dealt with them.

“Forget it, Sigrid. Help me treat Princess Natalie.”

“Okay, but I might not be able to maintain her cultivation. After all, her entire body was crushed, unless…”


“Unless we use that method! I will need your help.”

“No problem.”

Sigrid walked to Natalie’s side. Ignoring Clyde behind her, she quickly got rid of Natalie’s tattered clothes. Clyde immediately fell into an awkward situation. Although he wanted to watch, taking cheap advantage of others would besmirch his dignity. As if performing conjuring tricks, Sigrid took out various kinds of ritual items from something similar to a storage ring.

Princess Natalie was still unconscious, completely unaware of her current plight. Sigrid hadn’t leave a thread on her body. In addition, her limbs were also spread to two sides, making an alluring “” character on the ground. Below Princess Natalie, a complicated red-colored five edged star magic array appeared. The five edges exactly corresponded to the positions of her head and four limbs.

“Sigrid, you are not performing an evil sacrifice ritual, are you? This magic array resembles that too much.”

“Clyde, this is not a sacrifice ritual. Please don’t misunderstand!”

“Wait, why are you also…”

The following matter completely dumbfounded Clyde. He saw Sigrid undressing herself as if no one else were present, entering a stark naked state. After that, with a slightly red complexion, she straddled Princess Natalie and lowered her lips. Because of this movement, Princess Natalie regained consciousness, and immediately after awakening, she discovered that her entire body was in a chilly state; moreover, she was in an embarrassing plight from which she couldn’t move.

Seeing a beautiful girl who was, like herself, also stark-naked on top of her dumbfounded Princess Natalie. Sigrid completely crushed Princess Natalie in the aspects of attractiveness index and figure, making the injured princess feel endless admiration even though she was also a girl. Nevertheless, this posture was too ambiguous. Sigrid’s posture clearly showed that she wanted to kiss her. In this state of being pressed down, facing each other, both sides could feel the softness and astonishing elasticity of the other’s bosom. At this moment, Princess Natalie was badly scared, especially because she couldn’t attend to her current shameful, bare state. In order to regain moral integrity, she hastily looked over to Clyde for help.

“Eh, you actually like this kind of thing. Sorry to disturb you all. You two can continue!”

“No, that’s not it! This is a treatment; don’t think deviously.”

“Clyde, don’t go! What is going on here?”

“Princess Natalie, Miss Sigrid is trying to treat you. Well, I will leave first. I will not disturb your…”

“Don’t go, Clyde. I’m scared.”

Clyde was unable to reject Princess Natalie’s request and finally decided to stay. Honestly speaking, the impact of this scene was too great for him. He feared that he would be unable to control himself. With two completely naked beauties pushing down and kissing each other, even though he was not inexperienced, the provocation of this scene was too big.

Now, the atmosphere was quite ambiguous. Watching Sigrid and Natalie’s ambiguous posture, Clyde didn’t know what to say. Although Sigrid had already explained that she was doing this to use herself as an intermediary to summon the energy from a different dimension to cure Princess Natalie’s injuries, and this intimate skinship facilitated the energy transmission, when Clyde saw this posture, it was very difficult to not think deviously.

At the last moment, Sigrid and Natalie hesitated. For both, this was her first kiss, and because they were inexperienced and that they were going to lose their first kiss to a fellow girl, it was impossible for them to not hesitate. After thinking a bit, they coincidentally turned toward the same direction, simultaneously looking at Clyde. Their strange expressions made Clyde inexplicably tense.

“Ladies, continue without delay. Don’t mind me. You two can do as you please. I promise I won’t look. ”

“Clyde, can you ki… kiss…”

“Mister Clyde, please, just once!”

“This… I, however, am a serious person, how can…”

“This is also for the sake of the treatment! Didn’t you say you would help before?”


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