Chapter 1

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“Doctor, is my wife alright? Why isn’t she awake yet?”

“Judging from the results, apart from the superficial wounds, only the damaged tissues of her right leg are a bit of a problem — everything else is fine. She should wake up soon.”

“Then can we leave once she wakes up, doctor? We don’t want her to stay in the hospital.”

“This … if you are adamant about her recuperating at home, it is fine but take notice not to stress her leg. It needs time to heal properly.”

“Yes, of course. Thank you, doctor.”

Tang Tang raised her ears as she secretly listened to the conversation. She didn’t dare to open her eyes. Even her breathing was kept at a slow pace so others wouldn’t know she was actually awake.

When the conversation ended, she heard a set of footsteps walking further and further away. The man had left, and only the woman who was speaking before remained in the room.

“Ai, there is really never a moment of peace. Marrying this woman really is unfortunate. I really don’t know what he was thinking at the time. And he is such a talented man as well. Ah!” It was like she suddenly remembered something and quickly left the room, and it became silent once again.

After she was certain the room was empty, she slowly opened her eyes. The first thing she saw was a white ceiling and a square object installed into it.

Tang Tang quietly let out a breath. Then she slowly looked at her surroundings. The more she looked, the more worried she became.

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What a strange place. There were many objects that she had never seen before. As people walked past her room, she noticed that even the clothes that people wore were strange. Also, she noticed the men had very short hair while the women actually let their hair loose. No matter how she looked at it, it was all very strange to her.

Where was she?

She was dead. Her older step sister had pushed her into the water. There were many people who had witnessed it but no one came to save her. Her nanny was the only one who loved her but she had been kicked out of the household. No one would save her. There was no point in living so she might as well give up and let the water drown her. Maybe she would see her mother in the other world and experience a mother’s love. So shouldn’t she be in the nether world? Why was she here?

Or was this the nether world? No, no, no, it can’t be. Even though she didn’t know what the nether world looked like, she was certain this was not the place because she could see that the people here were still alive. So this couldn’t be the place called the nether world.

Tang Tang was getting increasingly confused. She used all her strength to pinch her arm. It was so painful she almost screamed out in pain. That proved she was not dreaming. Everything was real.

Since she couldn’t figure out what happened, Tang Tang subconsciously looked down. She was shocked again at the sight of herself.

She was so skinny — and unbelievably thin. Her wrist looked like it could be snapped when twisted. While her hands looked like chicken claws, it was just skin and bones. The bones were visibly sticking out and it looked like they would puncture through the skin at anytime. What was even scarier were the blue veins visible on her skin because she was too thin. Her body looked so different compared to her original self.

Tang Tang was certain this was not her. This body was not hers. She was in someone else’s body!

This thought scared Tang Tang so much that her heart pounded rapidly. It was unfathomable. It was impossible but the truth was right in front of her. Just like in those written stories she had read, she had transmigrated.

Tang Tang pinched herself a couple of times again. It was so painful, her tears started falling but nothing changed. She had really transmigrated.

Tang Tang heart pounded faster than before. She didn’t know what to do so she closed her eyes while covering her chest with one hand as she forced herself to accept this reality.

In the past, she didn’t have much, but her favourite hobby was reading. She especially liked fantasies. She had also read many books that had transmigration or reincarnation in them. Normally, a character would die unjustly and they would get reincarnated into someone else to exact revenge. In the past, Tang Tang had fantasized that maybe one day she would reincarnate into somebody else’s body and live happily but, at that time, her nanny would always dampen her spirit and her day, telling her that those were fiction and people who read them too much would become stupid. Then her books got confiscated and she was not allowed to read them again.

She never thought that a day when she got transmigrated would actually occur. So transmigration do happen!

The only problem was, where was she? Maybe it was a dynasty she had never heard of before.

Also, who was she at the moment? She didn’t know what to do. How should she handle this? Before she could even decide what to do, there were noises near the door. It was the woman from before. She had come back into the room and grumbled, “Luckily the nursery is nearby, otherwise there wouldn’t be enough time. Ai, really, I’m so busy.”

This time, Tang Tang didn’t pretend to be asleep. Tang Tang opened her eyes and looked at the woman. She appeared to be a healthy middle-aged woman and she seemed to be a good-natured person. But when the woman saw Tang Tang was awake, her gaze became rather unfriendly and there was even a hint of impatience. Her tone of voice was not very friendly either.

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“Madam, you’re finally awake.”

Tang Tang kept her lips together and tactfully stayed silent. She was afraid to say something wrong.

The woman didn’t seem to mind when Tang Tang stayed silent. Instead, she cleared up the things at the bedside while she said, “Madam, let’s leave the hospital now that you’re awake. You can’t walk on your leg for now but it will heal after some time. There is no need to stay in the hospital. Not to mention it’s a waste of money, I don’t have the time to look after you. Sir hired me to look after Xiao Zhuo. I need to take care of him.”

Madam? Did she call her Madam? Who on earth was she?

Tang Tang blankly kept silent and remained still. The woman frowned but kept her patience, “Madam, don’t blame me. Since Sir had hired me to look after Xiao Zhuo, I need to prioritise him first. If I had to look after you here, I can’t take care of Xiao Zhuo and then Sir would not be happy. So you should rest and recuperate at home. The doctor had said before that you can rest at home.”

Sir? Madam? Xiao Zhuo? Who were they? Tang Tang had many questions but she didn’t dare to say anything rashly. She could only observe silently and decide what her next step should be. In the end, Tang Tang nodded towards the woman.

The woman stared at Tang Tang in astonishment. She didn’t expect her to agree so easily. She even planned to just leave if the Madam decided to be difficult. After all, she was certain that her master would stand on her side, but who would have thought the lady didn’t make a fuss this time. It seems she was different from her usual self.

Tang Tang became uncomfortable as the woman stared at her. Tang Tang moved her sight away and looked at something else while her palms were sweaty. She was afraid that she had exposed herself. After all, no matter how stupid she was, she knew she couldn’t just casually tell someone that she had transmigrated because people would think she was a foreign being and kill her. That would be the end of her.

The woman couldn’t see what was wrong at that moment so she turned around and carried on clearing and packing up the things. There wasn’t much stuff originally so it was soon finished. Then the woman passed Tang Tang the crutches she had brought and carried the things before heading towards the door, “Come, let’s go home.”

Tang Tang took the crutches and moved the blanket to one side before slowly getting out of bed. Only then did she see the bandages wrapped around her left leg. The bandages were pretty thick. So it should be this leg that was injured.

After relying on crutches to get out of bed, she realized she could use this to walk. Tang Tang silently followed the woman from behind as she tried her best to keep up with the woman’s pace. At the same time, she quietly observed her surroundings. Everything she saw was a shock to her she saw something. There were many things she was unfamiliar with, especially the metal case object which people sat in that could travel really quickly in just a moment. It was much faster than a horse carriage. She didn’t know such a thing existed! If it she wasn’t afraid of being stated abnormal, she would have stopped to stare at it with her mouth open.

When the metal case finally stopped, she saw a very tall building, a building so tall she couldn’t even see the roof. Tang Tang silently patted her chest. She tried her best to calmly walk behind the woman.

When Aunt Li opened the door, she was not bothered about Tang Tang, who was right behind her. After putting the stuff she was carrying onto the table, she yelled, “Xiao Zhuo, are you hungry? Grandma Li will start cooking now; it will be done very soon.”

“Grandma Li, I’m not hungry,” a childlike voice replied.

It was only then did Tang Tang notice a little boy lying on the carpet. Her eyes lit up. What a pretty child! He looked like he was about 3 or 4 years old. He was plump and his skin looked smooth and tender. His cheeks were chubby and his eyes were dark like grapes. He was very cute like a mochi. Tang Tang had never seen such a cute little child before so she was instantly mesmerized. Her gaze did not move and she kept staring at him.

Unfortunately, the little boy didn’t appear to like her very much. When he saw her, he pursed his mouth into a thin line and humphed before turning around and carried on playing. It appeared he wasn’t willing to look at her.

Tang Tang felt a bit helpless. She didn’t understand why everyone here didn’t like her. Unless the body’s original owner was a bad person?

Seeing Tang Tang remained still at the door, Aunt Li glanced over suspiciously. She really didn’t want to get involved but if something really did happen it wouldn’t be good for her to explain so she kept her patience and said, “Madam, go and rest in your room. Please don’t mess around unnecessarily. If something really happens to your leg, no one can be responsible for it.”

How would Tang Tang know where her room was? After a quick glance, it seemed the flat had four rooms but which one was hers?

After thinking for a moment, Tang Tang opened her mouth, “That … My leg hurts a bit and I can’t walk very well. Can you help me to my room?”

Aunt Li paused. She was getting rather impatient but she still helped Tang Tang to her room. After enduring her emotions all day, she couldn’t help but nag, “Madam, even though I’m an outsider and am not in the position to speak, I have looked after Xiao Zhuo for a long time, and he also calls me Grandma Li. I want to say, no matter what, you’re Sir’s wife and Xiao Zhuo’s mother. Even if you don’t like them, you should still act like how a wife and mother should be. I don’t request you to treat them well but at least don’t cause trouble for them. This request isn’t excessive, right? Sir works and supports the family alone. It’s difficult to be a soldier — you should try and empathize with him.”

Tang Tang didn’t respond. Her mind was a mess due to Aunt Li’s words. She … she was married? She was also a mother? Then was that little boy her child?

Seeing Tang Tang not paying any attention to her words, Aunt Li was disgusted and felt that this person cannot be saved. She didn’t want to bother with her anymore and left the room, “I will go and cook.”

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