Chapter 2


Soon, there was only Tang Tang alone in the room. Tang Tang sighed in relief. She slowly started to observe her room. Even though everything looked unfamiliar, she was calmer than before. She had grown to accept the unfamiliar things around her as she had heard that the people across the sea were very different from them. Maybe this was somewhere really far away.

Tang Tang soon discovered there was another small room and there was a large clear mirror on the wall. Curious about her appearance, she rushed towards the mirror with her crutches.

“Ah –” Tang Tang was frightened by her appearance that her arms on the crutches almost gave in.

The woman in the mirror looked lifeless. Her hair was dry, lips chapped, and her skin was yellow and rough. Her cheeks were sunk in, and there was little to no meat anywhere. She was just skin and bones. And with the red and purple wounds on her face, she looked hideous! 

She was really ugly. Why was she this ugly? How could such an ugly woman get married? Also, that child from before was so beautiful, was he really her child? No matter how she looked, it did not seem like it. Unless the child’s father was especially good looking? But if he was so attractive, then why did he marry someone like her?

Tang Tang couldn’t comprehend. She looked at the mirror again, but she quickly looked away. She was ugly; she didn’t dare to look at herself anymore. With the support of crutches, she returned to her bed before she started to think about what she should do next.

She held no feelings to her own world. After all, no one cared about her there, so she didn’t want to go back. Originally, she thought she would see her mother in the nether world, but she unexpectedly became someone else. Since she was still alive, she had no desire to intentionally die again. God had given her another chance to live, so she would treasure this opportunity. Currently, the biggest problem she had was the fact that she did not know her body’s circumstances. The only fact she knew was that she had a husband and child. She was not alone. But, it appeared that the original owner of this body wasn’t someone good and no one in the house like her. Even the child she gave birth to did not seem to like his mother. She did not know what had happened to the body’s original owner that she would become like this.

In many of the books she had read before, when the character transmigrates, they would also receive the memories from the original body. However, she did not receive any of such. That created a problem because without those memories, she couldn’t imitate the original owner’s attitude and manner. She could only be her real self.

That would raise suspicion, won’t it?

Tang Tang was frustrated as she tapped her head. She racked her brain to come up with a way. In the end, she really did come up with an idea. She could just pretend to suffer from memory loss. It was the only way. By claiming that she couldn’t remember anything, she wouldn’t raise any suspicions.

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The more Tang Tang thought about it, the more she thought it was a good idea. She was secretly happy that she came up with such a good idea. She rubbed her cheeks against the pillow and thought the pillows were very soft. It was much better than the ones from her time. Even the blankets were very light. Also, from what she has seen before, the flat looked very clean and pretty. This place was really mystical, ah.

So, she would be living in this mystical place from now on?

Tang Tang turned around, and looked at the living room through the door. She discovered the child from before looking at her but when he found out she was looking at him, he instantly turned his chubby body around and continued playing, almost as if he had never looked at her secretly.

Tang Tang sat up and stared at the child. When she thought such a cute baby was her child, Tang Tang’s heart softened. Tang Tang actually liked children a lot. Whenever she saw a child, she just wanted to hug and kiss them. Unfortunately, all the children in her previous residence were not willing to be touched by her and the adults didn’t let them go close to her small courtyard. So, she could only stand at the gate and watch those cute children occasionally.

Every time her nanny saw her like that, she would sigh and comfort her by saying that when she gets married in the future, she would be free and would have her own children. Tang Tang was also looking forward to marriage and having her own children but her Di mother had never thought about her marriage. As for her father, he had forgotten all about her existence and she was left to survive on her own. By the time she was 18 years old, she was not betrothed to anyone. In the end, she was pushed into the pond by her older step sister and came here, no longer having the opportunity to get married.

But who would have thought that she, who thought would never have the chance to get married, would become someone else’s wife here. She even had a child. To others, it might seem like a nightmare, but to her, it was a great surprise because she was no longer alone. She had a family, a husband to protect her!

This had always been her dream.

After throwing away the nervousness she felt from being at an unfamiliar place, Tang Tang was actually secretly delighted.

Staring at the chubby figure. Tang Tang couldn’t stop herself and slowly got out of bed and walked towards the little mochi with her crutches. The little mochi was currently playing with some green and red blocks. His little chubby hands would grip on the blocks tightly as he stacked them, and the figure he was building looked pretty good.

“Bao Bao, you’re very good at this.” Tang Tang praised the little mochi.

Ji Xiao Zhuo’s hand, that was holding the block, froze. He glanced at her in shock but humphed in the next second before he knocked the blocked over.. Then he placed all the blocks back into the box and ran back into his room with it. After shutting the door, he effectively started spreading the blocks again.

Tang Tang scratched her head. She felt a bit helpless. It appeared her child really didn’t like her!

Tang Tang stood up. She felt it wasn’t good for her to do nothing, so she went to find something to do. Seeing Aunt Li so busy in the kitchen, she walked towards the kitchen with the support from the crutches. She took the vegetables, that was placed on one side, and told Aunt Li, “I’ll help you.”

Aunt Li was shocked. She looked back at Tang Tang in astonishment, “Madam, you want to help?”

Tang Tang nodded, “I’ll cut the vegetables. You can cook them.”

Aunt Li’s eyes widened. The surprise in her eyes was very clear. Tang Tang knew this reaction was due to her acting very differently compared to how the original owner behaved. Without the knowledge about the original owner, there was no way for her to imitate, so it was better to be herself since she had already come up with a reason.

Tang Tang smiled at Aunt Li. She stifled the guilt and said, “Actually, there is something I would like to speak to you about.”

Aunt Li’s guard went up and asked, “What is it?”

“Actually… actually I don’t remember anything. My mind is empty and I don’t know what to do. Do you know?”

“What? You don’t remember anything?” Aunt Li was flabbergasted and quickly put the knife down, “Madam, you’re not messing around with me, are you?”

Tang Tang waved her hands, “I’m not. I’m not. I really don’t remember anything. I don’t even remember what my name is. I was like this since I woke up but I didn’t dare to say anything and neither do I know what happened to me.”

Aunt Li observed Tang Tang’s expression. Seeing that she really did look like she didn’t know anything and her eyes seemed much calmer and gentler. She did look very different from her ruthless self in the past. It seemed like she was really different. Even when they were in the hospital, she remained quiet which was unlike herself where she would get angry and throw things around.

Aunt Li didn’t quite believed her completely. She couldn’t help but ask, “Then do you remember anything about the car crash?”

Car crash? So, the reason why she came here was because the original owner had died? Tang Tang shook her head at Aunt Li, “Nope, I don’t remember.”

“Then what do you remember?”

Tang Tang shook her head, “I really don’t remember anything. I even forgot your name. Please tell me your name again.”

Aunt Li stared at Tang Tang in suspicion for a while. After confirming she wasn’t faking, she suppressed her doubts and carried on cutting the vegetables, “You can just call me Aunt Li. Sir also calls me that.”

“Aunt Li.” Tang Tang nodded and promptly greeted her before going on to separate the vegetables. Also, she used this good opportunity and asked, “Aunt Li, is the child outside my son?” 

“En,” Aunt Li confirmed, “Of course that’s your son, but you never treated him as your child though.”

“Why?” Tang Tang blurted out.

Aunt Li impatiently said, “How would I know? I was just hired to look after Xiao Zhuo. I don’t know anything about your family issues.”

Tang Tang was slightly disappointed and gave up asking about it. She asked another question instead, “Then what about my husband? Where is he?”

Aunt Li turned around and glanced at Tang Tang. She replied after a moment of silence, “Sir serves the army. He is very busy and only comes back during his holidays, so he is normally not at home.” 

“Oh, okay. So it’s like that.” So it turns out her husband is in the military. What an amazing person. A hero who protects the country. A man like that should be very good, so why did he marry someone like the original owner of this body?

Tang Tang wanted to ask more questions about her husband but Aunt Li didn’t want to carry on with the subject. Putting the vegetables into a pan, Aunt Li started to stir-fry the vegetables and said, “Don’t ask anymore, I’m going to cook. If there is anything else, wait until Sir is back and ask him instead.” She did not even know if the amnesia was true. Also, as a caretaker, it was not good for her to speak without control. Especially when the topic was about someone else’s family issues.

So, Tang Tang could only close her mouth and stop asking any more questions. She silently helped out with the cooking.

There were 3 dishes and a soup for dinner. The dishes had meat and vegetables. The food was much better than the food Tang Tang was used to. Tang Tang felt the original owner had a pretty good life. She couldn’t help but watch the little mochi seriously eat with his spoon. He was so adorable. He was just a little kid, but he had a solemn expression of an old man. His cheeks bulged as he stuffed his mouth with food and the meat on his cheeks trembled as he ate. He was simply very cute.

Tang Tang really wanted to pinch the little guy’s cheeks, but she knew he wouldn’t approve, so she could only restrain herself.

At this moment, Tang Tang saw the little mochi try to get some shredded potato from one of the dishes with his spoon. After a couple of attempts, he still didn’t manage to get anything and Aunt Li didn’t do anything either. In the end, Tang Tang couldn’t help but pick some with her chopsticks and placed it into the little one’s bowl. 

Ji Xiao Zhuo froze. He stared at the potato in his bowl then at Tang Tang. His eyes widened and  became a little red. His lips trembled but in the end, he snorted and moved all the potato out from his bowl and angrily said, “I don’t need your help!”

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Tang Tang felt a bit helpless, “Bao Bao ….” 

Ji Xiao Zhuo didn’t answer her and lowered his head to scoop more rice into his mouth to eat. He did not touch the shredded potato dish anymore.

Tang Tang pursed her lips. She didn’t dare to put food in the little guy’s bowl anymore. She was a bit dejected. She didn’t think the little kid would dislike her so much. No, that was wrong, the little guy disliked the original owner. But, she was now in the original owner’s body so the little boy was now her child. She couldn’t simply be disliked forever, right? That won’t do. She hoped he would come to like her.

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