Chapter 3


After dinner, Aunt Li washed the dishes, and then she decided to watch a drama on TV. When she finished watching two episodes, it was already 9:30 p.m. She knew that children should be going to sleep at this time, however, Xiao Zhuo was still playing on the sofa. Aunt Li patted his back and said, “Xiao Zhuo, it’s 9:30 now. You should take a bath and then go to bed.”

In response, Ji Xiao Zhuo glanced at the time and pursed his lips. He was reluctant to part with the tablet in his hands and softly said, “Aunt Li, I want to wait a bit longer before going to bed.”

Aunt Li glanced at the tablet in his hand and sighed while stroking his head, “Xiao Zhuo ah, it’s already half past nine, your father won’t video call. He must be on a mission. He’ll call you when he is free, so go to sleep first, okay?”

Ji Xiao Zhuo silently lowered his head. He touched the tablet, lifted his head, and replied, “Let me wait for a bit longer. Daddy could call at any minute now. Please?”

Aunt Li could only nod helplessly in response, “Alright, just another 30 minutes, and then you must go to sleep.”

Ji Xiao Zhuo nodded, and then he continued staring at the tablet.

Tang Tang sat silently on the sofa. She also stared at the tablet as she didn’t understand why the little mochi kept staring at it. She also wondered what video call meant.

After 30 minutes passed, Aunt Li didn’t allow Ji Xiao Zhou to continue waiting. She decided to take away the tablet and said, “That’s enough, Xiao Zhuo. It’s 10 p.m. already, so your father won’t call tonight. Now come with me for a bath. It’s time for bed.”

Ji Xiao Zhuo lowered his head and stayed silent. After a while, he climbed down from the sofa and followed Aunt Li into a room. Tang Tang had good eyesight, so she was able to notice that the little guy’s eyes were red. He looked like he was going to cry.

Bao Bao appeared to be quite upset. Was he waiting for some news about his father? Was he upset because he couldn’t wait any longer? But, military rules were strict, and they couldn’t visit their families whenever they wanted. The little mochi most likely missed his father.

Tang Tang thought as she walked back into her room to take a bath. After spending a lot of effort, she finally figured out how things worked out in the bathroom. Once she finished cleaning herself, she was both mentally and physically exhausted. However, even though she was in bed, Tang Tang couldn’t easily fall asleep. Her mind kept thinking about all sorts of things. In the end, she kept recalling the little guy’s red eyes and couldn’t sleep. The next moment she got up and quietly opened the door before limping to his room, where she carefully turned the door’s handle.

The bedside lamp was still on, and Tang Tang assumed it made it easier for the little guy when he wanted to go to the toilet at night. The little one was sleeping deeply in his bed. He was only wearing underwear, his mouth was slightly open, and his chubby legs and arms were spread out into a ‘大’ shape. His stomach moved as he breathed. Also, if one were to listen carefully, they would be able to hear some snoring.

Tang Tang unconsciously smiled. She reached out to the little mochi’s arm and gave him a little pinch. Her heart softened.

Even though she was not his real mother, she had now become his mother. She was also willing to be his mother, so she would watch after him well in the future. Otherwise, what was the reason she came here for? She always dreamt about having a family, and now she finally got one. This family was now her everything. If she didn’t have a family, she wouldn’t know what to do or which path she should take.

Tang Tang kept looking at the little one until she felt tired. Then, she kissed the little guy’s forehead and covered him with his blanket before silently returning to her room.


The next day, when Tang Tang woke up, Aunt Li was in the kitchen making breakfast. The little guy was sitting at the dining table while swinging his short legs as he waited for the food.

Tang Tang smiled as she took the initiative to wave at the little kid, “Good morning, little darling ~.”

Ji Xiao Zhuo subconsciously looked up at her. Then he pouted before he humphed and looked down as he stopped looking at her.

Tang Tang didn’t mind. She smiled, went into the kitchen, and helped to get the bowls and utensils. When Aunt Li saw Tang Tang in the kitchen, she was shocked. She wasn’t used to Tang Tang entering the kitchen to help since she never saw her take a step into the kitchen before.

Aunt Li suppressed the suspicion she had in her heart and poured a cup of milk for Ji Xiao Zhuo. Then she gave him two buns. After he started eating, she poured herself a bowl of congee and started to eat as well. She didn’t bother with Tang Tang’s portion.

Tang Tang could only pour a bowl of congee for herself before she sat down to eat with them. But, before she could eat anything, she felt their gazes locked on her, so she looked up and noticed that the little guy was staring at her with curiosity and surprise. When he saw that Tang Tang was watching him, he immediately turned around and pretended that he never looked at her.

Tang Tang could only turn to Aunt Li. She noticed that Aunt Li was also looking at her in surprise. Tang Tang was confused, so she asked, “Aunt Li, why are both of you looking at me like that? Is there something wrong with me?”

Aunt Li frowned and glanced at the congee in front of Tang Tang before replying, “Madam, you never ate breakfast in the past. How come today …” Truthfully, she normally didn’t eat and just drank alcohol all day. That was the reason she was as skinny as a skeleton. Why did she suddenly decide to have breakfast today?

“Ah…” Tang Tang scratched her head. She didn’t know how to respond and just said, “I forgot. But, not eating breakfast is bad, so I will eat with Bao Bao from now on. Is that good, Bao Bao?”

“Humph!” The little guy’s eyelashes moved quickly, but it seemed that he wasn’t willing to look up at her. He just quietly expressed his displeasure.

Tang Tang chuckled. Why did she feel that the little guy liked to humph at her?. But, she had already decided to treat him well. So, she knew this couldn’t carry on. She must think of a way to shorten their distance.

After thinking for a while, Tang Tang asked, “Bao Bao, what are you going to do later? I’ll accompany you, okay?”

Xiao Zhuo paused his movement, and a second later, he nonchalantly kept chewing his food acting as if nothing had happened, and he didn’t hear what Tang Tang had said.

Tang Tang knew that the little guy would not be willing to speak to her, so she could only use the same tactic that she used on her wet nurse. With a thick skin, she said, “Good Bao Bao, cute Bao Bao, little darling, precious, tell me okay. I want to know, ah. I want to be with Bao Bao, ah.”

This method worked every time on her wet nurse, and it seemed that the trick was also effective on the little guy, because he immediately glared fiercely at her. He used his childlike voice and angrily said, “Why are you being so annoying? I’m going to be annoyed to death.”

The little guy was very cute when he was angry. Especially his childish voice, it made people melt into a puddle. Tang Tang was secretly laughing inside while she kept being thick-skinned, “Ai ya, if you tell me then I won’t annoy you anymore. I really like you. I want to be with you.”

The little one’s eyes widened. He put the spoon down, crossed his short and chubby arms, and fiercely said, “Don’t think you can trick me. I won’t believe you, and I definitely won’t forgive you!”

Tang Tang understood why the child was so angry. It was because the original didn’t treat him well at all, so it was understandable that the little one was not willing to forgive her. Also, this was something that couldn’t be fixed just by a couple of words. She must treat the little one with sincerity, and one day he will forgive her.

So, Tang Tang looked at the little one with sincerity and apologized on behalf of the original owner, “Bao Bao, I’m sorry. I was wrong before. I will change now, so watch my performance, okay? You can forgive when I change for the better.”

Ji Xiao Zhuo didn’t think Tang Tang would say something like this. He almost choked, and then he looked at Tang Tang with disbelief.

Tang Tang met his gaze. Internally, she understood that she must be acting very different from the original, but it couldn’t be helped because she wanted to get along with the little one and hoped that he would like her. So, she could only change, and the first thing she needed to do was apologize sincerely. Then she would need to use actions to prove herself, even though she knew that Aunt Li and the little guy were suspicious.

After staring at each other for a while, Ji Xiao Zhuo was the first to forfeit, so he looked away. His ears were red as he silently climbed down his seat and ran towards the sofa to get his school bag before heading towards the door, “Grandma Li, I should go to school now.”

Aunt Li quickly put down the bowl and chopsticks in her hands. She rushed towards him, “Don’t rush. Don’t rush. The school bus shouldn’t have arrived yet. I’ll go down with you. Don’t run and fall.” 

The little one bent down to put on his shoes himself. But, something was wrong today as he had to try a couple of times before he could put them on properly. While he was doing that, Aunt Li was already waiting for him. She firmly took hold of his hand and said, “Grandma Li must accompany you down. You cannot go by yourself.” 

“Okay,” the little guy listened and walked out with Aunt Li obediently. But, before the door was shut, he glanced back at Tang Tang, who was still in the living room.

Originally, Tang Tang wanted to go out with them. However, the injury on her leg made walking difficult. She wouldn’t be able to keep up with them, so she could only give up on the idea. Tang Tang limped towards the window and looked down. Soon, she saw Aunt Li and the little guy walking out from the main entrance.

Outside the main entrance, there were a couple of kids who were about the same age as the little one who was also standing there. Tang Tang assumed that they were all going to the same place to study because she has heard the little one say that he was going to school, which was probably a place to learn. 

At this moment, the little guy, who always had his head down, lifted his head towards Tang Tang direction. Their gazes met each other.

Tang Tang was surprised but happy, so she instantly smiled widely and waved at him, “Bao Bao ~ Bao Bao ~.”

Xiao Zhuo was shocked and immediately turned away so that his back was facing Tang Tang.

The little one was really an awkward child, ah.

After a while, a yellow school bus arrived. The children got onto the bus one at the time before it drove away. 

Tang Tang watched as the bus went further and further away. This time she didn’t feel shocked. Now she knew that the metal box was something similar to a horse carriage, which was used for traveling. But, she had to admit that this world was really awesome! Not only was there such a fast carriage for traveling, but there was also a box where she could see people talk, which was called television.

Last night Aunt Li switched on the object that was recognized as television. Many people appeared on it, and they were talking. It almost frightened Tang Tang to death! It took Tang Tang about an hour to accept that such a thing existed. After that, Tang Tang found the television to be quite interesting, but Aunt Li soon switched it off, so she couldn’t watch it anymore.

Since there wasn’t anything to do, Tang Tang decided to copy Aunt Li’s actions from last night and watch the people inside the television.

The TV was playing the same drama that Aunt Li was watching last night. Since Tang Tang also watched a bit of it last night, she found it was quite fun. But, the most important fact that she discovered was that watching television can help her to gain information about the objects in this world, which she urgently needed. So Tang Tang decided to watch the TV seriously and pick up the useful knowledge that she needed.

Aunt Li was stunned when she unexpectedly found Tang Tang sitting down and watching TV quietly. She started to believe that Tang Tang has actually lost her memory. Aunt Li has looked after Xiao Zhuo for 2 years, so she was very clear about Tang Tang’s behavior. If Tang Tang hadn’t lost her memory, she wouldn’t be so well-behaved as she was now.  Also, there was no reason for her to pretend or to act like this in front of Aunt Li.

It appeared Tang Tang had really lost her memory in the car accident.

Looking at the current situation, it seemed that Tang Tang losing her memory was a good thing. At least she wouldn’t cause any ruckus or trouble. She could also speak nicely and look after her child. If Tang Tang could always be like this, then Xiao Zhuo would get to experience a mother’s love, and the Sir could have fewer worries.

But first, she must find a chance to tell the Sir about the situation.

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