Volume 4 Chapter 158: The Defeat Of The Allied Forces Of Gabriel Empire

The southern region of the Coristel Continent of the Human Race, the southern border of Gabriel Empire – the land of swordsmen, the southern region of Sarnia Duchy on the Vaughan Plains.

The defeated Human allied forces fled in all directions. Bella didn’t care about the army that consisted of five thousand mercenaries whom she had hired. Anyway, they were all cannon fodder.

It seemed that only the imperial soldiers of Gabriel Empire, tens of thousands of them, could escape. Even if they were defeated, they would retreat, step by step, in an orderly fashion.

The real cannon fodder troops were the soldiers brought by the various Dukes that were only for the show. Under the pursuit of the Wolf Knights, most of the people died while trying to escape. On top of that, their stronghold had been set on fire by Marshal Krisman, so the deserters who were retreating didn’t even have room for buffer. They were chased and attacked by the Beastmen.

Bella brought Lisha, Kriss, and Pamela in the direction of Sarnia Duchy’s “fake capital,” Sarni City. Pursuing them was five thousand robust Beastmen Wolf Cavalry.

Bella and Kriss rode a pure white Warhorse in front to lead the way while Lisha and Pamela rode a dark Warhorse behind them. A black and a white figure flew across the plains. Behind them was a large group of Wolf Cavalry that followed them closely.

Even if Bella and her companions had advanced fighting prowess, the Beastmen were targeting them because they knew that these girls were of senior ranks among the Human Race. If they were captured alive, they could coerce Gabriel Empire or even the Imperial Union.

Seeing that they were about to escape, several of the leading Wolf Cavalry fished out a few magic scrolls out of nowhere and threw them in their direction. This was instantaneous magic. Several lightning bolts in the shape of snakes hit the ground, electrocuting Bella and her companions’ Warhorses.

“The Warhorse I spent five golds on is gone just like that? What happened to their morality? Kriss, are you okay?”

“I’m fine, Bella. Thank you. You’re okay, too, right?”

“Of course, I’m fine. It’s not like you’re heavy. But, can you come down first? From this position, I…”

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“When… Meanie. Did you see everything?”

When the Warhorse was about to fall, Bella hugged Kriss and rolled off it first. The two fell into the grass in a very ambiguous position; Kriss was sitting on Bella in a “Cowgirl” posture. Since swordsmen wore short skirts on their lower body, her purple panties were revealed to Bella when Kriss assumed this position.

“No… It’s not like I haven’t seen it before. Kriss, don’t be impulsive. We’ve bathed together. What else can’t we be honest about? Besides, I designed this…”

“Why do you talk so much? Just be quiet, okay?! Besides us, there… “

Kriss held out her small hand and gently covered Bella’s mouth. Her face was red as she looked down at the ground with her head hanging low. Lisha and Pamela, who weren’t far off, climbed up from the grass. They had also jumped off their Warhorse in time to escape.

Since Pamela and Lisha were both knights, they knew the essential skill of jumping from their Warhorse to escape. They weren’t in the same embarrassing situation as Bella and Kriss. They had jumped and landed separately instead of falling in each other’s embrace.

Taking advantage of the time that Bella and her companions fell off their Warhorses, the five thousand Wolf Cavalry surrounded them but didn’t attack immediately. Bella’s previous fighting prowess had frightened them.

The Wolf Cavalry hadn’t yet realized that they were now in Sarnia Duchy. Up in the sky, countless strange eyeballs hovered. The size of them was similar to human eyes, but the difference was that behind each eyeball was a pair of small fleshy wings, which allowed the eyeballs to float midair.

A strange dark cloud float amidst the white clouds that covered the sky. It was the mother of those mysterious eyeballs, and its function was to detect and collect intelligence through the clone eyeballs. Relying on the advantage of a higher altitude, the entire Sarnia Duchy was under the surveillance of the Darkness Sacred Region. The news of their encirclement was already known to the demons.

Bella let go of Kriss and got up from the grass. Facing the Beastmen Wolf Cavalry, who surrounded them layer upon layer, she pierced her sword straight into the ground in front of her, and a golden magic summoning array appeared.

After a burst of golden light, a huge Golden Dragon climbed out of the summoning array. It was about ten meters long and quite different from ordinary Golden Dragons. Its claws were equipped with metal dragon’s claws for strengthening purposes. The attack power of a Golden Dragon itself was already insane. Fitting it with something like this doubled its attack power.

“There are Dragon Knights among these people? Quickly withdraw… “

“What’s the matter? Didn’t the intelligence say that Princess Lisha’s Golden Dragon mount has already…”

The panic-stricken Wolf Cavalry turned their Warhorses to flee. The Golden Dragon waved her claws and swiped the nearest Wolf Cavalry to death as if it were swatting flies. However, that wasn’t all. The Golden Dragon’s tail swung backward and swept away a large number of onlooking Wolf Cavalry.

“Want to leave? Stay and take your eternal rest here!”

Bella threw a blue dragon scale and a white, transparent dragon wing into the sky. After a burst of light, dark blue Sea Demonic Dragon Amybeth and white New Moon Demonic Dragon Dorothea emerged in the sky from the summoning spell.

These two were much bigger than Golden Dragon Princess Laceman. Since Sea Demonic Dragon Amybeth was a Chinese Dragon, she was more than 20 meters in length. The size of New Moon Demonic Dragon Dorothea was harder to estimate. Part of her body was imaginary, similar to a phantom. If the imaginary part were to be included, she was at least 15 meters long.

The Sea Demonic Dragon forwent the niceties and struck the Beastmen Army on the ground with a cold wind attack. The Wolf Cavalry that had been swept by the cold wind immediately turned into ice sculptures that stood tall on the side. In the blink of an eye, these ice sculptures shattered into pieces and scattered all over the ground. A trace of blood could be seen in the pile of broken ice.

The New Moon Demonic Dragon used magic attack as well. Although she could fight in close combat, she could kill faster with magic. A colorful magic array that had appeared before emerged behind the New Moon Demonic Dragon. Magic attacks of various attributes shot out from the magic array towards the ground. The Wolf Cavalry were either killed by lightning or charred by fireballs.

Under the joint attack of the three dragons, the five thousand Wolf Cavalry instantly became vulnerable. Not long after the encounter battle began, more than a thousand Wolf Cavalry had already died from the attack of the dragons. Since they were in the territory of Sarnia Duchy, Sea Demonic Dragon Amybeth and New Moon Demonic Dragon Dorothea didn’t go all out and only used ordinary attacks.

Bella was distressed for her territory and had asked them to exercise restraint as much as possible before summoning them. Their best killing moves would be too destructive to the land when used. If the cold wind attack of Sea Demonic Dragon Amybeth were released in its most advanced form, places, where the cold wind passed through, would become frozen soil in which nothing would grow for ten years.

“Bella, why do you have three dragon mounts? Dragon Knights can only have one, right?!”

“Pamela, the other two are pets. Don’t look at me with such adoration! If you want to know the details, come to my room tonight, and I’ll tell you everything.”

“Are… are you thinking of those bad things again? I won’t… What time tonight? Tell me!”

Pamela felt much at ease. With the help of the three dragons, the five thousand-odd Wolf Cavalry were as good as paper mache. By visual assessment alone, the two strange-looking dragons that appeared later were a few levels superior to the Golden Dragon fighting on the ground.

After leaving more than two thousand corpses of their companions, the Wolf Cavalry retreated along the way they came. They wanted to bring this information back to the Beastmen stronghold, but it was too late. While they were fleeing, a large Demon Army had already gathered. They arrived here to fight an ambush following the information from the “Demonic Eye” in the sky.

More than three thousand Wolf Cavalry stopped midway. In front of them was a large, strengthened Skeleton Army. These skeletons were elite forces. Their bodies were equipped with a pure white heavy armor made out of bones. They were carrying a bone shield, that was as tall as a man, covered in dense thorns. In the hollow eye sockets of their skulls, two dark blue ghost flames were burning.

More than ten thousand skeleton soldiers set up a phalanx just like the one done by the Gabriel Empire’s troops before. Facing the Wolf Cavalry, the skeletons charged at them while the skeletons in the back of the phalanx threw out the bone spears in their hands as if they were throwing javelins.

The light leather armor of the Wolf Cavalry couldn’t defend against this kind of attack. Hundreds of Wolf Cavalry were killed on the spot by the bone spears. Facing the charge of tens of thousands of massive infantry skeletons, these brave Beastmen lost the courage to rush forward to attack the skeleton army.

Soon after, the three thousand Wolf Cavalry were engulfed by the “sea of white” – tens of thousands of skeletons. It took them less than an hour to obliterate the Wolf Cavalry. Bella didn’t care whether the deserters were dead or not. She believed that her subordinates wouldn’t let her down.

Bella, Pamela, Lisha, and Kriss flew back to Sarni City on Golden Dragon Princess Laceman. Sea Demonic Dragon Amybeth and New Moon Demonic Dragon Dorothea returned to New Moon Island through the transfer array to resume their surveillance mission. According to their latest surveillance, Ocean Demon King Victoria’s subordinates and Dulles Isle, which was under the rule of Siren King McMillan, currently showed a lot of movement. God knows what major move they were planning to make.

The southern region of the Coristel Continent of the Human Race, the southern border of Gabriel Empire – the land of swordsmen, the “fake capital” of Sarnia Duchy, Sarni City.

It was already some time since the defeat of the Human allied forces. Many duchies along the border had already seen mass desertion. News of their defeat hadn’t reached Gabriel Empire because Marshal Krisman’s information from the border had been blocked.

The duchies along the border were aware of this, causing panic and unrest to spread throughout the border area. At night, Sarni City was still as stable as a mountain. Above the city walls, heavily armed soldiers were waiting in full combat readiness. There were cannons placed at each interval along the city walls.

There wasn’t any sign of desertion here. The civilian army in the city who could fight had already donned their armor, ready for battle. There were many large granaries in Sarni City and grain warehouses both on the ground and underground. The accumulated supplies were enough for more than 60,000 soldiers to consume for several years. On top of that, they had an underground water source and was not afraid of being besieged.

They had employed a sub-unit defense layout for the walls of Sarni City and built three walls to protect the city from the inside out. The three walls had a high to a low arrangement. The inner wall, middle wall, and the outer wall were nine meters, six meters, and three meters tall, respectively. Even if the front wall were to fall, the guards could still occupy the most towering wall to suppress the attacking enemy.

Besides, two parallel moats had been dug outside the walls of Sarni City, forming a circle around the city. Inside the moat, many traps had been set. At the edge of the innermost wall, many turrets as high as eleven meters had been built. Inside each turret, a super cannon was installed.

The caliber of these super cannons was twice as large as the ones on the outer wall. These cannons basically could only be operated by demons and were beyond human control. Thus, the turrets were filled with demons, while Sarnia guards stayed out of them.

Sarni City was surrounded by flat terrain. Trees that were capable of concealing anyone had been cut down. Sarni City was quiet and peaceful under the faint moonlight. The Beastmen lost more than five thousand Wolf Cavalry, and the skeletons had cleared their corpses.

The Demon Army was mainly concentrated in the Darkness Sacred Region in the back of Sarni City. There weren’t many demon troops stationed here, so it was mostly left to the sixty thousand guards of Sarni City. The Demon Army was responsible for providing defense assistance as well as investigation and intelligence support.

The center of Sarni City, the fake capital of Sarnia Duchy, the grand residence of Duchess Bellina, the grand duchess’ luxurious lounge.

The Duchess Bellina’s residence was built in the central area of Sarni City. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this grand residence, which covered an area equivalent to one-fifth of Sarni City, was like a palace. The guards in Bellina’s magnificent residence were divided into two groups – inner and outer guards. The outer guards were human soldiers while the guards in the mansion consisted of all sorts of demons, mainly succubus personal maids, ghost servants, and demon guards.

Bella was relaxing in an opulent bath. During the day, she had killed hundreds of Wolf Cavalry with her blade. Her body was stained with the blood of many Beastmen. President Britney and President Ivy sat on Bella’s right and left, respectively, waiting on her. They weren’t from a noble family and didn’t have anything to do on vacation, so they followed Bella to Sarnia Duchy.

Of course, Bella’s hands were being naughty. She secured Britney and Ivy on her left and right, then reached out to play with their breasts. Britney and Ivy obediently allowed Bella to continue with her mischief, not resisting at all. This wasn’t a problem since they had already slept with Bella!

“Britney, you’ve grown again! Your size… “

“Bella… Don’t say anything. I’m begging you.”

“Ivy, you also seem to have…..”

“Shut up, you meanie, if you speak nonsense again. I’ll… Stop, they’re still… I was wrong… Help me, Elaine… Help.”

Bella turned around, pressed President Ivy on the edge of the bath, and French kissed her for a bit. Ivy was left so dazed and confused by her kiss that she could no longer keep the image of a proud Student Union president. When Bella leaned forward for another kiss, Ivy took the initiative to part her charming lips so that Bella could better “invade” her.

Elaine was also in the bath. With a flushed face, she watched as Bella and Ivy’s snow-white, alluring bodies entangled. The view made her a little thirsty. Bella’s methods of bullying girls had become more and more skillful. Before long, President Ivy, an assassin, revealed all sorts of seductive expressions under Bella’s bullying.

Bella was not satisfied with only one girl. After President Ivy collapsed weakly, Bella pulled Britney and Elaine, who were watching the show, and pinned them with her body as she did with President Ivy, starting a new round of “madness.”

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“Bella… you’re really… Lisha said that you bathe separately from them. This time, I thought that you would behave. I didn’t expect you… “

“Eleanor, you’re here. Don’t just stand there. Come join us!”

Blood Demon King Eleanor came in to see if there were any anomalies after she realized that Bella had taken too long in the lounge. But as soon as she came in, she saw such an ambiguous scene. Bella was holding Elaine in her arms and kissing her on the bed. President Ivy and President Britney were sleeping beside her, their faces flushed.

Several girls were lying naked on the bed. Elaine, Britney, and Ivy were covered in hickeys and scratches. From a glance, it was apparent that they had just experienced something “crazy.” After another deep kiss, Ivy passed out with a blush.

Bella covered the three girls with soft silk quilts, then walked to the bath where Eleanor was waiting for her. Although she still looked like a human, Eleanor was already a Demon King. Her physical stamina was beyond Elaine and the other human girls. If it were her and Bella, they would probably fool around until the early hours of the morning.

“Eleanor, it’s been hard on you this whole time when I wasn’t around. It’s all thanks to you and Dolores! Let me give you a shoulder massage!”

“It’s nothing. You’ve given us everything. Even our bodies belong to you. You don’t have to… Mhmm, Bella. In the academy, you must have found a lot of…”

“Cough, cough… Eleanor, let’s not discuss this now. You didn’t come to me to ask me about this, did you?!”

“Mhmm, something came up. The Beastmen Army has already arrived and is currently fighting the guards!”

While Bella and her girlfriends were enjoying their sweet time, the Beastmen vanguard troops had arrived near Sarni City. There weren’t any large trees to provide cover or conceal them, and the Departed Spirits wandering around Sarni City had tipped them off in time. Because of this, the guards of Sarnia Duchy found traces of the Beastmen in advance and managed to gain the upper hand.

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