Chapter 977 – Calm Your Mind!

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Within the room, Sage Cai was hugging the baby with his hand placed on the baby’s heart vein, transferring spirit energy to nurture his limbs and heart.

Ji Mo Ya immediately sat up and he went over.

His mind was shaken while inside the pit previously and did not manage to see much of the child, now that he saw the baby directly, a sense of closeness welled up inside of him.

Was this the so-called feeling of connection through blood?

That child that he turned his back on and disliked was actually his own.

What Yan Lass has spoken before was true, but he was affected by the Inner Devil and had resolutely decided not to trust her and even tried to force her to abort the baby.

Fortunately, the lass did all she could to protect the baby.

Now that he thought of it, he had no face to meet her. Yan Lass must have felt grievances and sadness, what was her state of mind when she was facing him?

How laughable that he felt that he was the one with a grievance, that he was willing to be cuckold because of his love for Yan Lass.

He dare not imagine how much despair Yan Lass must have felt now, having given birth to the child only to learn that the baby had died prematurely?

As for the child, he should be protected and loved by his parents the moment he was born. Yet he came to this world bearing the disgust and hate that was aimed at him and departing even before he could see much of this world!

Is this retribution?

Ji Mo Ya was feeling suffocated as he was buried in regrets.

Seeing Ji Mo Ya’s loss state of mind, Sage Cai sighed and softly said: “Calm your mind!”

Ji Mo Ya shooked before his eyes cleared up, he has just recovered from his Inner Devil and was nearly lost in it again due to his regrets.

He managed to wake up from it thanks to the decisive actions of Sage Cai.

Ji Mo Ya gave a wry smile before focusing on looking at the baby is Sage Cai’s arms. Although the baby’s face was bluish-black, his features were cute and delicate, just like Yan Lass. While the shape of his face was exactly like himself.

A heart drilling pain welled up inside of him and that caused him to stagger backward.

He slowly approached Sage Cai again and used a tone that was faintly trembling, “Ancestral Uncle, can the baby be saved?”

When his thoughts cleared, he immediately noticed that Sage Cai was using spirit energy to nurture the child’s body, did that meant that there was still hope for the child?

Sage Cai’s expression was solemn as he shook his head and sighed, “This child stopped breathing shortly after he was born, only a small residual warmth is left in his chest. This Sage is unwilling to give up, firstly because this child is a member of my Ji Mo Clan; as long as there is hope, I will do everything I can to save him. Secondly, is because after I sent my spirit energy inside his body, I noticed through his veins that his cultivation talent is as excellent as yours. Sigh, if this child is alive and well, I believe he will be someone without equal within the Ji Mo Clan for the next thousand years!” 

The words were like thunder striking uncomfortably onto Ji Mo Ya’s ears.

Ji Mo Wu Chang was standing outside the building, waiting for Sage Cai to summon him, his expression changed when he heard the words as well and showed some regret.

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He opposed Ji Mo Ya and Huan Qing Yan getting married before. He had noticed Madam Ru acting strangely, but he chose to close an eye to it as well.

He only has a few years of lifespan left due to his constant use of divination.

He thought to endure as long as he could so that Ji Mo Ya would have it easy after taking over his position, which was why he did not perform any divination on small matters nowadays.

He saw Huan Qing Yan as a common girl that used her looks to attract the hope of their clan, she deserved to die for causing Ji Mo Ya to be in danger.

However, he understood that youths would tend to let their emotions control them; he believed that Ji Mo Ya would understand and eventually see this as an experience on his path of cultivation.

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