Chapter 978 – Feeding Blood

Later, rumors about Huan Qing Yan carrying a bastard of a Demon Man started spreading in Holy City, the baby did not even have the blood of the Ji Mo Clan!

It was utterly atrocious, who was Ji Mo Ya? He’s the hope and glory of the Ji Mo Clan! 

How could he allow a girl to ruin his reputation!

If not for his status, he would have made Huan Qing Yan disappeared.

That was why Ji Mo Wu Chang was permissive when Huan Qing Yan left; it was better that she was gone, it would allow Ji Mo Ya to wake up.

Who knew that the rumor was the workings of Bai Li Zi Xi!

Not only did Huan Qing Yan carry a child of the Ji Mo Clan, but the baby’s talent was even comparable to Ji Mo Ya.

The next generation hope of the Ji Mo Clan was gone because of his moment of permissive.

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Ji Mo Wu Chang was filled with regret.

He did not know how he was going to face the ancestors of the clan!

Even more, how to face Ji Mo Ya. After a moment of pondering, he displayed a determined expression and sent out several commands, before feeling slightly more assured.

Within the room.

“Ancestral Uncle…” Ji Mo Ya spoke with a pleading tone as he looked at Sage Cai.

Sage Cai sighed and waved his hand, a barrier covered the house and prevented others from sensing everything happening inside the building.

He gestured with his hand, “Feed blood.”

Ji Mo Ya’s eyes shined, it was true that his blood was a healing treasure. He did not mind giving all his blood if it meant that the child could be saved!

He cut his fingertips, a smell came up from the incision and filled the room with an enticing fragrance of the blood.

Even a person like Sage Cai was attracted by it, he quickly shook off the enticement by focusing his mind.

Ji Mo Ya made the size of the cut on his finger after factoring the size of the child, the incision on the tip of his finger would match perfectly into the child’s mouth.

Sage Cai used his other hand to inject spirit energy into the child and guided the child’s mouth to open, before using his spirit energy to guide the blood down the child’s throat.

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The wound on his fingertip soon closed due to Ji Mo Ya’s innate healing ability.

When the wound closed, Ji Mo Ya made another incision on another fingertip without a frown and circulated his spirit energy to make the blood flow faster.

Fifteen minutes later, Ji Mo Ya’s face has turned pale.

Sage Cai did not speak, and Ji Mo Ya would not stop as well. After all ten fingertips had been cut and healed, Ji Mo Ya frowned and looked at his wrist before he wanted to take action to slice it next.

Sage Cai finally said, “Enough!”

The amount of blood used was nearly equivalent to the entire blood quantity of the child, the blood has been directed to his limbs and organs after it entered him, what remains was gathered in the child’s stomach.

Looking at the bulging little stomach of the child, followed by looking at Ji Mo Ya’s pale face who was gritting his teeth and resisting the urge of fainting, Sage Cai’s anger also dissipated slightly.

Sage Cai indicated Ji Mo Ya to go rest.

But Ji Mo Ya was still worried, he looked at Sage Cai with a pleading expression.

Sage Cai was also doing all his could; trying to resist fate because he did not want another genius of their family to die young.

However, he did not know if this would work or not.

That was why he could only shake his head: “Let the heavens decide, this Sage was unable to guarantee if this method would work or not as well. This Sage will use your blood and a secret technique to nurture the baby. If the heaven takes pity on our Ji Mo Clan, something heaven-defying might happen…”

Ji Mo Ya did not dare to add on as he looked at the baby in Sage Cai’s arms, he did not know if he was hallucinating or if he was hopeful, but he had this feeling that the baby’s face was no longer as dark as before.

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