Chapter 976 – Everything’s Good As Long As She’s Fine!

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How many tears and hurt did he cause Little Yan?

His heart ached when he thought about this!

He’s wrong!

He was very wrong this time!

With red eyes, he mumbled, “My child, my child! My…”

Mo Si and the Feather Guards lowered their heads, they know the inside story and found it unbearable to watch the sorrow displayed by their Young Master.

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Bai Chen Feng dragged himself to where they were standing, he only glanced at the baby and discovered that Huan Qing Yan was not around, he immediately charged at Ji Mo Ya, “Where is Little Yan? Why is it only the baby? Did you forget about Little Yan after seeing the child? You bastard!”

His eyes were turning red, he wanted to beat up Ji Mo Ya.

Sage Cai glanced at Bai Chen Feng in displeasure and said, “This sage has checked with my divine sense, there is no one else other than the baby under that rock. The Little Yan that the two of you are referring to is the child’s mother? She has likely been rescued by someone.” 

He detected the energy of another Half-Sage and had also done quick divination when he came in contact with the child earlier, the mother of the child was not someone with a short-lived fate, it was likely that she has been rescued.

No one doubted since it was spoken by a Half-Sage.

Bai Chen Feng immediately sighed in relief and sat on the ground without caring about his image: “Everything’s good as long as she’s fine!”

Then he glared at Ji Mo Ya, “Ji Mo Ya, you better stay away from Little Yan from now on. If you still have a shred of conscience, stop looking for her and bringing her harm!”

After he spoke, he climbed up and stepped on the air and left.

The Feather Guards were dissatisfied with Bai Chen Feng’s attitude, they wanted to punish him for speaking to their Young Master in such a manner.

Yet they could only silently endure when they did not see any reaction from the Young Master.

Ji Mo Ya had no time to be bothered about Bai Chen Feng’s minor threat, his heart became much more settled when the Sage Cai said that Huan Qing Yan has been rescued.

Everything’s okay as long as she’s alive! 

He wanted to look for her! He wants to seek penance from Little Yan! Tell her that he has misunderstood her and deserves to die!

Little Yan can beat, scold, or do anything to him; as long as she forgives him!

Sage Cai looked at everything with displeasure, how could a fine and proper lad become out of his wits like this?

However, this old man understands that he had just lost his child and separated from his wife. Ji Mo Ya was, after all, still too young. Losing his composure for a moment was natural.

Looking at Ji Mo Ya that brat, he had just expelled the devil energy and has yet to stabilize his state of mind. He should not be going about doing all these things without rest.

Sage Cai pointed with his finger, Ji Mo Ya fainted and was caught by the Feather Guards behind him.

“Return to the clan!” Sage Cai waved his hand and returned to the Ji Mo Estate on the Five-Colored Argali with the child in his arms.

The rest did not dare to object, the Feather Guards quickly carried Ji Mo Ya into the Flowing Cloud Flying Carriage and promptly followed.


Ji Mo Clan, Fable Sea Court.

The estate was lighted up with lamps, making it as bright as day.

Servants were going in and out of Fable Sea Court while carrying large amounts of precious and rare natural treasures.

The thick stench of medicine permeates the courtyard.

While on his way back, Sage Cai had notified the Clan Patriarch Ji Mo Wu Chang to prepare as many spirit medicines as possible.

Ji Mo Wu Chang had received spirit cranes from both Sage Cai and Ji Mo Kai Yuan earlier and understood everything that has happened.

So he naturally dared not delay and prepared everything properly while he waited patiently outside the courtyard for Sage Cai and the rest to return.

By the time Ji Mo Ya woke up, he noticed that he was on a bed.

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