Chapter 975 – Despair?

Putting aside whether Huan Qing Yan and the baby is alive or not, the fact that Madam Ru had kidnapped Huan Qing Yan behind Ji Mo Ya’s back to steal the baby and kill the mother. After being exposed, she even viciously tried to hide all evidence by murdering others and collapsing an entire mountain. 

Such vicious and heartless actions that ignored all ties between mother and son was simply a ticking time bomb to the Ji Mo Clan if she was allowed to remain with them.

Ji Mo Kai Yuan immediately send a spirit crane to the Ji Mo Clan.

Ji Mo Yi Fan sighed, he could not help but feel unbearable when he looked at the dispirited and lost Ji Mo Ya. Old men like them have watched him as he grew up and have taught him since he was young.

He walked up and started to silently shift the rocks in search.

Although he sensed that there were no traces of life underneath the rocks, he was unable to tell Ji Mo Ya to give up.

Looking at the crazed expression on that kid, he was worried that the kid would go crazy if he made that suggestion!

The matters of the heart were always torturing!

Ji Mo Yi Fan could sense that there was no life underneath the rocks, would Ji Mo Ya not be able to detect it as well?

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He knew, of course, but he did not want to believe and did not dare to stop!

Maybe, just maybe Little Yan and the child was still alive? As long as they are alive, as long as they are alive…

After Ji Mo Kai Yuan sent the spirit crane, he looked at the scene that was filled with oppressed despair. Despite reaching a level of being at peace with oneself and not easily moved by matters, he could not help but sigh.

Just as he was about to say something, a five-colored light rained down from the sky as the Five-Colored Argali descended. A familiar figure appeared, it was Sage Cai.

Ji Mo Ya Yuan immediately went up and explained the situation.

Sage Cai nodded, he waved his hand after performing a full sweep with his divine sense. A piece of rock not far away was shifted to reveal a small deep pit.

Within the pit was a baby whose body was bluish-black, the baby had not been breathing for a long time.

Ji Mo Ya ran over, his trembling hands stretched out before it wavered and stopped. Isn’t the items covering the baby the Crimson Gold Soft Armor and Eight Treasure Purple Cloud Sash worn by Huan Qing Yan?

If these protective items were given to the baby, then what about Huan Qing Yan?

Ji Mo Ya suddenly saw black as a dull pain pounds his chest, he clasped his chest and barely prevented himself from collapsing.

“Little Yan? Where is Little Yan?” Ji Mo Ya looked around in a daze.

Bai Chen Feng was not far when he saw that there was movement in the area, he dragged his worn-out body, moving slowly over despite his anxious heart wanting to be faster.

Sage Cai could not watch this scene any longer and reached Ji Mo Ya in a few steps, he stretched his hands and carried the baby. After looking at it in detail, he spoke with a pained expression, “It is, after all, still the bloodline of our Ji Mo Clan, let’s talk about this matter after we bring it back.”

Ji Mo Ya blinked blankly for a long time before finally reacting, “The bloodline of our Ji Mo Clan? My child?” his voice was trembling as he spoke the last couple of words.

Sage Cai gave him a displeased glance, “What nonsense is that? Of course it is of our blood. The moment it is born, the baby’s outstanding talent had even alerted this Sage, but I discovered through divination that the baby will have a life and death crisis the moment it was born, that is why this Sage rushed over. Who knew that I am still too late!”

Ji Mo Ya stretched his hand, wanting to touch the baby, but he paused and did not dare to go any further at halfway.

He did not know what this feeling in his heart was.

Pain? Despair? Guilt? A mix of everything was crashing down on him.

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He had always thought that Huan Qing Yan was carrying the child of a demon man and had even thought of getting Huan Qing Yan to abort it at a point in time…

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