Chapter 974 – Fear And Trepidation

“Bai Chen Feng, what happened here? Where is Little Yan?” Ji Mo Ya charged over.

Bai Chen Feng was still slightly dizzy and was about to faint again when he was being shaken by Ji Mo Ya, the latter quickly poured some unknown powder into the former’s mouth before Bai Chen Feng finally recovered.

“It’s Madam Ru, she kidnapped Huan Qing Yan so that she could steal the child after it is born. I did not know the specifics, quickly look for Little Yan, she was buried underneath.”

Ji Mo Ya’s eyes turned bloodshot, Madam Ru!

His mother again!

A murderous intent flashed through Ji Mo Ya’s eyes but it was not the time to consider such matters now, rescuing Little Yan was more critical.

Bai Chen Feng had already climbed into the pit and shifting the rocks from within, “Little Yan, Little Yan…”

Ji Mo Ya’s eyes were like a dark silent ocean, he released the White Dragon Spirit Treasure and started using the Cosmos Brush to flip the rocks apart at extreme speeds.

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A large area was taken apart, Bai Chen Feng was still bleeding and was staining the path he dug, “Little Yan should be here, Little Yan… why did you disappear? Also, the baby, the baby was taken away by the Leaf Spirit Treasure, dig, dig quickly…”

Bai Chen Feng fainted again when he was digging halfway.

Ji Mo Ya’s Feather Guards have arrived behind him.

Ji Mo Ya shouted at the Feather Guards and said, “Dig up three feet of this entire area, make sure to locate Young Madam and the baby.”


Ji Mo Clan’s Fable Sea Court.

It was the building where Ji Mo Cai entered seclusion, a graceful and spirit energy-filled place.

People rarely come to this place, except for some of Sage Cai’s trusted servants, none dared to disrupt the Sage’s peace.

Sage Cai was meditating like every other day when he suddenly felt his thoughts disrupted.

He did a minor divination and frowned before standing up to summon his mount, a Five-Color Argali; he jumped on it and flew away.

By the time the servants rushed in, they only saw a disappearing figure in the horizon.


A night went by with the Feather Guards, Ji Mo Ya and Bai Chen Feng working tirelessly.

Each piece of rock within the pit has been flipped and inspected, all they saw were shockingly large pools of blood.

Ji Mo Ya felt as though his heart was being cooked by fire, he wanted to quickly locate Huan Qing Yan, was also worried that these large pools of blood meant that Little Yan had been severely injured, and was being buried underneath the rock after giving birth.

He did not dare let his thoughts wander too far about what was Huan Qing Yan’s current state, all he could do was mechanically flip every rock to look for that familiar figure.

Ji Mo Kai Yuan and Ji Mo Yi Fan had also arrived after receiving the news.

They saw the destroyed mountain and Ji Mo Ya, who was usually calm and graceful at home, looking haggard. His eyes might look resolute, but it was getting vacant and lax. Stray strands of hair were falling off his usually tidy hair. Despite having mysophobia, he ignored the fact that his robe has been covered in dust and bloodstains for a long time. 

Ji Mo Kai Yuan and Ji Mo Ji Fan looked with fear and trepidation and quickly summoned the Feather Guards to inquire.

The Feather Guards have heard Bai Chen Feng’s words and about what the mother of their Young Master did.

The guards serve their Young Master and not his mother, so they quickly reported what they heard obediently.

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Ji Mo Kai Yuan frowned, he knew that the matter has gotten out of hand.

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