Chapter 973 – Already… Dead

Nan Gong Bei Chen broke out into sweat nervously.

The Crazy Sage continued his actions and located more bodies, two middle-aged women, and a middle-aged man.

Nan Gong Bei Chen got even more nervous.

There was so many dead, but where is Huan Qing Yan?

Crazy Sage frowned before moving some rocks again to find something with a blue reflective surface.

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Nan Gong Bei Chen jumped over excitedly; it was an ice sculpture, inside was an unconscious girl, she was covered in blood and not recognizable.

But Nan Gong Bei Chen could recognize her immediately, “Little Yan? Lord Sage, that’s her! Please save her.”

Bai Li Feng pointed at ice sculpture and pulled it out from the rocks.

After that, he flicked the layer of ice on her and melted the ice away.

Nan Gong Bei Chen caught Huan Qing Yan to prevent her from falling.

“Little Yan! Little Yan! Wake up!”

Huan Qing Yan was unconscious and could not hear him.

Bai Li Feng checked her pulse when his eyes shined, “She is indeed a child of the Bai Li Clan and has awakened her bloodline talent. Good, very good! Just that she is too severely injured and require immediate treatment, her injuries due to her pregnancy needed to be taken care of as well…”

“Where’s the baby?” Nan Gong Bei Chen looked at the flattened tummy of Huan Qing Yan.

Bai Li Feng was wondering the same question as well since the girl has given birth, that child also possessed the blood of the Bai Li Clan and must not be allowed to be left on its own outside. 

He used his divine sense to do a search before his expression darkened, “I found it, its underneath a pit in front. It is already… dead.”

Not only that, but he also noticed a dead lion and some other dead animals. Crazy Sage did not check in detail, there was no point in doing so since they were gone.

Huan Qing Yan’s current condition was terrible.

She needed to be treated immediately.

Bai Li Feng pondered for a moment, it was already good to be able to find a junior who has awakened her bloodline. Huan Qing Yan’s injuries were too severe, she would lose a life if it drags any longer. Since the baby was dead, he should let it rest in peace here.

He could only say that the baby was not fated with the Bai Li Clan.

“Let’s go. The lass is in critical danger, we cannot drag any longer!”

Nan Gong Bei Chen felt regretful when he knew the baby had died shortly after it was born, but when he recalled that it was Ji Mo Ya’s child, he no longer felt as bad.

Someone would feel more terrible in due course.

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To him, knowing that Huan Qing Yan was alive was enough.

“Okay, Lord Sage!”

The two of them quickly left.


An hour later, when Ji Mo Ya arrived on Flowing Cloud Flying Carriage, he felt his chest was in pain while his forehead broke out in a sweat.

His chest was in pain ever since he received Bai Chen Feng’s spirit crane, it felt as though a piece of his chest was missing.

He knew for sure then that Huan Qing Yan was in trouble.

It was fortunate that he was relatively close to this place and only spent two hours to travel ten thousand miles.

However, he was still too late!

The area was in a mess, the chances of surviving in this scenario were simply too slim.

Moreover, someone had arrived earlier and had done some searching already. There were either dead people or bloodstains…

There were also some pieces of ice with traces of blood on it as well.

Remnants of the Ice Shattered Beads?

Ji Mo Ya felt his heart stopped!

At the same time, a person covered in blood crawled out from underneath the rocks, it was Bai Chen Feng!

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