Chapter 972 – Master-Servant Contract

The royalty of Hanging Cloud has tried to recruit Ma Tian Yin several times by giving him an official position, but they were all rejected by him. They must be joking?

His master gave him the heavy responsibility to protect her family, he must perform the task properly.

As for the wealth provided by the secular world? If he were someone looking for fortune, he would not have chosen the poor Hanging Cloud as well.

During the time he was in Hanging Cloud Empire, Xing Han became his student and worked hard, allowing him to fulfill the craving of becoming a master of someone.

Madam Huan treated him like a VVIP even when he emphasized that he was a servant of Huan Qing Yan, but it did not reduce the warm treatment that the Huan Estate gave him.

Therefore, Ma Tian Yin placed more effort into teaching Huan Xin Han.

One made an effort to teach, while the other made an effort to learn.

Huan Xin Han soon became a Four-Star Spirit Master under Ma Tian Yin’s instructions.

As for Luo Qiao, she would occasionally use the time when delivering meals to learn as well. Ma Tian Yin did not stop her and accept her as a student as well, telling her to learn whenever she was free.

Luo Qiao was in-charged of all the matters within the Huan Estate, including cooking and cleaning. Her Star Talent was not as good as Xing Han and she did not have as much free time compared to the latter as well. That was why she was still a Two-Star Spirit Master.

Luo Qiao was currently not around as she had gone to prepare meals, Xin Han was alone and practicing Basic Cultivation Arts.

Ma Tian Yin was observing him from the side.

When suddenly, Ma Tian Yin felt a dull ache on his chest, it was as though he received significant damage where his heart was pierced, a surge of blood started welling up in his mouth.

He started to sway before spitting a mouthful of blood out…

This startled Xing Han, he quickly stood up and went to support Ma Tian Yin.

“Master, what happened?” Ma Tian Yin was smiling and guiding him just a moment ago.

Ma Tian Yin shook his head, he did not know what happened as well.

His body was usually healthy with no illnesses, why would he suddenly become like this?

After some pondering, ‘Can it be?’

His master Huan Qing Yan had received a fatal injury?

If Huan Qing Yan was to die, the master-servant contract would cause Ma Tian Yin to die or at least be severely injured.

Of course. If something had happened to Ma Tian Yin, Huan Qing Yan would only sense something but not be injured.

“I am fine. Xing Han, I need to make a trip to the Holy City, you will have to practice by yourself during this period…” Ma Tian Yin did not reveal anything to Huan Xing Han as he did not want to worry the mother and son duo.  He needed to find out what happened.

What caused this change to his master.

Huan Xin Han nodded worryingly.


By the time Nan Gong Bei Chen and Crazy Sage had arrived, the entire mountain has collapsed.

Fortunately Crazy Sage was here, allowing Nan Gong Bei Chen to see the might of a Half-Sage!

The entire mountain was pulled up from its roots and revealed the ground underneath it.

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They saw a large natural cavern, but it was a mess. Nan Gong Bei Chen’s heart was lurching.

“Little Yan? Little Yan——”

Nan Gong Bei Chen laid on the rocks and called out.

Crazy Sage walked over, the rocks parted automatically to allow him to pass through.

“Stop shouting, let this old man see if there’s anyone inside!”

Nan Gong Bei Chen stopped shouting and looked at Crazy Sage.

Crazy Sage stretched out a finger and pointed, the rocks that he pointed at shattered into dust.

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A woman in pale clothes was revealed, Nan Gong Bei Chen quickly went over, “Little Yan!”

It was a stranger whose head was shattered, there were two women, both of them were wearing servant clothes…

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