Chapter 971 – Give Me The Child

If not, would Huan Qing Yan had survived that attack from her?

Would that huge lion be able to live till now?

Madam Ru’s instincts as a King Spirit Master were telling firmly that danger was about to arrive soon.

The higher one’s cultivation became, the stronger was their power of sensing danger; it is likely that Crazy Sage was really coming here!

She could not drag this any longer.

“Give me the child, and I will not kill the two of you. Quick!” Madam Ru shouted.

The panting Huan Qing Yan hugged her child with one hand while covering her bleeding stomach with the other, before replying, “Over my dead body.”

“Then you two can just die here!”

Madam Ru decisively turned and left without delay.

As she left, the stone cavern started to shake and collapse.

Madam Ru had activated the Self-Destruct Spell Formation of the mountain cave, the situation had exceeded her imagination, so she could only use her last resort: bury everything and end it.

Large chunks of rocks started falling, the green barrier covered Huan Qing Yan’s body again and protected the baby as well.

The lion carried Huan Qing Yan on its back and started running towards the exit.

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Both parties were severely injured and bleeding, so they were unable to run fast.

Huan Qing Yan gritted her teeth, “Lion, you should go ahead first, there is no need to care about us…”

The lion shook its head and focused on running, blood spilled on the path with every step that it took.

When Huan Qing Yan saw its situation, she could not be cautious about who this Demon Man was and planned to take all three of them into the dimension.

However, the dimension has problems once again!

“Ding! Friendly reminder, the host had just awaken a bloodline. The dimension required some time to update verification before entry is permitted.”

Update your sister!


Falling rocks rained down from everywhere, there was no path of retreat as well because it has been blocked, while the path in front of them was about to be blocked entirely too…

Huan Qing Yan suddenly had an idea, she took out the Crimson Soft Armor and Eight Treasure Purple Cloud Sash she was wearing and wrapped them around the baby.

“Leafy, you have fast speed. The baby is small and easy to carry, take him out of this cave first, we will follow shortly after.”

Leafy received the order and quickly wrapped the baby into a bundle before disappearing the next moment. 

The lion did not object and continued to carry Huan Qing Yan while avoiding the falling rocks, but it was useless as a large boulder blocked their path, it only has a small enough gap for a baby to pass through.

They have been trapped.

Huan Qing Yan gritted her teeth before throwing ten Ice Shatter Beads on the lion and several more on herself!

Turning them into ice sculptures!

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The rocks fell on top of the thick ice.

This will alleviate the situation for a moment, but even if they will not be crushed to death, they were still going to be buried alive.

Also, it was unknown what will happen to the baby; although the baby was protected by the Crimson Golden Soft Armor and Eight Treasure Purple Cloud Sash, a small rock was enough to be lethal for him. Yet if she did not send the baby away, he would also be buried alive with her and will lose all chances of survival.

As Huan Qing Yan was worrying, the loss of armor and the loss of blood due to her injuries was causing her vision to blur, and her eyes turned heavy…

Baby, I hope you are safe and sound.

Huan Qing Yan, endure for the sake of the baby, you must not die! If you die, Leafy will also disappear, what if the baby was not out of danger yet…

No matter what, you cannot die just like that!


Hanging Cloud Empire.

Huan Xing Han was currently meditating under the instructions of Ma Tian Yin.

Xing Han no longer attended school as the teacher from school was only a Five-Star Spirit Master while Ma Tian Yin was a True Spirit Master. It was obvious which was the better one to learn from.

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