Chapter 423: Natural Soldier

If he really wanted to close the distance between them, there was nothing Ye Jian could do no matter how clever she was.

Although the sixteen-year-old Ye Jian was older than Major Xia, and if both of her lives were counted together, in the end, the environment they grew up in was different, and she still needed to gather more experience to be better.

“A sniper that has trained under a global-ranked sniper, your skills are indeed quite high, if you join the troops then you’ll be one of the legendary sharpshooters.” Looking at the last target, Xia Jinyuan exclaimed with laughter, “Every shot of yours is similar, Ye Jian, tell me when you’ve joined the army, where should all the male soldiers hide their faces in.”

What he had said was the truth, and he wasn’t exaggerating.

If it was him that was shooting today, it would be unlikely for him to have this performance with every shot!

At the speed of 300km/h, wind resistance, amount of inertia and the speed of the bullet, all had to be calculated into the trajectory of hitting the target… All of those factors had to be fully calculated before being able to shoot. He was extremely surprised and completely unable to imagine how she had performed such an accurate shooting.

Ye Jian bent down and picked up a shell. She looked at him with a slight smile on her face, “Instincts, my instincts were always good, that too accounts for my shooting. I calculate with my heart, then adding my instincts into the equation, it’ll reduce my chances of missing.

Her answer made Xia Jinyuan silent, after a moment, he slowly spoke, “That’s talent. You didn’t waste your talent and was able to use every ounce of it. Little fox, you’re destined to live with a gun in hand, and on this path, you shall tread faster than anyone else!”

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Talent? Ye Jian lowered her head, the obsidian eyes carried a glint as cold as ice.

How is this talent, … all of this was because of the hardships her last life has bestowed upon her, giving her the foundation to establish her footing in this life.

“Can we go back now? It seems like a lot of time has passed.” Only she should know that she had been reborn again, it would be too shocking of a fact to be spoken aloud. Even towards Grandpa Gen and Uncle Chen, she had kept it a secret.

Xia Jinyuan, who had noticed the change of expression on Ye Jian’s face, immediately stopped speaking. She was already showing signs of refusal, then there was no need for him to continue speaking.

However, did he just bring up a sensitive topic?

No, he was quite sure that he didn’t? Then, why did the expression on his little fox’s face change so suddenly?

Although there were doubts in his heart, he didn’t pursue the topic and glanced at the time, “We have been here for twenty-five minutes, the training at the other side hasn’t ended yet, we could still watch for around half an hour. Their training usually starts at 22:30 around this season. If you come at an earlier time, you could also ask for some guidance from other soldiers.”

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“Even then at that time, I’ll have to trouble the regimental commander and political commissar.” Ye Jian hopped on the jeep, then after thinking about her week-long holiday, she knitted her eyebrows together and said, “It’s a pity I can’t come here during the National Week holiday, my school is organizing military training.”

The military training wasn’t hosted in the school, so it was impossible for her to come out at night. She had seven days that she couldn’t come… and that was regrettable.

“First Provincial High’s response to that is quite timely, they’ve already arranged for the military training for Grade 11 and Grade 12 students this soon.” Naturally, Xia Jinyuan would know about the military training arrangements. The proposal for students to participate in military training had already been put on hold a few years ago, only this year it was approved for implementation.

Realizing that she wasn’t too keen on participating in that, Xia Jinyuan chuckled and said, “I don’t have holidays so I can’t accompany you here to train, but it’s not that bad to participate in military training, you can also take this chance to wipe the smugness off Ye Ying’s face.”

Who needs his company? Ye Jian spoke indifferently with unspoken criticism in her heart, “There’s no smugness I can wipe off from her face, she has heart disease and can skip the training with just a medical permit. I only think that spending the whole week of holidays in military training isn’t quite worth it.”

It was not surprising that he knew that she was in the same class   Ye Ying. After all, he was acquainted with Uncle Chen, and he also knew Principal Cao, he would’ve caught wind about it even if he just asked about it casually.

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