Chapter 422: That Marksmanship, Remarkable!

Ye Jian didn’t quite notice that Xia Jinyuan was putting in a lot of thought into this, but there was one thing that she knew and it was the fact that he admired her.

Upon returning the handgun in her hand, the redness on her face started diminishing slowly in sync with her pulse that was becoming calmer. Within a moment, in front of him was the usual Ye Jian who was gentle and calm, “I like this, Captain Xia, thank you for giving me this opportunity!”

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“You shouldn’t rely on others to provide you with opportunities, you have to grab them yourself.” He received the handgun that still had remnants of her body’s heat on the grip, Xia Jinyuan’s hand pushed on the face of the steering wheel and the gun that was in his hands a moment ago has now been returned to its original place. All modified jeeps had a unique place to store guns.

“Let’s get off now, and check how high your accuracy rate is.” Opening the car door, Xia Jinyuan stepped out of the car first, remnants of the coldness that appeared when he was speeding the car could still be spotted between his brows. His depthless pupils that harboured some sharpness inside glanced at Ye Jian, “We haven’t seen each other for more than a year, so let’s see how much you have improved.”

There would’ve been either improvement or deterioration but based on the little fox’s capabilities, there was possibly no chance of her showing any signs of deterioration.

The car’s speed was maintained above 300 kilometres per hour, standing on the side of the target with black and white circles, Xia Jinyuan slightly raised his head, his refined and handsome face seemed to radiate coldness under the snow-white lighting, and Ye Jian couldn’t help but take more than one glance at him.

After he was done inspecting it, a smile spread out from between his brows until it had reached his gloomy pupils, “You shot twice here, and both shots hit the same spot, that’s quite interesting.”

Ye Jian glanced at the results she had made, and asked with raised eyebrows, “So, are you satisfied?”

“Quite satisfied, you could say that it was beyond my expectation, I wasn’t expecting my little fox to be this good.” He lowered his head. The black pupils that were smiling seemed like rippling water, they had a magic that was inclusive of everything, causing the people that looked at him to toss away the impatience they held in their hearts.

Ye Jian who was wrapped around by his gaze had her heart skip a beat, this man’s eyes… were too bewitching, and she became distracted by him because she let her guard down. Averting her gaze with slight panic, she huffed discontentedly, “What do you mean your little fox, acting so intimate.”

One sentence was enough to make Ye Jian calm down. Finishing her words, she immediately raised her head and stared at the man who had started laughing before saying seriously, “Captain Xia, … I’m not a fox, … And you’re also using that… okay.”

In the end, she was inexperienced, and she never had much close contact with the opposite sex, so even if her heart had already calmed down, the words are spoken from her mouth still seemed young and naive.

She had fierce instincts, but her use of language was naive. Those were opposites that shouldn’t be blended, but on the contrary, it appeared on Ye Jian. They blended harmoniously without rebellion, and it gave rise to a newly blooming orchid that seemed garish and eye-catching. The more you observed it, the prettier it got; the more you looked at it, the less you’d want to let go.

Xia Jinyuan was exactly like that, the more he looked at her, the more he felt that his foresight was amazing. Hearing that, his thin lips wore a smile and he laughed, “What’s important isn’t what you said, instead…” He pointed at the targets that he hadn’t inspected, “What’s important are those, there are still thirteen bullets left, let’s see if the rest of your results are as fantastic as this.”

Taking a big stride with his long legs, he started walking towards the next target, causing Ye Jian who had a helpless expression to have no choice but to keep up.

She herself had fired those bullets and had felt each one of them. There was no need for her to check to make sure as she was certain with each one of her shots.

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Maintaining a moderate amount of distance, far enough to avoid his minty presence, but also close enough for her to continue a conversation, she thought that her actions were subtle, but little did she know that she had been seen through by Xia Jinyuan for the ‘wolf’ he was.

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