Chapter 421: The Sharp Blade of The Country

Starting up the engine, pulling down the handbrake, pressing against the pedal, and with the sounds of Xia Jinyuan’s laughter, the car charged ahead into the darkness like a beast out of its cage.

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“The training track you have just seen isn’t where recruits like you could just test their hand whenever they want. I’m going to bring you to a training area that’s more suited for your first time.” Covered in the sound of the roaring engines, Xia Jinyuan wore a smile and his gaze was locked ahead of the car, and with Ye Jian beside him, he rushed out of this training area. He passed a loaded pistol with bullets that he had somehow found in the jeep to Ye Jian, “Hold onto it firmly, when you see the target, open fire.”

On the observation platform, Regimental Commander Liu was looking at the recorded results, he pointed at the results that were marked by a red pen and he bellowed, “Until now, only twelve people passed with a score of 100%, is this the results you’re showing me?”

“Have you guys counted the number of months we have until December? Do you think we still have a few more years left, and there’s plenty of time for you to undergo training? Every day you guys say that you’re training, but where are the results? Where are your results?”

The political commissar was at the side looking at another set of results, hearing Regimental Commander Liu’s scolding, he knew that the commander was now venting his anger that he had bottled up for the whole night.

He closed the folder and motioned for the battalion commander who was being scolded that he will be dismissed, “You ah, you’re just impatient. Don’t we still have time? We have from September until the end of December, here, look at the results up there, then calculate it with time, I’m pretty sure they’ll all pass.”

“You get angry every time you come here, no wonder our sister-in-law hates visiting the troops during this time of the year.”

Since the Regimental Commander was in bad spirits, the only person who dared to ruffle his feathers was the political commissar. Snatching away the record from Commander Liu’s hands, he shoved it into the hands of a soldier passing by without a second thought and said while beaming at the soldier, “C’mon, let’s see something that’ll take your anger away, Ye Jian that little lass had the guts to come here. I just saw Major Xia driving the jeep he used to drive and headed down towards floor B1.”

They were currently on floor B3, and floor B1 was the floor for the beginners.

“Let’s go there for a while. That little lass gets the hang of things pretty quick, she’s always a fast learner, I’m pretty sure by the time January comes, she would have graduated. Old Yan, go check out ahead, and try to strive for getting everyone to pass by the end of October.” Once Commander Liu mentioned Ye Jian, his infuriated expression seemed to soften slightly, and he brought up something about training, “There will be a couple of senior officials from the provincial military visiting by the end of the month. If we don’t show them some results, we won’t have the courage to face them.”

Ye Jian was currently seated in the front passenger seat. Following a ‘clang’ the car stopped, the whole training area was now engulfed in dead silence once again. The snow-white lights shone overhead, illuminating the ground that was full of potholes. It also allowed her to see the black tread marks that the car tires had left on the ground from the intense driving.

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Her heart was still thumping loudly, beat after beat. The thumping matched with the frequency of her breathing, yet her face looked extremely florid, akin to the peach embroidery filling the whole sky. Her glamour was without boundaries.

Xia Jinyuan drove while she shot. At a speed that was faster than 300km/h, she aimed at the targets that would appear any time and fired shot after shot.

Until all of the fifteen rounds in the pistol have been fired, only then did the beast-like jeep stopped abruptly.

Sounds of gunfire and the car braking were mixed, and surprisingly created a tune that instilled aspiration. Intense, nervous, and the boiling of blood inside her body,… this was the first time Ye Jian had encountered a training besides her sniping training.

Xia Jinyuan looked at her, and he slowly curved up his thin lips, “From tomorrow onwards, you can train here until December, it is currently September, little fox, you have sufficient time to climb to the top of another mountain.”

Special ops soldier, huh? Little fox, since you desire to become a special ops soldier, then… you have to first learn those machines that run on land, then, you can slowly learn how to handle those things that fly in the sky.

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