Chapter 420: You’re So Charming

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She would never allow Ye Zifan’s family, to control her life with just a casual flick of their hands and let her live like a rat! She must take control of her life and change it herself!

The serious Ye Jian, the Ye Jian who was unafraid of death, the Ye Jian who was working hard with her own hands…, a cunning and smart Ye Jian who knew how to repay the kindness, that was his little fox, the little fox who won over hope with her own hands.

Xia Jinyuan laughed, his depthless eyes stared steadily at the little fox that had come this far due to her hard work. He stared right into her eyes that were clear yet stubborn, and his slender fingers gently caressed her, “I like that enthusiasm of yours, and it makes me happy.”

If he wanted to get closer to her, he must first know what she likes.

His little fox liked challenges, she liked the military…, and he, he would then personally present everything that she liked in front of her, with his own hands.

Of course, his motive wasn’t just to elicit a smile from the beauty. Instead…, his gaze hardened, seeking to the depths in her eyes to the beast that was lying amidst,… What he wanted, was to win the hand of the beauty!

The twenty-three-year-old him was in love with a high school student who was just sixteen years old and before he had met the little fox, he definitely would not have thought that he was someone with that much patience to watch over the growth of a little girl.

There was a glint of light in his eyes with an unclear meaning. It was subtle, like a halo in the sky, causing Ye Jian to feel like her heart had skipped a beat, “I will not give up, Captain Xia,”

An opportunity was right in front of her, how could she possibly give up!

“I’m not trying to demotivate you, come now, little fox, you must first feel what it means to drive at top speed.” Xia Jinyuan, who had pulled back his hand, now took the lead to step towards his left. He was very familiar with this place, “I have trained here for three months, and received three injuries, the biggest injury was here…”

While walking in front, he suddenly pulled up his shirt until he had completely revealed the lines running across his waist,… sexy and perfect, and showing off the strength of a man.

However, in Ye Jian’s eyes, his sexiness was nowhere to be found. All she could see was… a hideous scar sitting on his waist. It covered quite a large area, there were also many fine and dense traces of sewing around it.

Ye Jian’s pupil slightly constricted as she looked at the hideous scar that looked like an Eastern Dragon, she even gently held her breath in.

“If this injury was any higher, it would have injured my spine. Then Not just driving, even walking had been a problem for me.” Talking about a dangerous event in the past, his casual tone during remarking it seemed like it was just something that was not worth mentioning.

“Why is such a huge training facility established at a place that’s only a few dozen kilometers from the city, instead of being in the middle of the mountains? The reason is simply that when an accident happens, they can immediately be sent to a hospital and their lives can 

be saved.”

“Once you choose this, Ye Jian, you have also chosen to dance with death. And I have given you the chance to give up right here and now, but since the moment you had started following behind me, besides continuing down this path, you will not have any way out, and regretting will not be an option.”

He dropped his shirt down as he continued walking, the gruff and unique voice that belonged to him now became mixed with the sounds of engines running at high speeds. It was as if the bell of dawn had penetrated through Ye Jian’s eardrums and hit the depths of her heart.

This Xia Jinyuan was currently handsome but cold, there was even a chill hovering between his brows, it was like when Ye Jian had seen him for the first time, even a gentle movement like raising his eyebrows would instill fear in the hearts of others.

Getting onto a modified jeep, Ye Jian, who had her head lowered to put on her seatbelt, looked up to meet his gaze, “I will never change my decision easily once I have decided upon it. This me is the Ye Jian that Captain Xia has known the entire time.”

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