Chapter 170: Well-informed

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Qiao Tian Chang took a sip of tea from the cup in front of him then turned to Xiao Qi Tian: “Is it not good?”

Xiao Qi Tian smiled and shook his head: “No, it’s good.”

Qian Tian Chang was too cold of a person. He was cold even towards his good brothers, as if nothing they did could attract his attention. Now that he had a loved one, the change was obvious and they were happy about it. After all, he no longer was alone anymore.

Qiao Tian Chang smiled and nodded. He also liked his life right now.

After Yang Cui went back, she immediately went back to find Li Wei, but he was nowhere to be found. After a long search, she heard that Li Wei was at Zui Hong Restaurant. That place was a brothel, a place full of filthy women.

When she thought of her man going to such a place, she felt as if she had swallowed a fly; the feeling was unbearable.

More importantly, the women there didn’t care about loyalty and shame. They had many tricks up their sleeves to trick men. If Yang Cui’s man was tricked by them, then she would be so embarrassed.

Having this thought, Yang Cui went to see Li Wei’s wife, Zhong Yue, in her residence.

Yang Cui was a mere concubine, so she couldn’t interfere with her man’s affairs, but Zhong Yue was different. She was his wife. Her husband went to the brothel, she must be worried about it, right?

With this in mind, Yang Cui quickened her footsteps. When she arrived, Zhong Yue was being served herbal soup by her servants.

The sight made Yang Cui jealous. There was only one servant to serve her, but Zhong Yue had several, let alone the head maidservant herself.

“Young Mistress.” Yang Cui suppressed her jealousy and greeted Zhong Yue.

Zhong Yue faintly glanced at Yang Cui, then put the cup in her hand aside and wiped the corner of her mouth with her handkerchief. Then, she said: “You may get up.”

Zhong Yue truthfully didn’t hate Yang Cui, but she didn’t like her at all. She didn’t hate Yang Cui because she was obedient. She heard from the servants that Yang Cui treated her husband very well so she wouldn’t bother her too much. Just that the look Yang Cui always gave was really uncomfortable.

“Thank you, Young Mistress.” Yang Cui stood up from the ground as she spoke to Zhong Yue.

“If you have something to say, just say it.” Zhong Yue had no reaction towards her pitiful appearance. She wasn’t a man anyway. From an outsider’s point of view, they might mistakenly think that Yang Cui was being bullied.

“I heard that your husband is…” Yang Cui spoke with difficulty and didn’t manage to continue even after a long while.

Zhong Yue was getting annoyed, she demanded: “What happened to him?”

“The people said that he went to… Zui Hong Restaurant.” Yang Cui carefully looked at Zhong Yue, seemingly worried for her.

Zhong Yue slightly squinted her eyes as she glared at Yang Cui. “You are quite well-informed. I have been in here for so long yet I don’t know about this. Whereas you, who just returned from your mother’s house, are so clear about my husband’s whereabouts.” Yang Cui couldn’t figure out what Zhong Yue was thinking from the way she spoke.

“Young Mistress, I don’t mean it that way.”

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“Oh? Then what do you mean?” Zhong Yue raised her eyebrows.

Yang Cui bit her lips and whispered: “Will there be any good people at such a place? I’m afraid that he might be tricked.”

Zhong Yue laughed mockingly: “And?”

“Young Mistress, shouldn’t you get him back?” Yang Cui said with a little embarrassment and her expression uneasy.

Zhong Yue smiled coldly: “You’re the one looking for my husband but you’re using me to do so? Yang Cui, who gave you the courage to do so?”

Did she really think I’m that stupid and hopeless? Did she think I’ll be tricked by her words?

When Zhong Yue married Li Wei, she already knew what kind of person he was. Although he would go places like Zui Hong Restaurant, he would never mess around.

Just as what Li Wei said, places like that was his playground. Although he liked many women, he didn’t like women who had been with many men.

Therefore, Zhong Yue remained good to Li Wei, which was why Li Wei always took good care of her.

“Young Mistress. I don’t mean it that way.” Yang Cui quickly explained, but she panicked. Did she make a mistake? Shouldn’t Zhong Yue be angry and send someone to call him back?


However, if that happened, Li Wei would definitely be dissatisfied with Zhong Yue. And, Yang Cui would have the opportunity to regain Li Wei’s favor. It was using one stone to kill two birds.

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