Chapter 171: Paying The Price

After Li Wei returned to his yard and washed away all the makeup powder from the women who came to him, he went to his wife’s courtyard. That was his habit. No matter how much fun he had outside, he would see his wife after coming home, and talk to her.

When he entered the courtyard, he saw Zhong Yue frowning and reprimanding Yang Cui. His eyebrows rose slightly as he walked towards Zhong Yue: “What happened? Don’t be angry, it’ll affect my son.”

“You’re back.”

“Yes, what happened?” Li Wei pointed at Yang Cui, who was kneeling on the ground, looking panicked and worried.

Zhong Yue looked helplessly at Li Wei: “After she returned from her mother’s house, I’m not sure who she heard the news from but she said you were at Zui Hong Restaurant. Then she thought of asking me to call you back.”

“Who told you that?” Li Wei’s face immediately turned ugly.

Regarding him going to Zui Hong Restaurant, Zhong Yue had long knew about it but she had never said anything after she knew that he wouldn’t mess around there. Although she was jealous, she didn’t bother about him much. It was also because of this, that he treated Zhong Yue very well.

Now, a mere concubine dared to bother his business, how could she not be angry?

“I… I wasn’t…”

“Wasn’t what?” Li Wei looked at Yang Cui coldly.

“Please don’t misunderstand. I don’t have any other meaning. I only had something to tell you.” Yang Cui flustered and waved, as she quickly tried to explain herself.

Li Wei snorted but kept quiet. The head maidservant, on the other hand, frowned: “Young Master, she is your concubine, as your servant, I am not in the position to speak, but what she did is unruly of her, how could she speak like this in front of Young Master and Mistress? How could there be a concubine this daring? If others found out about this, they would surely say our family has no rules.”

Li Wei glanced at her and nodded. “Grandmother Ming, please teach her well.” Head Maidservant Ming was sent by Li Wei’s mother to stay by Zhong Yue’s side ever since she was pregnant. Listening to Yang Cui now really made her upset.

“Yes, Young Master.”

“Yue’er, let’s talk inside.” Li Wei held Zhong Yue’s arm and went into the house together, completely ignoring Yang Cui.

Yang Cui stared at Li Wei and Zhong Yue who had left. She didn’t know how things had turned so drastically in just a few days.

“Aren’t you going to care about your charming and beautiful concubine?” Zhong Yue asked Li Wei as soon as they entered the house.

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“What’s there to care? She dares to trick me, she should be taught a lesson.” Li Wei said angrily.

Zhong Yue raised her eyebrows: “What do you mean?”

Wrapping his arms around her waist, he told her about the things that happened when he went to Yang Cui’s house a few days ago. He also told her about the things he investigated.

“Ning Meng Yao isn’t a simple woman, even the man around her isn’t simple. And Yang Cui deliberately took me there that day. Her motive was very obvious.” Li Wei frowned.

He liked good beauty, but he wasn’t an idiot. Yang Cui was so obvious that day. He wouldn’t believe her if she said she wasn’t intentional.

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“Is that woman very beautiful?” Zhong Yue asked curiously.

Li Wei nodded: “Her face may not be the most beautiful one, but her temperament is unique.”

“Really?” Zhong Yue raised an eyebrow, no wonder he fell for her.

Li Wei snorted. Holding Zhong Yue, he placed his hand on her stomach: “Don’t mention it anymore. It makes me angry when I think about it. If I actually offended her, I don’t know how terrible the consequences will be.”

“Then let’s not think about it then.”

“Of course.” He wasn’t an idiot.

“Who does she think she is?” Zhong Yue frowned. If something happened to Li Wei, what good would it do for Yang Cui?

Li Wei sneered out loud: “Yang Cui used to like Qiao Tian Chang, but he doesn’t like her. After she became my concubine, she feels superior to them. So she wants to use my status to deal with those two people. What she tried to do is basically using me to ruin Ning Meng Yao.” Yang Cui didn’t know Qiao Tian Chang’s mysterious identity; she thought that if she actually did something to them, they wouldn’t dare to say anything, that was why she had such an idea.

What she didn’t know was that Qiao Tian Chang’s identity wasn’t so simple.

Zhong Yue frowned unhappily: “What does she mean? Isn’t she doing that to harm us?”

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