Chapter 419: I Will Not Abandon Myself Till The End Of This Life

Ye Jian did not harbor any fears towards the night. In the past when she had been chased around by thugs Ye Ying had hired, she had even crawled through air ducts and sewer pipelines.

The tremors beneath her feet were still there. When the civil servant pushed open the rust-filled door of an emergency exit, it was similar to how Xia Jinyuan had stated earlier… a whole new world suddenly appeared in front of them.

The roaring of engines that washed over her jolted her body until her blood was flowing at an increased speed. Her gaze became fixated on the humongous and complicated training track and her attention did not split towards anything else even for a second.

The civil servant closed the sound-proof door, and once again with a click, the door was locked. He spoke to Ye Jian, “Commander Liu is up ahead, but his schedule is currently occupied, you can follow after Major Xia to the training grounds up ahead. Regimental Commander Liu will be waiting for you after you’re done.”

Giving Xia Jinyuan a military salute, he left.

After Ye Jian said “Thank you”, she landed her impatient gaze back onto the training tracks.

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Those racing scenes that could only be seen on the television could be seen here. She noticed a jeep charging down from two stories above with a ‘vroom’, and landed on the ground with a huge ‘boom’. Before she had even managed to blink her eyes, the tires started ‘screeching’ with the friction they had developed against the ground, and the jeep immediately started going in reverse,… and it wasn’t just in a straight line, there were ‘s’ shaped curves, slopes and obstacles on the ground that were to be avoided…

“Bang bang bang” sounds of bullets flying out from a car could be heard, those weren’t real bullets, they were all blanks, even so, their destructive power was quite astonishing; when the motorized infantry was firing their weapons, nobody was allowed stand within the effective range of the blanks.

“Time taken is three minutes four seconds, failure! Bullet hit accuracy, passed!”

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Even with such a fast timing, what he had received… was still a sentence of failure!

Xia Jinyuan noticed that she was staring very eagerly, and the only thing her face lacked was the word ‘impressed’ written on it. Lowering his body slightly as his thin lips almost pressed onto her ear lobe, he said: “Only those under two minutes and fifty seconds are counted as passed.”

“…” Ye Jian, who was gazing in amazement blinked her eyes, completely oblivious to the fact that he was extremely close to her, after turning around, the pair of eyes stared at Xia Jinyuan like shining stars, her normally calm voice now contained a slight tremble, “Tonight, can I… train with them?”

Xia Jinyuan raised his eyebrows, and raised the corner of his thin and appealing lips into a smirk, “Student Ye Jian, your demands are quite challenging. Do you want to train with them tonight? All of these motorized infantrymen are the best of their division, there are elite scouts, elite combatives(hand-to-hand combatants), and other elite soldiers who have been chosen after rounds and rounds of selection.”

“They have already spent no less than two years in the army, and no less than half a year in driving training…, and they have to practice hard like this day after day. During training, it’s also common to receive a few injuries, and those with fatal ones die on the spot. Little fox, do you really want to take this step forward, do you know what it means?”

Although he was talking with a smirk, there was only pure coldness in the depths of his bottomless pupils, his gaze was planted firmly on Ye Jian, as if he was about to see through the depths of her soul, causing each and every word of his to brand itself into her soul.

Ye Jian who was in an exhilarated state started calming down because of his words, her fast-beating heart was also started working towards calmness. Looking at the serious person in front of her, Ye Jian drew in a deep breath and replied, “I understand very clearly. Similarly, I understand even more clearly what type of effort needs to be put in to become a special ops soldier.”

“I will brush shoulders with death, and I will also see the magnificent beauty of the line between life and death! I really need to have that kind of life! And I like training that is filled with challenges like this!”

After restarting her life once again, she only wanted to grasp all of her chances, and live her life without regrets for a change! To substantiate herself, and once again enjoy the feeling of basking under the sun, enjoy the beautiful feeling of her being reborn!

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