Chapter 424: A Soul Snatching Man

“I was quite keen on watching you wipe the smugness off her face. What a pity. And I also can’t accompany you during the military practice. If the place was still in the Fu Jun town Bootcamp, then I could still apply for it, but since you’re not there, there’s no reason for me to apply.” Xia Jinyuan, who instantly read her mind, brought it up intentionally. And in exchange, he received the view of Ye Jian’s back of the head because she didn’t want to look at him.

Her abilities had risen, and her temper had risen along with it.

Xia Jinyuan wasn’t angered; instead, he bellowed deeply in laughter, until Ye Jian turned around. “Don’t laugh, and don’t you say anything about accompanying me!” He was always teasing her like that, and her heart was beating harder and harder, but he seemed so relaxed!

“Okay, no more laughing, no more laughing, I’ll listen to whatever you say.”

His gentle smile, his magnetic voice and his pair of black, abyssal pupils…, Ye Jian flashed a glance at him and noticed the burning glint from the depths of his eyes, and she let out a long sigh in her heart to remind herself: willpower, willpower…, it was crucial that she didn’t allow this man to ruin her willpower!

Once they drove the car back, they noticed the regimental commander and political commissar, who was standing by the parking spot. The two of them were muttering about something with their heads lowered.

After hearing the sound of a car headed towards them, both of them looked towards the source of the sound, and they realized that the car, which Xia Jinyuan had driven away, had now returned.

Regimental Commander Liu’s speech suddenly gained speed, “Old Yan, you should pay attention. Little lass Jian is very smart, so we must first allow her to discover her interests to win her over.”

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“I’m ready, you’ll toss the hook, and I’ll use the bait. We will have to interrupt Major Xia if that’s what it takes.” Political Commissar Yan also said this in a hurry. The incomplete conversation was hurried to an end before the two of them headed over. “Also, Old Liu, we’ll have to make the little lass take the initiative to ask where all of this motorized infantry will be going.”

Regimental Commander Liu didn’t quite understand him. Realizing that the two people walking in front of them were getting closer and closer, he asked hurriedly, “Why are we doing this? What are the benefits of doing so?”

“You don’t get it? This is called dragging her in! The more she knows, the deeper she gets stuck! The little lass is someone that respects discipline. Once she knows more about it, she will not run away; instead, she will choose to face it head-on.”

Hearing his old partner speaking at a fast pace, Regimental Commander Liu smacked his forehead, and faked being scared, “I am very glad that we’re always partners, and always on the same side!” If not, he wouldn’t understand anything, even if Old Yan were to set him up!

There was still a distance of about a meter between them. Regimental Commander Liu welcomed them with a smile on his face, and he asked passionately, “Little lass Jian, what do you think? It’s magnificent, ain’t it?” Although he wore a smile on his face, his serious eyes had a spark of light flickering within. “You’re a lass who always likes to challenge yourself with high difficulty training. This ain’t bad, right? Do you like it? How about you try it out? I believe that you can do it.”

Ye Jian didn’t dare to boast about things such as this. If she were to participate in sniping or a martial arts competition, she would perform well. But driving, living in two different worlds, she had barely touched the steering wheel once tonight.

Besides, why did she feel that when she approached them, the regimental commander and political commissar… both of them looked like they had found a treasure? Their eyes seemed to be shining.

Pursing her lips, she answered truthfully, “This time, I might have let you down. If it wasn’t because Captain Xia was present, I would never have touched a steering wheel in my life. How would I be able to act like the soldiers here, drive as naturally as they do, and have the abilities to do whatever I wish?”

That’s was a strength of the little lass: honesty.

Regimental Commander Liu started laughing. The flames of anger that he had bottled up the whole night seemed to have been extinguished in her company. He said in a warm voice, “We’ll give you a month, and see whether you’re able to continue training.” As long as she was willing to put in the hard work, she would be able to do it.

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