Chapter 228 – Darkness Descends

Yang Tian had seen cannibalism in his previous life and was calm about it; it was insignificant as compared to him massacring an entire city.

Yang Tian took out three portions of food and gave it to Brother Powerless.

Yang Tian’s Archaic Bronze Ring contained many fresh fruits, they were stockpiled by Yang Tian before the Apocalypse had begun. usually Yang Tian could not bear to eat them but Lina seems to be sensitive towards human food and only fruits can satisfy her. That was why the fruits inside the Archaic Bronze Ring were basically meant for her now.

“Why am I so nice to you?” Yang Tian suddenly asked Lina a confusing question.

“How… how would I know.”

Lina lowered her head and ate the fruit; she knows that Yang Tian was treating her well, but she also naturally accepted his goodwill without a thought. Moreover, Yang Tian gave her a warm feeling; thus, she was very willing to stay beside him.

“Are you full? Do you want more?”

“I am full, no need for more.”

Lina’s appetite has always been small, an apple and a pear were enough to fill her.

“Do you want to give Sister Fish and the others something to eat?”


The puppets consumed large amounts of energy, but they were also freed from the need for food. They only need to absorb energy crystals to sustain themselves, but they would never be able to promote. 

Yang Tian took out seven Early Rank 3 energy crystals and tossed those to them; they started absorbing the energy crystals and soon became energetic again.

The light of the fire within the factory had attracted some insects, but they were not powerful and were easily handled by the tamed beasts and puppets.

Dark Crimson Fire Wolf also used this period to absorb the ten Mid Rank 3 energy crystals and promoted to Mid Rank 3.

“Say, are we staying here or leaving? If we are staying, we will continue to be attacked by the Liu Family, but leaving did not mean that we can survive well in other areas as well.”

Brother Powerless said, he was mainly speaking to Sister Ting and Xiao Zhang as he did not believe that there was no place Yang Tian cannot stay at with Yang Tian’s strength.

“Of course, it is to stay here!”

Before Sister Ting and Xiao Zhang could reply, Yang Tian’s voice appeared. No matter the outcome, Yang Tian would certainly give Brother Powerless a hand.


Brother Powerless happily accept Yang Tian’s support when the latter was willing to give it. Compared to roaming in the wilderness alone, having Yang Tian beside them was undoubtedly much safer.

The Liu Family was about to perish, Yang Tian undoubtedly preferred to establish his defenses in the Liu Family’s territory.

The moment the Dark Elves descend would be the time the Liu Family perishes.

Under the faint glow of embers, they entered a half-sleep mode.


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Before the sky turned fully bright, a vast explosion woke all of them. The blast came from the sky.

“It is coming.”

After the colossal sound, oppressive energy came from the sky; it made everyone, especially Lina, uncomfortable. Yang Tian had no choice but to wrap his Mental Power around Lina to make her feel better.

A thick Dark Energy, something Yang Tian was very familiar with.

Three Dark Elves fell from the sky, they were all males. Moreover, their bodies were extremely robust and their looks were even more handsome.

Their dark-colored skin was flowing with Dark Energy and there were no doubts that they were Rank 4.

The first place they arrived at was the Liu Family; Yang Tian was in the Liu Family’s territory and could sense them clearly.

Sister Ting and Xiao Zhang were having difficulties breathing due to the oppressive energy, Brother Powerless, on the contrary, looked excited as though he had just consumed a powerful tonic.

Yang Tian could sense the movement of violent Dark Energy and the Peak Rank 3 Liu Family Head from afar. However, Liu Family Head’s attack looked insignificant in front of the Dark Elves, with the Dark Elves dealing with the Liu Family Head like that of a fly and killed him.

The difference between Rank 4 and Rank 3 was too big, a Peak Rank 3 would never have the ability to deal with a Rank 4.

Within the Liu Family’s base, all metahumans Rank 3 and above were killed by the Dark Elves. The Rank 3s and below managed to survive because the Dark Elves were not willing to waste their time with low-rank creatures.

“That is… a Spatial Rope.”

A white flash could be occasionally seen on the waist on the three Dark Elves, it was the Spatial Rope. The Dark Elf Tribe must be worried that these three Dark Elves would become stranded on Earth, that was why they tied a Spatial Rope around each of them to ensure that they could be brought back to the tribe.

And the situation proved that they had made the right decision.

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Half an hour was all it took to wipe out all the Liu Family metahumans that were Rank 3 and above. After dealing with the Liu Family, the three Dark Elves did not hurry to return but went to the Wu Family to take away the Female Dark Elves from the Wu Family. Despite being Dark Elves, the status between the males and females were significantly different; Male Dark Elves felt that Female Dark Elves were shameful existence of their tribe and had never cared much about Female Dark Elves. However, for the sake of reproduction, they had no choice but to take care of the Female Dark Elves.

Other than Female Dark Elves, Male Dark Elves will also try to look for another type of elf, the Null Elves, for reproduction but those are relatively rare. That is why they mostly choose Female Dark Elves. However, if a Female Null Elf ever appears, they will use any means necessary to obtain her because, as long as you are a male, you will never be willing to accept being cuckold, especially by a multitude of various different species.

The Wu Family Head had no choice but to release the imprisoned Female Dark Elves when faced against such powerful entities. Besides, the Wu Family was able to avoid a calamity because they did not harm the Female Dark Elves.

The last to be visited was the Wang Family. Although the Wang Family did not kill any Dark Elves, they have locked them up in the dungeons and tortured them daily. When the Male Dark Elves arrived at the Wang Estate, they were only able to take out Female Dark Elves covered in injuries.

A huge fight broke out. The Wang Family’s strength was quite good, but they looked as though they were unable to withstand a single blow when the Dark Elves attacked.

The Wang Family resisted fiercely, with at least ten High Rank 3 metahumans dead and several more lower-ranked ones. Moreover, the Wang Family Head lost the most; the Dark Elves could have taken his life but chose not to. Instead, they hacked off an arm and a leg.

Losing two limbs meant that the Wang Family Head’s fighting power had dropped by at least forty percent.

Yet the Wang Family Head had no choice, the gap between the two parties was too wide. If the Dark Elves wanted to, they could have exterminated the entire Wang Family, like how they did to the Liu Family.

As Yang Tian observed the Dark Elves, he knew that the Dark Elves had absolutely no problems exterminating the Wang Family, yet they did not do so. Yang Tian did not believe that the Dark Elves could be so kind.

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