Chapter 227 – Cannibalism

Yang Tian was also slightly worried about the fetus inside T-Rex, he could sense its life energy getting stronger and stronger; which was why Yang Tian rarely got T-Rex to fight.

Light Energy was good for stabilizing unborn creatures, but because T-Rex was a Half Undead Creature, Light Energy would harm it instead.

Although Yang Tian always felt a dislike for Light Power, he was no longer as opposed to it due to Lina’s influence. Moreover, Light Power was also very powerful.

“Are we not staying here anymore?”

“We are not staying.”

That’s right, Yang Tian plans to leave the Wu Estate with Lina. He wants to head to the Liu Family’s territory.

During the night, Yang Tian brought Lina to the Liu Family’s territory with the tamed beasts and puppets following closely behind. Yang Tian wants to go to the warehouse that Brother Powerless was at.

However, Yang Tian saw the Brother Powerless trio on the streets running for their lives instead.

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“Xiao Zhang, if they catch up to us, take your sister-in-law and run away first.”


Xiao Zhang and Sister Ting knew that they were facing a dire situation, Brother Powerless’s suggestion was also the best method for the two of them as well.


Yang Tian landed in front of the trio and blocked their path.

“You people have been lying in ambush?”

Yang Tian heard Brother Powerless spoke and smiled before saying:

“Brother Powerless, it’s me.”

“It’s you!”

Brother Powerless recognized Yang Tian, the latter gave them food when they first met inside the warehouse.

“Need any help?”

The four tamed beasts and seven puppets behind Yang Tian all possessed extraordinary power and was giving the Brother Powerless trio considerable pressure.

“We need!”

Brother Powerless replied two short words that caused Yang Tian’s heart to ache; Brother Powerless not only needed help in this situation, he also needs help in other aspects.

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Yang Tian gave a simple reply as well.

A large number of pursuers appeared behind Brother Powerless and leading the group was a High Rank 3 metahuman.

“Get rid of them.”

As long as there was no Peak Rank 3 fighting power, the tamed beasts and puppets would have no problems dealing with anyone.

“Brother Powerless, take a rest for now!”

Yang Tian took out some food from his ring and gave it to Brother Powerless, the latter split the three portions of food equally amongst his group.

“Who are they?”

“They are sent by the Liu Family to kill us.”

The location of Brother Powerless has been exposed, someone reported to the Liu Family about their warehouse that had quite an amount of food stored. The Liu Family sent a High Rank 3 metahuman and several Mid Rank 3 metahumans to raid them. The mutated dog and Pit-Head Swines had all been killed during that attack.

After that, they encountered Yang Tian.

After seeing Brother Powerless, Lina, who was hiding behind Yang Tian all this time, whispered to him:

“I hate the energy coming from him.”

Lina could detect a Dark Power hidden within Brother Powerless, and naturally developed a dislike towards Brother Powerless due to her identity as a Light Elf.

“Then just stay behind me obediently.”

Yang Tian’s tone was slightly stern, causing Lina to pout and stop speaking. She obediently hid behind Yang Tian.

The Brother Powerless trio did not know about their conversation.

As they were shocked by what they were seeing. The pursuers from Liu Family were being wiped up by the four tamed beasts while the High Rank 3 metahuman was covered in severe injuries under the coordinated attacks of the seven puppets.

By the time the tamed beasts were done with the metahumans, the High Rank 3 was on the verge of death.

“Brother, we are people from the Liu Family.”

The High Rank 3 quickly brought up the Liu Family’s name; all he wished now was to save his life, he cannot be bothered with killing the Brother Powerless trio.

“Then, even more, you deserve to die.”

He heard Yang Tian’s voice in his ears, but he turned and failed to discover the source of the voice. Yang Tian had used his Mental Power to send a message, so it was only natural that he was unable to see Yang Tian.

By the time he turned again, the blade of the large man puppet was coming down at him.


The attack extended from his throat to his lower body, an injury that nearly split him into half as the bones were not hacked. However, this injury was severe.

He had lost his will to fight and only thought about how to escape.

Mental Disruption

Yang Tian’s Mental Disruption struck him and caused him to turn the wrong direction and ran towards the seven puppets instead. The seven puppets did not hesitate, their fighting wills made them act without hesitation.

Bang Bang

The High Rank 3 was turned into mincemeat by the puppets. On the other side, the Early Rank 3s have all been killed, their brain matter has become Brain-Eating Terror Hog’s food as well.

“Brother Powerless, let’s find a place to rest for the night!”


Brother Powerless woke up from his shock and followed behind Yang Tian, they quickly located an abandoned factory.

They kicked open the iron gate of the factory and smelled barbeque meat coming from within the factory.

There were several human skeletons on the factory floor, but a fireplace was set up right next to the bones near the left of the factory. Beside the fire were eleven people, they were currently cooking meat, but from the shape of the meat, its… human.


Xiao Zhang was the first to curse out, he had seen too many ugly truths in the post-apocalyptic era, but today was the only matter he had never dared to think about. Cannibalism was happening in front of him.

Xiao Zhang looked at the eleven faces that were lit by the light of the fire and felt that they looked even more horrifying than demons.

Rank 2 Wind Wolf Warrior

None of the eleven were metahumans, they were all normal humans. In fact, there were even two children around the age of ten.

Ordinary humans were unable to acquire food in the post-apocalyptic era. Under the stress of hunger, these humans began to do anything that one could not even imagine. After one time, a second time would naturally happen again.

This factory initially had more than thirty people, now only eleven remained.

Xiao Zhang charged at the eleven people and killed all of them with his claws instantly and without mercy. The eleven did not display any fear of death in their eyes, only a look of being free.

They did not resist and allowed Xiao Zhang’s attacks to reach them.

The entire process lasted for a short moment, and Xiao Zhang killed all the eleven humans near the fireplace.

The meat above the fire was also thrown away by Xiao Zhang.

“Let us go over.”

They were only looking for a place to rest for the night and even if the environment here was disgusting, they could only bear with it.

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