Chapter 226 – Mishap

Yin Energy and Ice Plain Wolf Beast Fire shot towards the Wu Family metahumans; even the Wu Family Head must set up his defenses, let alone the other metahumans.

Wu Family Head reacted fast enough to avoid a lethal blow, but a portion of the metahumans failed to avoid the attack and was either turned into ice sculptures or received large scale burns on their bodies.


The Wu Family metahumans could not endure it any longer, they did not care if they offended Yang Tian and started retaliating. The Wu Family Head did not stop his subordinates and allowed them to fight against the tamed beasts and puppets.

Yang Tian did not hear the sounds of conflict outside his room, Lina and his body was still emitting a faint glow.

As the glow slowly dissipated, the Light Power coming out from them had also disappeared. Lina’s eyelids fluttered, she was on the verge of waking up!

Lina did not know where she was, she only felt warmth, as though she was in an exceptionally warm place.

When Lina opened her eyes, she saw Yang Tian’s chin and noticed that she was in Yang Tian’s arms.

“It felt so comfortable to rest in his arms.” Lina softly said.

“It is comfortable!”

She heard Yang Tian’s voice and quickly jumped out of his arms in shock. If Yang Tian had not woken up, she would have stayed in a little longer, but it was obviously not possible now.

“Did you sneakily hug me?”

“Let’s talk later.”

Yang Tian did not reply to her question and walked out of the room.

Yang Tian saw the fighting outside using his Mental Power, ‘Causing trouble when I am busy? Looks like I need to teach the Wu Family a lesson of blood’.

Yang Tian joined the battle in Venom form, his Peak Rank 3 fighting power was enough to teach them the meaning of cruelty. Yang Tian turned his arms into blades and circulated Lion Roar Inner Energy to the max before starting his massacre.

The moment Yang Tian appeared, the Wu Family Head appeared in front of him.

“Young Master Yang, I think we should talk first.”

“Oh? There’s a fee for talking to me.”

Yang Tian started reaping the lives on the battlefield after he spoke, the Wu Family Head wanted to stop him but discovered that Yang Tian’s speed was much faster than before. Moreover, the Wu Family Head found that Yang Tian’s current strength felt even higher than himself after exchanging a few blows.

“His strength… has exceeded me.” Wu Family Head was finding it hard to believe.

However, after a momentary shock, Wu Family Head continued to stop Yang Tian. If the latter continues, all the metahumans would be killed by Yang Tian.

Fortunately, Yang Tian knew his limit and did not kill all of them.

As a lesson, Yang Tian sliced off the left arms of thirty Early Rank 3s and twenty-five Mid Rank 3s, as well as the fingers of three High Rank 3s.

“If this happens again, I will kill all of you.”

Yang Tian spoke as blood drips off the blade blades. The relationship between both parties has become extremely strained; it was already good enough that Yang Tian did not kill them, let alone asking Yang Tian to heal the viruses inside of them. 

“Family Head, this…”

“Let’s discuss after we head back, collect the limbs and bodies.”

Wu Family Head and his subordinates left with their tails between their legs, the only thing that remained in the field was their blood.

Yang Tian returned to his room with a startled heart! He noticed that all his attributes had increased by roughly 15% during the fight earlier. His physique was already stronger than an ordinary Early Rank 3 Martialist, with this increase, his physique was now equivalent to a Mid Rank 3 Martialist.

Is it because…

Yang Tian had a guess, he had not inspected the Light Power inside his body earlier. Yang Tian calmed his mind and checked his body, the power of Light was still in an incomplete form, but it was three times as large as before.

At the same time, Yang Tian awakened a Light Attribute Skill: Radiant Lightwave. Yang Tian’s current level of power would allow him to unleash a force equivalent to Rank 2 but if used on Dark or Undead Creatures, it might be equal to a Peak Rank 3.

Yang Tian’s body had been emitting an evil aura due to the Undead Magic he used and the might of his Half-Dragon Eyes, but now, he was emitting a radiant and kind aura that would cause people to unconsciously develop respect towards him. Moreover, the Half-Dragon Eyes now reflected radiance instead and those gave Yang Tian a feeling of holiness.

“How are you?” Yang Tian looked at Lina. Since they have cultivated together, Lina should have similar gains as him as well.

“I am good.”

Lina had inspected her body just now and noticed a sharp increase in her Light Attribute. She did not expect that such improvement in herself only by taking a nap in Yang Tian’s arms.

“Can you… hug me some more?” Lina blushed when she asked the question.

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However, Yang Tian would not reject Lina’s request, he opened his arms and hugged her. Lina stood at her spot and allowed Yang Tian to hug her.

So warm, so comfortable.

This was what Lina felt, but the power of Light within her body did not improve. Lina naturally raised her arms and hugged Yang Tian’s waist. Yang Tian detected Lina’s small actions so he lowered his head to look at Lina and he saw that she was enjoying the feeling of being inside his arms.

“Isn’t it very comfortable!”


Lina unconsciously replied but soon noticed something was wrong and immediately moved away from Yang Tian’s arms.

“Stay inside here for the moment.”

Yang Tian noticed that the tamed beasts and puppets were injured from the battle earlier. The tamed beasts were still okay as they possessed high regenerative abilities, but the puppets could only heal at the rate of ordinary metahumans. Although they do not feel pain, it would become troublesome if the injuries were left alone.

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Yang Tian walked out and summoned the puppets to him. Their bodies were covered in different injuries; to hope those wounds could heal by themselves was impossible. Yang Tian took out seven Mid Rank 3 energy crystals from his ring. He refined the energy within the crystals and injected the pure energy on their wounds.

Their bodies automatically absorbed the energy, and their wounds soon started to slowly heal at a rate visible to the eye. It was fortunate that they only suffered external injuries that could be slowly treated using energy crystals, internal injuries were not as easy to treat. Amongst the four tamed beasts, Dark Crimson Fire Wolf was in the worst shape as its physique was the weakest amongst the four.

Yang Tian gave it ten Mid Rank 3 energy crystals, the amount should be enough for it to promote.

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