Chapter 225 – Battle

Yang Tian returned to his room. If not for the reason that he still had a need for the Wu Family’s forces, he would have left the Wu Family due to the Wu Family Head’s actions today.

“Baddie, when will Sister Fish and the rest start speaking?”

Lina has been waiting for Yang Tian in the room all this time. Lina has been calling Yang Tian Baddie ever since the Novelty Hunters had been turned into puppets.

Yang Tian’s irritated mood surprisingly became much better after hearing Lina’s voice.

“It should be soon.”

Lina did not look like a heaven-defying beauty, she was more like a neighborhood sister. Yang Tian initially felt the Light Attribute to be unusually repulsive, but when it came from Lina; Yang Tian was unable to develop any disgust. On the contrary, Yang Tian even tried to understand more about the Light Power inside him due to Lina’s presence.

Yang Tian would not place seven separate portions of his Mental Power in all the puppets, Yang Tian only sent a part of his Mental Power into the person called Sister Fish.

“Wait here.”

Yang Tian sat on his bed and split a palm-size portion of his Mental Power.

“To think that I am using my precious Mental Power to control a Mid Rank 3 human.”

Yang Tian felt a small heartache when he looked at the palm-size Mental Power. Although he could quickly recover this portion, using it for a Mid Rank 3 puppet was still very wasteful. With Yang Tian’s Mental Power, not only will the puppet possess a conscience, but it will also be able to make decisions.

Yang Tian called Sister Rain to him and planted his Mental Power into her head.

The greyish-white eyes of the puppet turned slightly brighter. At the same time, Yang Tian planted an order in the puppet’s mind: Protect Lina with your life.

“Sister Fish, how are you?” Lina quickly ran to Sister Fish and asked.

“I… am good.”

“Really? That’s great!”

Lina displayed a bright smile when she saw that Sister Fish has recovered. This proved that Yang Tian did not deceive her.

“Thank you, you are not a baddie.”

Lina tried to leave with Fish away after speaking.

“Sister Fish, why are you not moving?”

“Lina… Sister Fish doesn’t want to leave here, let us… stay here, okay?”

“But this is not our home, I want to go home.”

“But we are unable to return now. Let’s stay here for now.”

Puppet Sister Fish was slowly getting used to speaking as her speech became smoother. Her explanation also calmed Lina and made her stay beside Yang Tian obediently.

“Okay! Let us stay here first.”

In truth, Lina had developed a reliance on Yang Tian due to the feeling of closeness between them. This feeling was something she had never felt when with others and she also felt comforted when she was near Yang Tian.

Sister Fish lightly nodded towards Yang Tian before exiting.

Lina continued to sit on the chair to absorb an energy crystal.

Mid Rank 3 Light Elf, the Light Power emitted while absorbing the energy crystal was resonating with the Light Power in Yang Tian’s right arm.

Could this be the reason?

Yang Tian immediately sat on the bed and inspect the Light Power in his right arm. The power of Dark and Light was hidden inside Yang Tian’s left and right arms respectively; however, both powers were still in an incomplete form and could only display a portion of their power when he was in Venom Form. The left and right arm of Venom was imbued with the power of Dark and Light due to the previous incident. That was why Yang Tian required Venom’s aid to use both powers until the two energies within him become complete.

The power of Light was improving due to the influence of Lina; on the other hand, Lina did not feel uncomfortable and only felt that the Light Power within her was slowly increasing and made her very comfortable. 

If someone were inside the room, they would have discovered that Lina was slowly floating towards Yang Tian and the latter very naturally opened his arms to hug Lina.

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A golden light covered both of them, causing the entire room to be bathed in light for a moment before shortly turning back to normal. That moment of intense light had attracted the metahumans within the Wu Estate.

When the Wu Estate’s metahumans arrived, the four tamed beasts and seven puppets entered battle mode. Anyone who crossed the boundary will be attacked.

The first who crossed the boundary was a High Rank 3, he noticed that the boils and red spots on his body were getting better after being exposed to the light. Although the effect only lasted for a moment, he wanted to grab on to this opportunity and did not stop even knowing it to be Yang Tian’s territory.

What welcomed him was a ray of Yin Energy that he was unable to avoid, so he used his weapon to block the attack. The weapon was a High Rank 3 and was not damaged from the attack, but it became frozen and unusable.

The attacks of the seven puppets follow closely after; the puppets still possessed their fighting skills, with the High Rank 3 large man leading their coordination, they managed to severely injure the High Rank 3 metahuman in three exchanges. 

Several metahumans soon joined in, but their fight power still has room for improvement and was soon severely injured under the coordinated attacks of the seven puppets. They could have been killed had they not escaped quickly.

“Family Head.”

Seeing the Wu Family Head arriving, the metahumans quickly greeted him.

“Let us wait here for now.”

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He had personally experienced the fighting capabilities of the puppets; their well-coordinated attacks and fearless attacking style were formidable, forcing their way in would only result in substantial losses on their side. 

However, the four tamed beasts became irritated when they saw more and more metahumans gathering. The Three-Head Yin Insect was the first to react, its three bull-horned heads started spitting a black mist that covered all the Wu Estate’s metahumans within.

There were no Light or Electric Attribute metahumans amongst them, so they needed to get out of the black mist if they want to shake off the debilitating effects of the black mist.


They cursed but they did not display any intentions to leave.

“Everyone hang on, with so many of us here, this black mist will not be able to last for long.”

The Wu Family Head was right, the black mist disappeared shortly, but the Three-Headed Yin Insect would not allow things to end so easily.

The mouths of the Three-Headed Yin Insect opened and started gathering Yin Energy. The Wu Family’s metahumans had all witnessed how terrifying the Yin Energy could be. When they saw that the Three-Headed Yin Insect was not going to stop, they could not help but become nervous.

On top of that, Dark Crimson Fire Wolf was also gathering blue flames in its mouth.

Ice Plain Wolf Beast Fire. Ever since Dark Crimson Fire Wolf devoured the Ice Plain Wolf Beast Fire, its red fur was slowly replaced by blue and its dark crimson coat had turned dark blue.

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