Chapter 224 – Rift

The Novelty Hunters followed Yang Tian and left.

Lina supported Yang Tian back to the room while the seven puppets stood guard outside.

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However, Yang Tian’s order to the seven puppets was not as detailed as the one he gave the four tamed beasts; when the Wu Family Head came to visit Yang Tian,  the seven puppets attacked.

They might have lost their souls, but their fighting willpower was not weak. Moreover, they have good coordination and caused Wu Family Head to find it challenging to take them down quickly.

The fighting was heard by Yang Tian, but he did not stop it as he wanted to see the fighting power of these puppets. Being puppets, they would follow Yang Tian’s command until they die. They fearlessly charged at the Wu Family Head, causing him a small headache.

Only when the seven puppets were losing did Yang Tian slowly walk out of the room.


The seven puppets quickly stopped after hearing Yang Tian’s command. The Wu Family Head understood why this happened as well.

“Family Head, I forgot to inform you about these new subordinates I just recruited today.” Yang Tian pointed at the seven puppets and said.

“Not bad.”

Wu Family Head slowly said. He was here to seek help from Yang Tian, that was why he did not want to offend the latter even when he was humiliated.

“Family Head, did you clear out the viruses?”

Yang Tian had guessed the purpose of the Wu Family Head’s arrival, so he just went straight to the point.

“I have cleared most of it, but some still managed to entered my bloodstream.”

The Wu Family Head lifted his shirt to reveal a series of boils on his abdomen, some of the boils have burst and was leaking thick pus. His situation was actually much better than the other metahumans, but the Wu Family Head still cannot accept this outcome.

“Frankly speaking, medicine on Earth currently cannot cure it.”

“How about medicine outside of Earth?”

Wu Family Head seem to notice Yang Tian’s clue and asked excitedly.

“You have any?”

“It’s here.”

The Wu Family Head had obviously came prepared, he handed Yang Tian an emerald storage bracelet.

Yang Tian inspected the contents of the bracelet and saw many medicines from other worlds within it. However, most of them were for external injuries, only a tiny portion was for internal injuries, let alone any medication that could suppress the virus.

Yang Tian returned the bracelet to the Wu Family Head.

“Why? There is none?”

“Yes, you just have to endure it!”

The Wu Family Head found it hard to accept Yang Tian’s words. If he would not have messed around if he knew something like this would happen; how would he had known that all of them were Dark Elves, they look no different from ordinary humans on the surface.

“You better clear away the Dark Elves within the estate.”

“I understand that.”

The Wu Family Head turned and left. Over the next day, the Wu Family Head rounded up all the Dark Elves and locked them inside a prison.

Over the next few days, the Mid and High Rank 3s have all displayed similar conditions. It was thanks to the early warning of the Wu Family Head that helped them to avoid the worst situation, allowing them to hide the red spots and boils underneath their clothes.

The Wang and Lui Family were facing similar circumstances, but the Wang Family seem to possess medicine that could cure the viruses, allowing the Wang Family Head and their High Rank 3s to quickly recover. Due to that, the Liu Family was the worst of them all. The face of Liu Family Head was covered in boils and red spots.

In a fit of anger, the Liu Family Head killed all the Dark Elves.

Yang Tian was speechless for a long time after hearing the news. Although female Dark Elves were highly tainted, they were still Dark Elves. Killing the female Dark Elves would only attract hostility from the male Dark Elves.

Yang Tian was confident that more Dark Elves would descend to Earth and into A City over the next three days. At that time, the odds of the Liu Family being attacked and wiped out were extremely high.

Yang Tian got Wu Family Head to let the Dark Elves out of prison and placed them on house arrest, they were given enough food but not allowed to leave.

“Sir Yang, the Family Head would like to invite you over.”

Yang Tian a voice coming from outside while listening to Lina’s nagging. He got Lina to remain in the room and got the four tamed beasts and seven puppets to protect the place.

Only when Yang Tian arrived at the Wu Family’s Great Hall, did he find out who was visiting.

It was an extremely ugly Liu Family Head whose face was covered in broken boils and stained with pus, some of the pus was still slowly flowing down his cheeks.

“Liu Bo Shuang, we really do not have the medicine you wanted. We discovered it early and suppressed it with our meta-energy.”

“Wu Tian, although our relations might not be good, if you can really help me this time, I will certainly repay this greatly.”

As they were talking, Yang Tian entered the hall. Wu Family Head invited Yang Tian to sit on his left.

“Young Master Yang, this is the Liu Family Head, Liu Bo Shuang.”

“This is Young Master Yang that I mentioned.”

Liu Family Head looked at Yang Tian with expectantly as the Wu Family Head made the introductions.

“So it is the Liu Family Head, may I know why Wu Family Head call for me?”

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“It is about Liu Family Head’s body.”

Wu Family Head’s intentions were clear, but Yang Tian’s expression turned ugly.

He had explained to the Wu Family Head very clearly, even if the Liu Family Head came, the Wu Family could still push the Liu Family Head away, yet the Wu Family Head still called him over?

“Did I not explain myself clearly before?”

“No, just that I…”

“I do not think there is anything else to talk about.”

Yang Tian walked off, the Wu Family Head did not dare to stop him from leaving.

The Wu Family Head was feeling frustrated, if he knew Yang Tian would be angered, he would not have agreed to help Liu Bo Shuang. Now, Yang Tian might not even bother to help him even if Yang Tian discovered a solution.

“Wu Tian, what is happening?” Liu Family Head was still confused.

“Nothing, you can return.”

Wu Family Head kicked the Liu Family Head out.

“Since the Wu Family Head does not welcome us, let us leave.”

Liu Family Head left the Wu Estate with his subordinates.

Amongst the organizations, the Liu Family was the most severely affected by the poison, this was something the Liu Family Head was unable to endure; so it led to him visiting the other three organizations to obtain medicine for the poison. The Wu Family was the first stop, and since the Wu Family was of no help, he changed his target to the Wang Family now. If the Wang Family has no solution, he will head to the Radiant Church.

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