Chapter 969 – Truly Shameless!

“Let you go? Hahahaha…” Madam Ru released a burst of shrill laughter.

Just as Huan Qing Yan felt that things would turn bad and raised her alertness, Madam Ru shot three white lights from her hand, their targets were her three subordinates nearby.

Three gushes of blood flew out.

Nothing much changed for the middle-aged man, his sleep just got even more thorough.

Fat Auntie and Auntie Ma were frozen, but their minds were still alert and displayed unbelievable expressions.

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They have given their all to serve this person in front of them, yet little did they expect that they would end up like this!

Huan Qing Yan jumped in shock, she suddenly understood something and turned pale.

“No one is taking away your baby, this king is especially here to save you, and I have already eliminated all the kidnappers. However, I am only able to rescue the baby as you passed away after difficult childbirth… this is what happened.”

So that was her plan all along, truly shameless!

She could even discard the people who were loyal to her, it looks like she would be dying today.

However, even if she dies, she would not give up on resisting!

Huan Qing Yan cautiously hugged her baby as the green light covering her body became thicker.

“Madam Ru, there was no grudges or enmity between us, why do you always treat me like a thorn in the side? When did I offend you?” She could only try to drag this out as long as possible so that her wound can heal.

“It is useless to tell you, but I will just let you die with no regrets! I am also finding it hard to keep it to myself alone. It is because you are the person my son likes and I hate anything and everything he likes! It is because I hated him all along; he caused the death of his father, my husband…” Madam Ru emitted thick murderous intent.

Huan Qing Yan wanted to continue dragging it, “But, he is your own son, right?”

A strange glint flashed through Madam Ru’s eyes, “Although I gave birth to him, he is my son yet also not my son at the same time. Okay, you know too much, time to go on your journey. Rest assured, I will treat your child well, I plan to nurture him as a puppet who will only listen to me… hahaha!”

After laughing, Madam Ru sent a palmstrike at Huan Qing Yan!

It was impossible to avoid the attack due to the speed of a King Spirit Master plus the heavy injuries that Huan Qing Yan possessed.

Fortunately, Huan Qing Yan has been on her guard all this time, she gritted her teeth and used both her palms to meet Madam Ru’s palm attack.

“Boom!”, Huan Qing Yan lost the sensation of her arms, the protective barrier on her cracked as she was pushed back.

But no matter what, she managed to take the attack of Madam Ru!

Madam Ru was also surprised, “The Defense Talent of the Bai Li Clan deserves its reputation, to be able to block a King Spirit Master’s attack, humph! However, your cultivation is too weak, just give me the baby and die obediently!”

Huan Qing Yan’s injuries slightly healed, opened after the palm attack and blood was gushing out once again…

Not only was her wound bleeding, but blood also came out from the corners of her mouth as her internal organs were injured as well. Fortunately, she reacted quickly and had passed her baby to Leafy before the attack.

She did not expect that she could handle an attack from a King Spirit Master as well, it felt like a dream to her.

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She was currently still injured, if she was not injured from the beginning, she might have been able to take several more attacks.

Just as Madam Ru was preparing a second attack, Huan Qing Yan was preparing to enter her dimension.

She cannot enter the dimension in front of a King Spirit Master as that would expose its existence, if the ancient bowl were found, she would be forced out eventually.

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