Chapter 968 – Defense Bloodline?

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As she spoke, a white flash sudden ran out from Madam Ru.

It was her spirit treasure!

The white ferret spirit treasure! A King Spirit Treasure!

The ferret specialized in speed and moved like lightning as it pounced at Leafy…

Leafy’s speed had always been excellent, but it was not a match for the little white ferret and was soon caught up by it.

A sharp claw appeared and shredded the vines that were wrapped around the baby.

Leafy instantly shriveled up.

The claw attack caused substantial injuries to Leafy.

Madam Ru used the opportunity to take the baby.

Huan Qing Yan shouted anxiously, “No, my baby!”

She wanted to shout but found that her voice was like a weak kitten.

The baby that was covered in blood was within Madam Ru’s arms…

“Perfect, it’s even a boy, just that he is too weak. As long as he remains alive will do, I will raise him personally.”

Rage and anxiety ran amok within Huan Qing Yan, all she felt was a surging heat within her blood, and something akin to the crisp sound of cracking. The blood that was gushing out initially suddenly stopped flowing outwards.

The white ferret was putting up a smug expression after it had helped its master acquire the baby, but it suddenly felt a sharp pain coming from its tail. It turned around to see that Piggy had bitten its tail while it was not alert.

A charred smell spread through the entire cave…

Madam Ru suddenly felt a shock to her soul as her body wavered before feeling an emptiness from her arm, Huan Qing Yan had somehow stood up and had taken the baby back.

“You, you!”

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Madam Ru looked at Huan Qing Yan with some disbelief, Huan Qing Yan actually managed to stand up! Looking like a warrior bathed in blood!

That scary wound on her stomach seems to be slowly healing as well. Although her lips were pale, her eyes were resolution and filled with hatred.

A layer of faint green energy was forming on the surface of her body like a protective barrier.

And the barrier seems to be condensing with each passing moment.

Huan Qing Yan felt the blood inside her boiling and roaring with power.

“Madam Ru, you have sworn an oath, yet you broke it. I am sure you have suffered some form of internal injury, just that you hid it pretty well. A bite from Piggy who is only at True Spirit level was enough to affect your soul. You can forget about taking away my baby today!”

Madam Ru’s eyes were wide, “How come you awakened a bloodline? This is the Defense Bloodline? Impossible, this is the Bai Li Clan’s Defense Bloodline and you are not…”

Madam Ru seems to have thought of something and suddenly stopped talking.

She has miscalculated again!

She thought this girl was just a commoner without background and backing, one who could be killed without anyone questioning and bothering about it… Yet things turned out like this…

The Crazy Sage was known to be very protective of his own, he must not know about this incident.

Huan Qing Yan did not know what was happening to her body, she only felt that her pain had greatly reduced. She was on the verge of death just moments ago, yet she felt revived and reenergized now.

Awaken a bloodline? That Ancient Bloodline inside her?

That’s even better!

She could see traces of panic and jealousy on Madam Ru’s expression.

“Yes, I am a member of the Bai Li Clan! If you let go of things today, I can swear an oath to never bring this matter up and never to look for you for trouble. However, if you still want to take my baby away, then we will just fight until one of us dies!”

She might have awakened her bloodline, but it was not enough to win Madam Ru, Huan Qing Yan wanted to try her luck and negotiate for another chance.

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