Chapter 168: Shut Up If You’ve Got No Evidence

Having heard him, the crowd understood what was happening. This was a case of defamation. After all, the pair was very affectionate and were always together everywhere. For someone to attempt slendering them, it was unacceptable. 

“I say, Yang Cui. Although you married to someone who aren’t bad, you should not be slandering others.” 

“That’s right. Why do you like to find trouble for Meng Yao? She didn’t do anything to provoke you.” 

A few of the elders commented, making the mother and daughter pair to forgot the words they had prepared to say. 

Ning Meng Yao looked at Yang Cui grudgingly: “I really don’t know how I’ve offended you that you keep bringing trouble for me.” 

“That’s right. This Cui lass, you should live with morals.”

“All of you, shut up! Stop butting into everything.” Yang Cui was angry. She was now someone with status. Whoever made her unhappy, she would let them be beaten with a plank. 

Ling Zhi Zhi looked at Yang Cui with what seemed like a smile: “Oh? We’re really scared.” 

“That’s right! Look at us! We’re really scared.” It was clear that the crowd understood Yang Cui’s meaning. 

Wasn’t she married to the son of a Magistrate as a concubine? What was amazing about it? 

Qiao Tian Chang stood by the side, watching Ning Meng Yao. He did not say anything, only looking at Ning Meng Yao with a pampering gaze without veering his gaze away for even a second. 

Although the two of them were already this intimate when they had yet to get married, it might seem inappropriate, but thinking that the two of them were orphans, it was good that their relationship was not bad. After all, they would marry sooner or later. 

Yang Cui coldly smiled and stared at Qiao Tian Chang: “So you’re still helping her speak. Really a greedy vixen. Whether or not she seduced my husband, Qiao Tian Chang, you’re the most clear about it.” 


“You keep saying that Yao Yao seduced your husband, then take out the proof.” Qiao Tian Chang did not beat around the bush and directly questioned. 

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Yang Cui choked. Proof? She did not have any to show. 

“What is it? You can’t take out any? If you can’t, then shut up.” Qiao Tian Chang looked at Yang Cui in disgust. Towards this woman, he was thoroughly disgusted. 

Yang Cui stared at Qiao Tian Chang fixedly. That expression was ugly enough. 

“Qiao Tian Chang, you will regret this.” Yang Cui glared at Qiao Tian Chang and swat Madame Chen’s hand before going home. 

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Watching as her daughter left, Madame Chen knew she would only be inviting shame if she stayed, so followed her back home. The people’s contempt made her face felt hot. 

Seeing her daughter sitting at the courtyard angry and distressed, Madame Chen’s heart ache: “There will be a way. Don’t worry.” 

Yang Cui hummed in agreement, not speaking. 

Chance? She wanted this so called ‘chance’, but she wanted even more was to see Ning Meng Yao groveling by her feet. 

Making that person grovel, it would surely be a very interesting thing. 

“My dear daughter, doesn’t she have a business?” Madame Chen suddenly thought of this. 

“I know. So what?”

“I say, Cui’er, why are you so foolish? If she wants to do business, who does she have to go through first?” Madame Chen reminded. 

Yang Cui thought it over and understood Madame Chen’s meaning. That’s right. If Ning Meng Yao wanted to do something, she would require approval. As long as she gets Li Wei to help her, then won’t she be able to get her revenge?

“Mother, I know what to do now.” 

“Then you should stay here at ease and let mother come up with a few ideas for you. When the time comes, it will be easy for you to accomplish when you go back.” She wanted to destroy Ning Meng Yao and Qiao Tian Chang. This way, their family would be the only riches family in White Mountain Village. 

One rich family was enough, two was too much. 

Yang Cui originally wanted to immediately return, but in the end, she decided to stay for a few more days before returning. She wanted to see in these few days how much Li Wei cared about Ning Meng Yao. 


Never had she thought that the moment Li Wei returned home, he went to investigate Ning Meng Yao and Qiao Tian Chang’s background. He felt there was something suspicious. 

According to the investigation, both of them were from the capital, while there was only one family surnamed Qiao. He was not sure whether or not Qiao Tian Chang was related to that family. If he really was related, then even if he put his whole family on the line, it would still not be enough. 

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