Chapter 415: You Can Return Later

He did not leave immediately; instead, he admired her cautiousness, observing the fox-like cunningness on her face.

He made the darkness his natural cover, which allowed him to gaze and admire everything about her unrestrainedly.

“Captain Xia, how is it possible that you’re really here!” she thought after hearing his voice; even if he was hidden in the darkness, Ye Jian could still find him. An excellent sniper could pay attention to the details of their surroundings while at the same time instantaneously locate their target.

Ye Jian was an excellent sniper even before she had entered military school; if she wanted to locate Xia Jinyuan, who was not even two meters away from her, that was as easy as flipping her hand over.

Xia Jinyuan, who was in a good mood, raised the corners of his thin and sexy lips. The depths of his attractive eyes were shimmering in a dull light because of her closing the distance. It was a dangerous glimmer that made people wary of him, but it was also a glimmer that could attract the ladies.

“Didn’t I tell you that I was coming to get you tonight? As long as they are words that I’ve uttered, I will never go back on them.”

The corners of his lips were curved upwards. He stared at Ye Jian, who was acting abnormally, without blinking, a serene glint in his eyes. Xia Jinyuan felt like he was a leopard that was preparing to pounce, patiently sharpening his claws, and awaiting for the beautiful little fox to get closer.

Ye Jian heard it and was about to ask him how he had gotten in the school with a raised head. Then, a flashlight beam swept across them, sweeping over her head, and coincidentally lighting up Xia Jinyuan’s handsome face for about three seconds.

She then noticed the smirk he had on the corner of his lips. She saw a handsome man, who exudes elegance between his eyebrows, and while staring at her he had a dangerous look, like that of a predator who had just spotted its prey.

Ye Jian’s heart skipped a beat, and her body also subconsciously took a step back.

Even in the dark, this man still oozed grace and elegance from head to toe,… she saw the danger coming from him.

The alarm bells in her heart were ringing, and at that moment, Ye Jian only wanted to flee.

She took a step back. Instantly, Xia Jinyuan understood that the swinging of the flashlight a moment ago had ‘swung’ some trouble for him.

Because he was very clear about what expressions he had on his face, and what glint hid within his eyes.

It was the expression of chasing after his prey, of cornering his little fox. The glint in his eyes showed that capturing the little fox within his firm claws was inevitable.

He muttered, “Bad thing.” Xia Jinyuan immediately fixed the expression on his face. He slowly and gently said in his gruff voice, “We’re going out tonight, I’ll bring you to a much better place.”

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“From today onwards, you can go there for 90 minutes every night, and I’ll get my friend to send you home.”

Ye Jian, who already had her guard up, didn’t give it a second thought and rejected his proposal without hesitation. “I’m not going, I’m going back to my dorm to revise tonight. Yesterday, I didn’t return the whole night. Although my classmates in the dorm didn’t say anything, they clearly don’t want me to stay out till the next day.”

His expression just a moment ago was too scary. It was like she was his prey, and he was a beast that was looking for a chance to seal his kill!

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That feeling, she really wasn’t very fond of it!

“How about this, what if I ask Uncle Chen? If he agrees, then you’ll have to come with me.” After managing to get closer to her after much effort, Xia Jinyuan did not want a flashlight beam to ruin the things he had planned on doing!

It was fortunate that he had already chatted with Uncle Chen for half an hour before she had arrived. Since she was now going to ask for Uncle Chen’s advice, the only possible result was, her leaving with him.

Principal Chen’s room had a phone installed, so they could call him whenever they wanted. But why did it seem like Uncle Chen would agree to this?

Could it be that he was able to get in because Uncle Chen brought him in?

Ye Jian was weighing her options in her mind. Since he dared to call Uncle Chen, then the place he was going to bring her definitely had something to do with her training.

As long as it was something to do with her training, Uncle Chen would definitely agree to it.

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