Chapter 416: A Whole New World

Principal Chen, who was intentionally waiting by the phone, picked it up, and immediately started urging, “Little lass, Captain Xia specially came here to bring you over. Since your target is to become a special ops soldier, you must learn and master everything ranging from flying in the sky and moving on the land. The place that you are going to this time involves running on land. Go now, you definitely won’t regret it.”

He even reminded Ye Jian that she could come back a bit later at night!

“Little lass, this is an opportunity! Follow after Captain Xia, it’ll be fine if you return late. Before you return, remember to call me. I’ll be waiting for your arrival at the backdoor.” The military’s motorized infantry training… wasn’t that a good opportunity?

“This motorized infantry exercise doesn’t train the ordinary motorized infantrymen, and the identity of this batch of motorized infantrymen isn’t just motorized infantrymen.” After getting into the car, Xia Jinyuan briefly summarized that night’s training to Ye Jian, “The regiment commander of Fu Jun town is also there. If you’ll go there, he’ll gladly welcome you.”

Their identities weren’t just restricted to mere motorized infantrymen, because they were the batch that would be deployed as motorized infantrymen by the side of leaders who had to go abroad frequently or go had to go to some places to have secret meetings. They were motorized infantry; simultaneously, they served as bodyguards!

The type of soldiers that they were, wasn’t common among the military. With regards to the type of responsibilities some of these soldiers had to bear in secret, they also weren’t things that should be made aware of to the outside world.

Xia Jinyuan did not explain everything in clear detail, but based on Ye Jian’s understanding of the military, she could more or less guess it.

It was enough for her to know it in her heart; there was no need for her to say it aloud.

Happiness was inevitable. The corners of her eyes carried a very faint smile during the whole journey.

… At least she stopped thinking about what had just happened! Xia Jinyuan, who kept an eye on her from the corner of his eye, let out a sigh of relief. In the future, he has to be more cautious, and not act so arrogantly, and think that just because he was shrouded in darkness, he could act however he wanted to!

The little fox was a little fox, he couldn’t let her see anything suspicious.

The time was 9.25pm when they exited the school. After getting into the car, Xia Jinyuan accelerated his car to the point that they barely avoided being pulled over by the police and getting a speeding ticket. After getting to a roundabout and exiting the monitoring zone, he sped out of the city area for about thirty kilometers, and at 10.20pm, they arrived at a place that looked like… an abandoned factory from the outside.

Yunnan province was currently amid expansions and building, so there would be a few investment projects that would fail. This factory site was an intentionally ‘failed’ prospect. It was encircled by barricades from the government and remained a wasteland to this day.

There was nobody in the 40-50 kilometer radius around them, and the noises and vibrations from inside could not be transmitted out. The moment the car was stopped, and the second the car ignition was turned off and the doors were unlocked, Ye Jian’s gaze turned cold as she swept towards the outside of the window.

“Let’s get off.” Xia Jinyuan pushed open the door first and motioned Ye Jian to alight. “The sentries are posted outside. This is a military forbidden land. To the outside world, it is just another unsuccessful factory land. But inside…, what you will see is a whole new world.”

A sentry, who was completely hidden within the darkness, walked towards them with a gun in his hand. He didn’t carry any lamps and relied wholly on night vision goggles to execute his duties.

Xia Jinyuan took out his Military Officer Card and Ye Jian’s entry pass, which he had received from Uncle Chen, and passed it to the sentry, “Help us contact Regimental Commander Liu. Just say that Xia Jinyuan has arrived here with Ye Jian, and asks for permission to enter.”

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There wasn’t just one sentry. There were at least five others posted in this perimeter, and all of them were night sentries!

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The atmosphere was quite chilly, and there was an oppressive feeling lingering in the air that would have made people afraid,… but that just made Ye Jian feel very comfortable. She knew that this oppressive feeling originated from those sentries cloaked in the darkness. It was because they were staring at her, constantly prepared for battle!

After the sentry gave him a salute, he immediately contacted the base.

Very quickly, he returned the documents to Xia Jinyuan, and saluted once more, “Major, please give me your car keys, thank you for cooperating.”

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