Chapter 417: Raising Children Is Difficult

Cars from outside could not be driven inside. Even if it was a car that was personally driven by Xia Jinyuan, it was not allowed inside. The car had to be given to the sentries, and they would park it at another location.

Passing the car keys to the sentry, Ye Jian then watched the sentry start the car, … and charge into the darkness without even turning on the headlights.

It was as if he had prepared his lights…, and the car vanished before their eyes without even making a bumping noise.

“These sentries are deployed to the senior officials. They are the cream of the crop chosen from the military.” Xia Jinyuan noticed Ye Jian, who was surprised by the sentry’s show of ability and stood rooted to the ground. The corner of his lips curved to reveal a smirk, “The training will go on until the end of the year. If you’re not afraid of pain and labor, then you can come here every night. I will arrange for someone to get you.”

Hearing that, Ye Jian’s eyes started shining brightly, comparable to the stars in the sky, shimmering in dazzling light. “I won’t! I’m neither afraid of pain nor labor, my self-study period is until 9 pm every day. By 9.05pm, I will arrive at the back gate punctually.”

That was the only negative aspect of the dorm. There was no free time at night, and she had to attend the self-study period every night.

“You’re that interested? Let’s go, little fox, the training time is from 10.30pm till midnight, and I need to send you back to school by 1.10am.” In the darkness, Xia Jinyuan naturally held Ye Jian’s hand and, skillfully led her through the dark factory land, which was surrounded by rebar and scrap iron. They walked towards the other ‘world’ that Ye Jian was not familiar with, step by step.

He had mentioned this before; he would hold her hand, and lead her to a path where they could walk together, side by side.

Then, he would let her hand go at the right moment, giving her space to put her abilities to use, to pioneer her heaven and land.

As long as he existed inside her heaven and land.

Ye Jian’s thoughts were occupied by the enigmatic training inside that was not known to the outside world. She was unaware of the fact that her hand has been grasped by a large pair of firm and strong hands.

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With him as her guide, even if there was only a shroud of darkness ahead of them, there wasn’t any fear. There was the only trust.

After walking through two abandoned factory buildings that were only five stories tall, when they were about to reach the third one, Ye Jian suddenly felt that there was a tremor coming from the ground as if something was quaking underneath the earth.

It was completely silent outside, and there wasn’t even a hint of light inside,… besides the tremor that she had felt from the ground, could it be that … there was another completely different world underground?

“Not bad, it’s exactly as you thought.” She only stopped in her tracks for a moment, and Xia Jinyuan had already guessed what she was thinking about. “All of the training happens underground. One, we won’t disturb civilians, two, we can avoid surveillance. The most important thing is to prevent this training from being leaked to the outside world.”

If not, why would the country’s military expenses be that huge?

For a vast country, to have peace and prosperity for the commoners, firstly, a strong army was needed!

Only with strong armies would countries be strong, and the citizens living in a strong country could stay far away from the flames of war and live in peace.

“Major!” A masculine and vigorous voice sounded from a corner. Soon after, a beam of light was shone on them. Ye Jian could see a soldier in training apparel waiting for them in front of an abandoned stairway.

Xia Jinyuan pinched Ye Jian’s palm, and whispered, “This is the entrance, remember that. If you have time in the day, you can take a look for yourself. The sentries won’t appear in the day, so you can come whenever you want to.”

Finishing that, he laughed, “In these types of places, even vagabonds won’t come here. There’s no villages or stores in sight, there’s nothing to eat and nothing to drink. Who would come here in the middle of the day?”

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It was even more unlikely for young girls to come. If they came here alone, if something happened, no one would know about it even after a year or two.

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