Chapter 28: Steinbeck Fief’s Current Difficult to Progress Situation Part 1

Ximengsi Continent’s southern part, the central region of Steinbeck Fief, Stanley City.

After Clyde killed the former Suzerain Andrew, he successfully obtained complete control over Steinbeck Fief. However, Clyde was the backstage manipulator. On the surface, the official new suzerain was Princess Saras. Clyde’s current status was the leader of the fief’s guard regiment.

“Clyde, is it fine to take this thing to Divine Realm? If you need it, I can say I found nothing here.”

“No need, Cynthia. It is fine for you to take it in order to complete your task. With my current strength, this prop is useless for me.”

Valkyrie Cynthia had a complicated expression while looking at the “Ghost Introductory Chapter” replica in her hand. She was unable to tell that this was a replica. For many demonic creatures, this “Ghost Introductory Chapter” was a priceless treasure, but Clyde hardly cared about it and freely gave it to her. Perhaps, he was speaking the truth. Clyde was an Evil God that came from another world, so he didn’t have any true connection to this world’s Demon Realm.

“Then, I will return to the Divine Realm and report the completion of the mission. If you want to find me later, you can use this Valkyrie idol to summon me.”

Cynthia gave Clyde a miniature Valkyrie idol. That Valkyrie idol looked exactly like Cynthia as if it were her action figure. This thing could completely control a Valkyrie and symbolized the Valkyrie’s spirit. Normally, all Valkyries carried it on themselves so as to best protect it. Even facing a request from the God King, Valkyries would never hand over their idols. However, all kinds of matters had happened between Cynthia and Clyde; in addition, they shared a special contract; thus, handing over her Valkyrie idol was inevitable.

“Big Brother Clyde, since Cynthia has given you this, it seems she will not betray us. In the future, if you want to control other Valkyries, it would be best to make them hand over their Valkyrie idols. Of course, the God Race of this different world has Godkins of higher statuses, but all of them have sacred objects that function similarly to a Valkyrie’s idol.”

“Sister Lucifer, how do you know so much about the Divine Realm?”

“I know a bit due to a little investigating. Perhaps, this information will be useful for big brother in the future, right?”

After Valkyrie Cynthia disappeared in the teleportation magic array, Clyde’s younger sister, Bloodkin Lolita Lucifer, appeared in the visitors’ room. Basically, the matters of the palace had already been arranged. Princess Saras had begun to sort out the official documents left behind by the former suzerain Duke Andrew, and Witch Ista chose a quiet room as her exclusive room.

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Clyde turned around and entered the palace. Now, those previously summoned demonic creatures guarded the palace area. Clyde had made other “Ghost Introductory Chapter” replicas disperse around the fief and continue to summon demonic creatures as guards. Smirking to himself, he went over his clever scheme: he wanted to make other people believe that “Ghost Introductory Chapter” still existed and had not been taken to the Divine Realm by Valkyrie Cynthia.

As for the “Ghost Introductory Chapter” with that Demon King’s soul attached, Clyde temporarily sealed it in a book cabinet to preserve it. Clyde had not decided about how to deal with this “Ghost Introductory Chapter” for the time being. Returning it to the Demon Realm was the best option, but Clyde had no contacts with the Demon Realm of this different world. He could only wait for the right time and see whether he could find the right opportunity to build bridges with the Demon Realm.

Inside the palace, beautiful maids bustled about. These beauties were once mercenaries or adventurers, but during the exploration of Steinbeck Fief, they had unfortunately been captured by Junior Demon Lord Duke Andrew and been trained to be obedient. Afterwards, Clyde had saved them and accepted them as maids in passing.

Since their mercenary groups and adventurer groups had been annihilated, if these hapless survivors returned, they would have to pay a huge sum as compensation in addition to living with the shame of being tainted by demons and the rumors that they sold out their bodies to maintain their lives. That huge sum of compensation was something they could not afford, so they resolutely chose to stay here as Clyde’s maids. Since they couldn’t pay the compensation fees even if they sold themselves into slavery upon returning, it would be better off staying here to avoid the creditors.

These beauties were still in stark-naked states; merely, the originally black collars around their snow-white necks were changed into red-colored leather collars, and their original nameplates had been replaced by small bells. In addition, a bell was attached to each of their wrists and ankles. Therefore, when they walked, the small bells would jingle all along the way, creating a melodious sound to accompany the delightful scenery.

Originally, Clyde had wanted to give them a little cloth, but under Lucifer’s arrangements, these beauties maintained this completely exposed state. Because of the jingling bell sounds, they were unable to sneak away from the palace; in addition, since they wore nothing and had red enslavement seals, even if they successfully ran away, upon encountering other people, they were very likely to be sent back to the slave market as escaped slaves and sold to some lecherous noble. That would be even more disastrous than their current plight.

Upon seeing Lucifer and Clyde, the maids obediently nodded their heads. Despite their backgrounds as mercenaries and adventurers granting them combat power, they were not Clyde’s opponent. Clyde took a glance at these maids’ complexions and discovered that they looked a lot more stable compared to the first time he had seen them. They already had no sense of conflict and resistance. Despite their complexions turning bright-red due to embarrassment, they neither covered their chests nor clamped their legs. They let Clyde enjoy everything on their bodies.

“Sister Lucifer, you haven’t done anything weird to them, have you?”

“Big Brother Clyde, I am a girl, what could I do to them? I just made them understand how to serve a male master, nothing more! Rest assured, their souls are now completely focused on their new home now. They will not think about creating chaos and going to the outside world.”

A wicked smile unintentionally appeared on Lucifer’s face. She mentioned the wicked erotic training courses these beauties had gone through so casually. Clyde didn’t make detailed inquiries, but looking at these maids’ expressions, Lucifer’s training’s results were definitely above former suzerain Duke Andrew’s. Being from the same sex, Lucifer had a deeper understanding of women’s’ weaknesses. These beauties were unable to endure this evil Bloodkin Lolita’s various kinds of guidance and had completely recognized their own ownership.

According to Lucifer, Clyde could do whatever he liked with them now. It was fine however he wanted to play. Clyde could similarly enjoy the erotic play Duke Andrew had before. The succubus attribute of this Bloodkin Lolita was too great. Not long ago, through her help, both Valkyrie Cynthia and Princess Saras had lain in bed with Clyde. Only witch Ista hadn’t fallen into her hands.

“Lord Clyde, you are here. I have already sorted out the official documents.”

“Princess Saras, you don’t need to be so polite. After all, you are the Suzerain.”

“No, no! Lord Clyde, you are the true Suzerain.”

Within the Suzerain’s office, Clyde found Princess Saras who gingerly handed over a pile of sorted-out official documents for Clyde to check. There were many residual problems in Steinbeck Fief. The former suzerain Duke Andrew had solely focused on cultivating the demonic path. He had not dealt with many problems that a decent ruler should see to and directly left them for his successor. Now, there was an awful mess in Clyde’s hands.



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