Chapter 27: The Secret Hidden in the Dungeon of Stanley City’s City Lord Palace Part 2

Ximengsi Continent’s southern part, the central region of Steinbeck Fief, Stanley City

In the depths of the demonized former Suzerain Andrew’s dungeon, Clyde finally found the divine artifact “Ghost Introductory Chapter” Valkyrie Cynthia sought. “Ghost Introductory Chapter” was a black tome floating in midair. According to the records, this was a growth-type divine artifact that had originally belonged to the Divine Realm but had been lost in the Eighth Great War of Gods and Demons over 3,000 years ago.

In this different world, the Divine and Demon Realms would have a large-scale war once every 1,000 years. It was called the millennium warfare. Ximengsi Continent was just one of the many battlefields on which divine artifacts and demonic artifacts were often scattered and lost. Divine Realm’s seven Great Valkyries, as the vanguard of Divine Realm’s main forces, basically were destined to the fate of dying each millennium holy war.

If not for Clyde’s intervention, in the next millennium holy war, Valkyrie Cynthia would have a hard time avoiding the fate of dying. Although she had advanced to Legend Ranked Valkyrie and could be regarded as the strongest valkyrie of Divine Realm at the moment, once the war started, the Demon Realm would definitely target her. Perhaps she would even be the first major casualty on the side of Divine Realm.

After Clyde returned to his senses, he walked towards that floating “Ghost Introductory Chapter.” That black-colored magic tome was not the final form of this artifact. 3,000 years ago, this “Ghost Introductory Chapter” had taken the form of the “Ghost Final Chapter.” Merely, in the eighth holy war, two valkyries had jointly used all their power to destroy it. Now, even after 3,000 years, it still showed no signs of recovery. Clyde felt something was wrong. After over 3,000 years, it should have already recovered somewhat if not in whole.

As if “Ghost Introductory Chapter” could detect the arrival of an intruder, when Clyde approached, it emitted a gloomy radiance and began to flip its pages as if someone were turning them. The air inside the dungeon instantly became a lot gloomier and colder. The temperature seemed to sharply drop. Those captive beauties in the prison shivered as an indescribable chill filled the air.

The closer to “Ghost Introductory Chapter” one was, the lower the temperature experience. When Clyde arrived in front of the magic tome, the temperature was almost zero degrees. Normal humans would already be shivering uncontrollably and suffering frostbite. Clyde, however, felt nothing. Nevertheless, he worried that the cold would affect the captive beauties and directly reached out to grab the magic tome.

The moment Clyde reached out, “Ghost Introductory Chapter” suddenly launched an attack. Before the former suzerain Duke Andrew had obtained energy from this “Ghost Introductory Chapter” and demonized, but Duke Andrew had not genuinely obtained the approval of “Ghost Introductory Chapter.” He could only enshrine and worship “Ghost Introductory Chapter” as a holy item. Those summoned demonic creatures had all been summoned by “Ghost Introductory Chapter” and had no direct connection to Duke Andrew.

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“Ghost Introductory Chapter” tried to resist Clyde’s stretching hand by creating an invisible energy barrier to obstruct him. However, that barrier had no effect. He just slightly increased his strength and directly broke through several barriers before grabbing that “Ghost Introductory Chapter.”

“Eh, this feels… strange!”

Clyde felt like his hand was not grabbing a magic tome, but rather a beautiful girl’s smooth and fair skin. His senses would not deceive him since not long ago, he had touched the entire bodies of both Valkyrie Cynthia and Princess Saras in bed. From his estimations, that feeling and this feeling were very similar. This was strange. Could it be that this book was a female spirit?

“Hoodlum, let go! you… what do you want to do?”

“Ghost Introductory Chapter” issued a soft girl’s voice. If it were not for Clyde watching the book he was holding, he would have thought that he was having an auditory hallucination, yet even after hearing the voice, he still didn’t let go of the book. Seeing that there was no sign of the book transforming into a girl, Clyde opened the “Ghost Introductory Chapter” and gripped the two sides of the book, preparing to tear it apart.

 “Wait, you… are you a devil? How can you tear…”

“I don’t need your strength. Furthermore, you are soon going to turn this dungeon into an ice cave.”

“No, I will get rid of the cold. Okay, don’t tear me. I will… will die.”

“Ghost Introductory Chapter” was no match for Clyde’s offense. It repeatedly begged for mercy. If it were torn up, she would be completely ruined. This book was not the real “Ghost Introductory Chapter”as the real “Ghost Introductory Chapter” had been sealed away by two valkyries of Divine Realm 3,000 years ago. This book was just a copy of “Ghost Introductory Chapter,” no more than a replica.

The girl’s voice, so soft and smooth, emitted from the book were not Clyde’s hallucination. A female Demon King of Demon Realm had attached herself to this tome 3,000 years ago to escape the fate of dying. She had been attached to this replica for over 3,000 years in a dormant state. Only when Steinbeck Fief’s former suzerain Duke Andrew had found it over a hundred years ago, had it begun to become active again.

Although “Ghost Introductory Chapter” replica said that she had forgotten her name, Clyde felt that she was lying. Any ordinary Demon King would completely recover after a thousand years as long as he/she were not thoroughly killed. Those Demon Kings who needed over 3,000 years to recover ought to be very high ranked, absolutely not an ordinary Demon King.

“That… I truly cannot tell temporarily. Please don’t deliver me to the Divine Realm. I have already been hiding for over 3,000 years.”

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“Nope, I want to help Valkyrie Cynthia report her task. You still…”

“There are black ups of this replica; you can give those to her. Your magic power basically surpasses the valkyries by a lot. You don’t need to… Eh, I spoke too much.”

“Ghost Introductory Chapter” originally wanted to speak more, but after noticing that Clyde didn’t seem to be interested, she tactfully shut up. In the cupboard of the dungeon, Clyde found dozens of identical “Ghost Introductory Chapter” replicas. The former suzerain Duke Andrew had truly wasted his time. Even though the “Ghost Introductory Chapter” he had enshrined and worshipped as a holy item had been a mere replica, he had furthermore created so many worthless copies.

Considering the circumstances of “Ghost Introductory Chapter,” Clyde decided to leave this book behind and offer the other replicas to Valkyrie Cynthia for her to finish her task. Afterward, he took inventory of this palace dungeon area. Duke Andrew had truly left nothing valuable for his successor. It seemed that he had been truly too poor. Those beautiful maids couldn’t be counted as assets since they had been captured free of charge.

After Clyde released the captive beauties from their wicked props, he asked them whether they were willing to stay here as maid-servants. After seeing Clyde’s human appearance, these beauties shyly nodded their heads in agreement. It would take at least six months to erase the red enslavement seals on their bodies. During that period, they were all slaves. It was safer to stay in this palace than to walk around outside. Clyde hadn’t spent a single dime and actually obtained a lot of beautiful maid-servants, starting his path to becoming a successful Suzerain.



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