Chapter 26: The Secret Hidden in the Dungeon of Stanley City’s City Lord Palace Part 1

Ximengsi Continent’s southern part, the central region of Steinbeck Fief, Stanley City

Within the palace hall, the invader Evil God Clyde easily killed the demonized former Suzerain Andrew, successfully placing the suzerain palace beneath his control. Duke Andrew’s summoned demonic creatures became Clyde’s underlings.

The unfortunate former suzerain, Junior Demon Lord Andrew, gave Clyde a considerable “newbie package,” which included territory, already trained maids, and demonic-creature troops. To sum it up, he had been, to some extent, a kind new BOSS. Before entering the palace dungeon, Clyde casually organized those beautiful maids he had just obtained.

Clyde put on the blindfolds and small balls on those captive beauties once more. He then used some spare chains to bind their hands and legs. He feared that those beauties would escape by taking advantage of the time he spent down in the dungeon. At that time, if they encountered Valkyrie Cynthia, Cynthia might release them out of her God Race’s instinct, and he would be in trouble. Because his relationship with Cynthia was special, he would have to give Cynthia some face and release them; afterward, he would have to spend money to hire maid-servants.

Apart from Valkyrie Cynthia, he doubted that the other beautiful girls would any objections. Sister Lucifer always had a hidden wicked erotic attribute. Perhaps, she might even offer various kinds of shameful play advice to Clyde. Princess Saras was completely obedient to Clyde, and Witch Ista was not a human, so the likelihood of her opposition was very low.

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The captive beauties in the hall blushed shyly. They had already been trained to be obedient by Duke Andrew, so they cooperatively opened their little mouths, letting Clyde put on those wicked restraining props on them. Only after Clyde had fastened an iron chain to the red collars around each of their necks were his arrangements considered completed.

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“Well, obediently wait here! Don’t even try to leave this hall; otherwise, I will not care about whatever those demonic creatures do to you all!”

After hearing Clyde’s words, the captive beauties were so scared that they repeatedly nodded their heads. They were truly afraid of those various demonic creatures like the slimes, goblins, ogres, and so on. Because of Clyde’s attractiveness index, these captive beauties couldn’t guess at all that their new master Clyde was also not a human, but rather a Great Old One disguised as an Evil God.

The entrance to the palace dungeon was easy to find. After Clyde took over the palace, the summoned demonic creatures here consciously showed him the path. Although the dungeon entrance had a thick and heavy iron lock, Clyde had found the key to the dungeon entrance from Duke Andrew’s corpse, so it was not difficult to open this dungeon.

Inside, it was dark and damp. The faint murmur of dripping water echoed through the stone chambers. Only old-fashioned candlesticks illuminated this place, and that red candlelight created a queer atmosphere. With the help of the candlelight’s illumination, Clyde was barely able to determine the circumstances inside the dungeon. Other than prison cages, there were also various kinds of wicked torturing tools here, and the number of wicked erotic props were also not few. X-frames, triangular wooden horses, and so on could be found everywhere. Various styles of leather-thonged whips hung on the walls. In addition, there were over a hundred styles of collars and small balls. At this time, a strange sound entered Clyde’s ears. He looked towards the sound and discovered captive beauties imprisoned there.

All the captive beauties imprisoned in this dungeon were comparatively stronger adventurers and mercenaries. Compared to those captive beauties in the palace hall, they were stronger and more difficult to conquer. The former suzerain Duke Andrew had imprisoned them here to PLAY with them and slowly break them; it seemed the results had been pretty good. When Clyde had arrived here, these beauties already lacked any fighting spirit and acted bashfully and with panic rather than futile anger at their circumstances. 

In the dungeon’s prison cells, those captive beauties were stark-naked. Clyde guessed that their equipment and weapons had already been destroyed by Duke Andrew, much like what the former Suzerain had done with the girls upstairs. The beauties with physical combat professions were all riding triangular wooden horses with both their hands shackled behind their backs. Their entire bodies were tied up with red ropes in a ** shameful style, and their parted snow-white legs were restrained by chains. In addition, they also wore black collars connected to iron chains tied to the horse’s head position. Like this, they had no choice but to endure this peculiar self-stimulation. Now, those snowy-white charming figures writhed on triangular wooden horses to their heart’s content.

Because small red balls clogged their cute little mouths, those beauties couldn’t talk and could only make some strange sounds that sounded suspiciously similar to moans. And since they had black blindfolds on their faces, Clyde couldn’t see their expressions, but those tear stains and saliva marks at the corners of their mouths, the strange water stains on the ground, noticeable moistness in their spring fields, and bright red complexions already proved that they had submitted. The red enslavement seals on their bodies made their slave statuses even more clear.

As for those beauties of the magician profession, they were also restrained with similar restraint props. All had a black blindfold, a black collar with an iron chain, a small red ball, and their entire bodies were bound by red rope in a standard tortoise-shell style. But, their postures were also unusually rough. They were hung in the air with their hands and legs stretched backward. They were being hung down from the ceiling in a “hogtie” shameful posture in order to assure they couldn’t perform any magic through hand motions. And on the enchanting red cherries perfecting each drooping plump fruit hung a pair of small golden bells using a red string. Along with their rhythmic gyrations, a melody of ringing bells resounded. Those captive beauties of magician profession had also submitted to the pleasure. The carpet below them was wet with all kinds of strange liquid stains, and similar red enslavement seals could be seen on their bodies.

When Clyde entered the dungeon, Duke Andrew seemed to have just left, and many training projects were still in progress. Clyde saw several captive beauties fixed on X-frames. They also similarly had a black collar, blindfold, and red, puffy ** as if those special places wanted to attract the attention of any spectators. There were traces of red wax marks on their fair skin, and a red candle was lit on candle stands beside them. From Clyde’s assumptions, they were still in the training phase.

Next to the X-frames were several captive beauties whose hands were bound above their heads. Their one leg was also hoisted up in the air with an iron chain, maintaining a “Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg” shameful posture. Their snow-white fair skin had various kinds of clear lash marks, and there were whips placed beside them.

Clyde observed all the captive beauties in the dungeon, and after determining that all of them bore a red enslavement seal, he decided that he had no intention to release them. He just happened to be in need of maid-servants. If he didn’t accept these maids who had been delivered to his doorstep, it would be a waste of resources.

In the dungeon, other than captive beauties, there was one other thing Clyde cared about, the divine artifact concealed here by former suzerain Duke Andrew, “Ghost Introductory Chapter.” That fellow didn’t have a treasure-house and had instead used the dungeon as a treasure-house. “Ghost Introductory Chapter” was something Valkyrie Cynthia was looking for, so Clyde planned to gift it to Valkyrie Cynthia and make her more pleased with himself.



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