Chapter 25: Showdown between the New and Old Ruler inside the Stanley City’s Suzerain Palace Part 3

In the palace hall, while former Suzerain Andrew had been drinking fine wine in his hedonistic party, Clyde had quietly intruded to stand before him. Controlling his surprise, former Suzerain Andrew rose from his seat to greet this strange interloper. From the fact that he had received no notice, it seemed that those summoned demonic creatures guarding outside had never noticed Clyde, allowing Clyde to easily approach his imperial hall.

“Where did this ignorant boy come from? Steinbeck is my fief.”

“No, your time is already over. Actually, it should have been over more than a hundred years ago.” Clyde smirked as he watched the angry former Suzerain.

Although Duke Andrew’s tone brimmed with arrogance, he already felt that something was wrong. Those nearby demonic creatures whom he had previously summoned weren’t making any moves at all. They just casually watched Clyde approaching their summoner, step by step. All sorts of signs made it clear that his summoned demonic creatures had already betrayed him.

As a Junior Demon Lord with the background of Human Race, Duke Andrew was not like those primitive summoned demonic creatures. Although he could sense Clyde’s evil energy, he was unable of sensing the exact terror of Clyde’s evil aspect. While he could sense that Clyde was far more powerful than the foolish boy he seemed to be, if Duke Andrew gave up so easily, all his efforts to manage Steinbeck Fief for over a hundred years would go down the drain.

When Clyde approached, Duke Andrew pushed away the prone naked ladies and launched an attack. Since the distance between them was too close, it was too late to summon demonic creatures to fight for him as Junior Demon Lords usually would because there was no time to chant even the simplest summoning incantation. Tens of bone spears appeared out of thin air and shot toward Clyde. This bone spear magic was an instant-cast magic spell and one of the most common magic spells used by Undead Magicians and Necromancers.

Nevertheless, those bone spears didn’t injure Clyde a bit. Before those bone spears could even reach him, they were blocked by an invisible force and directly broke into pieces. Afterward, Clyde’s right hand transformed into a black energy scimitar that formlessly shifted according to his will. Before Duke Andrew had any time to react, Clyde casually brandished his right hand, making a horizontal slash and beheading his opponent who stood over ten meters away.

Duke Andrew was beheaded on the spot. When his head fell, dark-red blood sprayed out like a fountain. He didn’t even seem to understand how he had died. Clyde’s energy scimitar had directly crushed Duke Andrew’s protective energy barrier. The gap between their strengths was simply too great. The fearsome Junior Demon Lord was instantly killed.

The summoned demonic creatures in the hall immediately bowed to Clyde and congratulated him on replacing Duke Andrew as the new suzerain. From the time they had been initially summoned to enjoy this sumptuous feast, these demonic creatures had merely lurked in the dark, not complying with Duke Andrew’s orders. Duke Andrew was just a fallen human. His blood lineage couldn’t hold a candle to the Great Old One, Evil God Clyde. Out of instinct, they chose the strongest person as their master.

Those captive beauties still didn’t know what had happened. They just shivered in place. Clyde walked over and observed these beauties with black and blonde hair. After pondering for a short while, he removed their blindfolds and the gag balls for the time being, but he didn’t remove their collars. In the first place, Clyde was not a hero. If he became a hero who saved beauties, his harvest would be less. Thus, Clyde made an evil decision. In such a big palace and castle, it won’t do to go without a single maid-servant. Instead of spending money to hire servants, it would be better to directly use these beauties.

“Duke Andrew has been beheaded by me. Now, this is my fief. Regardless of where you all come from, you all only have two choices now. One is to stay here as a maid-servant. As for the other, I can only send you to the nations of “Clark Alliance” to gather funds for hiring maid-servants.”

“Don’t… don’t send us there! We beg you, Mas-Master! We are willing to stay here and serve at your disposal. Don’t send us there.”

After confirming that Duke Andrew was killed, these captive beauties were relieved, but when they heard Clyde intended to send them to the nations of “Clark Alliance” and sell them for funds, they immediately became so scared that they looked deathly pale. They completely ignored their dignity and begged Clyde to not do so with pitiful imploring tones.

“Clark Alliance” was the alliance of nations that practiced slavery. If they were sent there in their current appearances, they would be directly sold. Duke Andrew had already stamped them with the red seal, using a special pigment that couldn’t be washed out for more than a year. That, however, was the seal of slavery. At this time, if they were sold to those aristocrat bigwigs with special hobbies, they would definitely suffer miserable fates. Clark Alliance” was filled with many perverted aristocrats who loved to abuse slaves, so beauties like them would have even more miserable fates.

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Since they had a chance to choose now, they would rather choose Clyde. In any case, he looked like a handsome young man. Merely, they didn’t know if he had any special hobbies. Now, their entire bodies were exposed to the other party. Even their most shameful states and postures had already been seen by the other party, so there was little left to lose.

“Rest assured, I just need maids to help me take care of this palace. However, if someone tries to escape, then my promise will certainly not count.”

“We will not run. Please believe us, Master.”

Clyde walked over and sat on that special throne where Duke Andrew had reigned from before. He had to admit that it felt very comfortable. In addition, he could conveniently grope the ladies’ smooth and fair skin. Because Clyde was far more handsome than Duke Andrew, the beauties below him didn’t have conflicting complexions but rather became incomparably shy.

Those beauties hanging from the pillars were also taken down. They then prostrated in front of Clyde and waited for his arrangements. When they had been captured, their equipments, including their clothes and even their underwears, shoes, and socks had been destroyed by crazy Duke Andrew. They had not even been allowed to cover up their embarrassment. Now, they could only maintain this stark-naked state and serve their new master, Clyde.

Out of the dark tastes hidden deep within his heart, Clyde straightforwardly made them maintain this state. In any case, he was the only man in this palace, and the ownership of these maids was already in his hand; therefore, it was fine to do whatever he liked. The most important matter was that this appearance would cut off their thoughts to escape unless they were bold enough to wear nothing and run away with a slave seal. In that case, if an outsider found them, they would directly become their property. Even in the nations of “Victor Alliance” that didn’t practice slavery, there were many perverted aristocrats who secretly bought slaves from the nations of “Clark Alliance.”

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“Master, can you go to the dungeon below? There are many sisters imprisoned below.”

“Okay, I will look for a key and then go below, but you all must put this on!”

“This… Master, we will not run away.”

“That won’t do. You all are to wait here for my return!”




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