Chapter 24: Showdown between the New and Old Ruler inside the Stanley City’s Suzerain Palace Part 2

Ximengsi Continent’s southern part, the central region of Steinbeck Fief, in the Emperor Hall of Stanley City’s imperial palace

Using the directions from the summoned demonic creatures, Clyde snuck into the palace hall where demonized former suzerain Duke Andrew was located. Due to the fact that any demonic creatures he encountered would immediately offer their services to him, he didn’t encounter any obstructions along the way and smoothly arrived at the center region of the palace. Here, Clyde finally saw the ruler of this place, demonized former Suzerain Duke Andrew.

Now, Duke Andrew didn’t have the appearance of Human Race. He had become something similar to a zombie. His entire face was rotten, melting his facial features together. If it were not for the relatively elegant clothes he wore still having the Duke’s insignia, Clyde would have thought that he had encountered a necromancer. In this different world, if one of Human Race wanted to cultivate undead magic, they had to pay a huge price, using up a large amount of their vitality and also facing other aftermaths. Naturally, their appearance would become like a rotting corpse’s.

Those necromancers who didn’t suffer such backlash effects would usually not be of a pure Human Race blood lineage. Even if they were not from Demon Race, they would have a blood lineage from Demon Race. Only necromancers with Demon Race’s blood lineage could avoid becoming like a rotting corpse. The Human Race necromancers who cultivated undead magic were called Undead Magician, since they could not reach the mark of a true necromancer. In professional standing, they belonged to an unorthodox stream and were in an awkward plight.

Although it had already been over a hundred years since Duke Andrew had transformed into a monster, he still hadn’t forgotten his former duke identity. The Duke’s ceremonial outfit was already tattered and not at all presentable, but he didn’t care the least and still wore it. However, Clyde’s focus was not on Duke Andrew, there was nothing worth examining about that zombie-like fellow. Clyde’s focus was on the layout of this hall. It was simply too wicked, making him unable to avoid paying attention to it.

In this big hall were actually dozens of captives, all gorgeous women. These were the female adventurers and mercenaries who had come here before. While Clyde had been discussing the terms of her sponsorship with Witch Ista, a large number of adventurers had followed the mercenary groups to explore Steinbeck Fief, trying to gain the divine artifact first, yet they had all been wiped out by Duke Andrew’s summoned demonic creatures.

Other than these captured women, all the other adventurers and mercenaries had died tragic deaths in the wilderness. The equipment and clothing of these beautiful women had all been completely dissolved by variant slimes during their capture. Now, they hung in shameful states without a thread of cloth on their bodies. In addition, they were treated as imprisoned slaves to be played with by the demonic creatures in this hall.

Above each and every pillar on both sides of this hall, a stark-naked beautiful woman was displayed. Their hands were bound by an iron chain and fixed to the pillars using iron hoops above their heads. Their snow-white legs were parted to two sides and bound with an iron chain, making a “M”-style shameful spreading posture. All the secret parts of their bodies were completely exposed for outsiders to enjoy. The black leather collars on their necks were especially conspicuous, and a small black iron rod stuffed in their small mouths played the role of a small gagging ball.

Because black cloths blindfolded them, Clyde was unable to see their current expressions. He could only see their bright-red complexions and pouty mouths. Their postures were simply too shameful. Even though they were adventurers and mercenaries, they were unable to bear such a shameful public display. While each was a tough fighter, they’d never been humiliated like this before as fearsome adventurers. On each black collar around each woman’s neck hung a conspicuous tag. They appeared no different from slaves about to be sold. On the corners of their mouths were clear wet-stains. Clyde couldn’t guess whether they had already been played with until they had become mere slaves to pleasure.

The most naughty sights didn’t hang from these pillars but were rather at the side of Duke Andrew. Duke Andrew did not sit on a throne. In his shabby palace, there was not a single decent item to display, and it was impossible for him to forge that kind of emperor-specific pure-gold throne. But, from a male standpoint, Clyde felt that Andrew’s throne was absolutely a lot more comfortable than any human emperor’s pure-gold throne. A wave of jealousy filled him as he took in the sight.

Beneath Andrew were four beautiful women. Two of them kneeled side by side, and Andrew sat on their smooth backs. As for the other two, they symmetrically bent on the left and right sides. Their smooth backs were used as a combination between an armrest and a small table. At this moment, a golden goblet filled with fine grape wine and some silver trays bearing delicious snacks rested on their backs.

In front of Duke Andrew, three women bent next to each other. They were used as a dining table. There were various kinds of things on their fair back. Although these beautiful women were not hung on the pillars for display, they were still forced to serve this evil demon. On the black collar each wore, besides a tag was an attached long chain that facilitated others in dragging them away when they had a task for these ladies to perform.

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Those beautiful women’s mouths were also each stuffed with a small ball. They couldn’t make any words to voice their complaints, only pitifully moaning or groaning once in a while. At the corners of their mouths, wet-stains could be clearly seen. In addition, the black blindfolds they wore clearly had tear stains. Clyde could make out their flushed, hot complexions caused by their unbearable humiliation. Being treated as tables and chairs to toy with, this humiliation was several times greater than being displayed on a pillar.

The banquet in this hall was simply too wicked. Clyde almost thought that he had taken the wrong turn and arrived at the site of a film shoot or was trapped inside a CG scene of a “H-Game”. There were stark-naked, black-collared, blindfolded, and gaged captured beautiful women everywhere. Clear lash marks decorated their fair skin along with red wax marks. This was all simply proof of the bullying they had received.

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Although they still had enough sense to feel humiliation, these beautiful captives were completely obedient, and Clyde wondered about how long they had been imprisoned here. Now, their bodies were soaked in sweat, and their lower parts also had strange wet stains. Had they already scaled the summit many times? Clyde didn’t know. The main point was that on the tags of the black collars they wore were special red seals. According to the rules of “Clark Alliance,” that mark proved that they were already special products. They had completely become the private things of Duke Andrew.

Later, Clyde would discover that he was wrong. The most wicked place within the palace was an underground prison. The beautiful captives in the palace hall were all comparatively weaker and thus easier to tame because they lacked the willpower to resist this senseless debauchery. Those comparatively stronger beautiful female adventures and mercenaries were currently imprisoned in the underground prison. There, they were experiencing all kinds of shameful training methods that were basically unimaginable to a non-perverse mind.

After Clyde secretly sized up Duke Andrew’s antics, he was dumbfounded. That fellow’s “crime tool” had long since rotted away and was nowhere to be found. Wasn’t this just wasting resources? The captive beauties here weren’t completely inundated with pleasure, this fellow clearly couldn’t play, and even slimes didn’t want to obey him. Clearly, this former Suzerain was a disqualified “old driver.”

“Who is sneaking in here!? Eh! You are…”

“Cough, cough! Your Majesty Andrew, I have come to bury you… No, no. I have come to take over your fief. Now, can you lay down everything and leave?”




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