Chapter 178: What it takes to kill god? 3 Children

A plan for domination

[… A great amount of luck just befell into our arms. The Demon Lord from Eihwaz continent just contacted us and wants for us to put at great use a female high elf they captured from a recent war with the elves. For some reasons their facilities are under maintenance at the moment and are unable to put at great enough use such a magnificent specimen. And what great timing, we truly needed a female specimen for our next experiment… After receiving the information based on elves from Eihwaz’s facilities, we understood that the more the elves breed with other races, the more they lose their original God-genes. Although their genes are the weakest in comparison with other races, they still hold the greatest amount of God-genes, if we simply mix them with a race like the dragoons who hold the strongest genes, then their own will disappear, together with the god-genes characteristic to elves. Also, if we breed her with only a normal elf, then the purity level will lower. We can’t let such a mistake happen, and such we took a human as the race bearing the second weakest genes to breed but with also the most perfect form of genes, having them give the start to our next experiment… ]

By this logic, humans are the most perfect beings?… You sure?

Shen stared baffled at this remark but then continued unfazed.

[To be sure the experiment is a success, we made sure to use the high-elf as a battery for the new specimen to be kept alive. At this point there is no room for failures. We continued to keep the new specimen, also titled as “G-1”, alive for as long as possible, until we gain enough data for mass-production… we infused God-genes from elves and humans inside G-1 and everything seems to be going perfectly normal… The body is accepting the foreign genes as its own and it starts fusing with them. Although the molecules infused with God-genes require almost a hundred times more energy to be used than the normal ones, the high-elf that is used as a battery for G-1 is able to keep the specimen alive and continue growing… We miscalculated. The amount of vital energy required for a body with so many god-genes to function properly is much more ridiculous than anticipated. We will need to sacrifice at least half the amount of specimens we have here just so this one could live…. The experiment was a success. Although we lost many other specimens, from which the high-elf as well but at least G-1 is alive and seems to be healthy. In the future experiments we will try to analyze the differences between a normal individual and G-1…]

There is a long gap between this last report and the next one, showing a difference of around 5 years.

[Date: Year 1364 since Emperor Caezar the IVth of Vestria has been crowned.

G-1 shows ridiculous magic potential. His mind is strong enough to materialize his thoughts in this world no matter the form. This will show many difficulties as we will be unable to restrain him with a normal M.C.D. (Mind Controlling Device), and neither a T.M.C.D. would work here (Total Mind Controlling Device). Until we find a way to have control under G-1’s actions and thoughts without having his powers obstructed, we will continue researching on the limits of his mental powers…]

The journal then continued with many other experiments to make the young boy materialize objects, different elements, and at one point even living things like plants. However, after they made him create a living being, what appeared was more like a shadow, a spirit form of the person they made the child to create.

[…we made G-1 create a split image of the person next to him, and what appeared was more like that person’s spirit. What was more, the spirit-form showed incredible animosity and aggressiveness, striking anyone near it and even killing then possessing the one which it resembled. After we finally subdued and euthanized the victim, we asked G-1 why this happened, and he said the following words: “He had a dark heart. You asked me to create a perfect copy of him, no? That’s all I could create.” From what we can understand at the moment is that G-1 has the ability to mirror someone’s inner image and materialize it under the form of an internal demon. This experiment will be put on hold until more safety procedures can be implemented. Until everything has been secured, we decided to use our best T.M.C.D. we have so his mind can be completely frozen until the next experiment.….]

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Shen was reading with a serious face and a frown formed on his face. He looked at the young boy and some sweat formed on his forehead. He then smiled quite amused while massaging his temples.

To think that if I released this brat without knowing anything I would have risked releasing Rosabhi in this world… What he’s able to materialize to the outside is not just any internal demon, but the heart itself. Without a strong enough barrier around myself, he could’ve easily peeked through my body, then through my heart, and watch inside my very soul only to find the ugly but all-powerful Rosabhi, easily summoning him into this world.

Shen then thought for a moment and shrugged his shoulders with a surprised expression.

“Oh well. If I’m going to be scared of little brats now then I can say for sure that I’m more pitiful by the day.”

He then waved the card atop the boy’s head and the diamond ring was easily removed. Then the boy’s body turned sluggish and almost fell if not for Shen hastily grabbing him and laying him on the ground.


The boy didn’t even flinch as, if before he seemed to be in a trance, now he was sound asleep, his brows furrowed, perhaps from a nightmare that just started.

“Well he sure has it easy. To fall asleep the moment I release him…”

Shen didn’t know what to do while staring at the sleeping child in confusion, so he simply returned to his scroll. However, before he could continue, he saw that at the very end of the chapter there was another detail that he missed.

[VERY IMPORTANT: must not be left sleeping for more than 10 minutes without at least jolting the specimen awake as long there is no T.M.C.D. attached. If the specimen starts dreaming, any form inside G-1’s mind will materialize and take form in this world. Many times there have been spawned all kinds of creatures and dark monsters inside the facilities, having to use many other experiments to take rid of them…]

Huh? Wait. How much time has passed?

Shen then turned around and saw the child turn and frown disturbed by his dreams. Although there was nothing wrong at the first glance, using his [Devil Eyes], Shen was able to see a great amount of mana swirl and envelop the entire place inside what looked like a dark nest, right inside Shen’s own nest.

A nest inside another nest…? Oy, hold up. Then what the hell am I trying so hard for? A brat doing the same thing as me doesn’t feel that good…

Feeling his pride wounded a little bit, Shen sighed unamused then walked toward the child, wishing to cleanse his mind from the nightmares.

The sky and everything around was covered by a starless night where only a pale and even eerie moon could be seen, weakly shining above the few dry trees and bushes that still remained after Shen’s fight with the S ranked specimens.


He didn’t even reach the child and a zombie-like spirit sprouted out from the ground and grabbed a hold of Shen’s ankle while screaming as if in pain.

“God, what a noise…”

Shen’s eardrums rung from that one scream alone but his steps didn’t stop as the arm was severed by just making another step. There were only 5 meters distance from the child, but at his every step more and more such shadows or spirits would appear and try to stop him.




Albeit slow, Shen’s steps continued forward without flinching as the spirits and shadows grabbed onto him, mounted him, and swirled around him, trying to disturb him from his path toward the child. At his 3rd step Shen looked as if he was carrying a mountain of zombie-like spirits on his back while a storm of shadows swirled around him as if trying to blind him from his path.

Hmm… I expected more.

Shen was somewhat perplexed as the power exposed by all these summoned spirits and shadows barely burdened him. He made such slow steps intentionally as he wished to see what was all this about.

Although it would prove to be quite the challenge even for a Great Saint or Semi-God, is more about how well you can keep a hold of reality. This nest seems to strengthen the mental waves, so once you fell into the trap to strongly believe that these spirits and shadows are real, then you will get engulfed by this world of nightmares on your own… Hmph. With a concentrated amount of mana in one point then released all together like a mini-supernova, it should be all it takes to wipe this nightmare.

Controlling his powers and creating a small but blinding sparkle between his thumb and middle finger, Shen then breaks the spark with a snap of his fingers and a ridiculous shockwave of light wipes the darkness from around, the shadows and the spirits, and completely destroys the nest inside his own, making for the environment to turn back to normal.


Of course, because he used light-magic, Shen also suffered some damage as the skin of half his body was looking as if he slept on the beach on one side for hours.

For God sake! Not even dark humans suffer such damages from this one small spark!

“Sigh~…. F****** devil~….”

While sighing out another curse, Shen healed his injuries and observed how the boy was now finally sleeping with a peaceful expression on his face, the nightmares hunting him no longer.

Shen then walked beside the opened scroll and continued reading.

After this young elf, there seemed to be more other experiments which failed just like the others, until they found another great specimen to experiment onto. And this one wasn’t just anyone.


The stone on which Shen stood suddenly cracked in two as his aura erupted for a moment, shaking the space itself.

This guy really has no limits.

He tried his best to control his shaking feelings as he found the demon lord’s presence again. However, unlike before when he simply offered a captured prisoner, this time he offered one of his own impregnated wives.

Just like Theo, this one was made with a human. However, the demon lord wished to have this allied laboratory make a great use of his own impregnated wife as another great specimen just like he did with the high elf! I can’t. After this, I’ll be sure to have a good talk with that bastard.

Shen swore to himself that he’ll contact the demon lord himself and give him a piece of his mind later on.

After calming down, he continued reading. Just like for the boy, the mother was sacrificed so the child could live, this one being tagged as G-2.

[G-2’s powers seems to be similar to her father’s. An incredible mana pool with explosive physical powers, and also the ability to control monsters. However, unlike other demons from the royal family or the branch-families with the exception of her father, G-2 has the powers to control even stronger monsters than herself and in ridiculous numbers, while her mental attacks are strong enough to ignore the defensive system of the aura, striking right into the soul.]

So is something like the demons from inside the void of Sario… Another troublesome brat alright.

[…we placed G-2 under the influence of a golden T.M.C.D. so it won’t suddenly strike any researcher, and chained down with demonic chains, used specially against the demon race, so the ridiculous subconscious powers won’t wake up while the main mind is asleep.]

Main mind…? So the inner voice of demons is actually a power of the subconscious? Hah, what a double edged sword.

Shen remembered how Ryu explained to him how most of the demons started to hear a voice at the back of their minds which told them to distance themselves from him as fast as possible. He then also heard from Ryu the story with Theo after he lost himself inside the Pleasure’s City. It seems that for him, the power of this voice was many times stronger.

But I wonder, was it because he’s the son of the Demon Lord? If so, will this brat face the same troubles and stay away from me?

Shen thought for a while but then he simply shook his head, thinking that even if it was true, there would be nothing to do now.

Well whatever. Rather, It would be quite weird if the brat wouldn’t be afraid of me. I am half-devil after all.

He continued reading until the end and found how she had to eat an incredible amount of food to replenish her mana or chi. Unlike other living beings which absorb the powers of Earth, Heaven, and wild mana from the surroundings, this little girl was able to absorb only wild mana and from whatever she was consuming. If she didn’t had anything to eat for a prolonged period of time, she would enter into hibernation and sleep until she absorbed enough wild mana to be satisfied.

Uh, oh… a glutton, great…

Shen felt like Antara’s future food resources will soon face a crisis and need to go out to hunt for more demonic waves.

Shen then looked at the chained-up girl whose face was frozen and expressionless as her dead eyes stared in space, her head downed. Shen then waved the card atop her head to take off the golden ring, then with a wave of his finger, the chains got cut in two and the little girl was set free.


“What the hell?! An earthquake?!”

Just as the little girl woke up, Shen felt some tremors under his feet and a loud noise just resounded as if a landscape just happened in the vicinity. Even the little boy frowned and turned annoyed from the noise.

What a sleepy head…

Shen was somewhat amazed. He knew full well that if this happened to him, he would’ve woke up with a jump and search around to see what happened.

thug, thug

Suddenly Shen feels something grab onto his cloak and thug with quite some force. He stares downwards and sees two wet and weak eyes, looking at him with some pain and anguish.

“F-fud… Gib…”

She weakly opened her mouth wide and pointed inside, as if telling Shen to give her something to eat.

If she’s able to replenish energy just by sleeping, then I’m damn sure that those fuckers simply left her sleep for as much as she wished, without feeding her for as long as possible.

Shen frowned and shook his head, annoyed by the possibility of what the mad-men did to the child and also angered that his thoughts were confirmed by how skinny the young girl appeared to be. Her arms were like bones while her face was as if sucked in, the bone cheeks being extremely visible while her eyes seemed huge and at the same time suched in.


Seeing him frown and shake his head annoyed, the girl thought that he refused to give her food. Such, the girl started to sob lightly on her own, clenching her little fists in frustration. Understanding what she was thinking, Shen sighed lightly and took out more dumplings he prepared even before leaving Antara as a snack whenever he felt like eating something.

Guess I’ll have to buy more for myself.

Shen then sat down again then passed a dumpling to the girl and ate one himself while continuing to read from the scroll.

“Uh~… Uhm.”

Seeing the dumpling in Shen’s hand so close to her, she let out a sound as if asking if it was alright to take a bite from it.


The monstrous growling made Shen twitch as he even dropped the scroll and dumpling from the other hand. Luckily for him, the dumpling fell atop the scroll.

“Oy oy. Don’t tell me you can’t eat on your own? Come here.”

Shen misunderstood her and placed her atop his lap then ripped a smaller portion from the dumpling then pushed in front of her mouth.

“Come on. Say Aaahh~ or something…”

Damn. How did I ended up like this…?

Shen started to feel ridiculous. Feeding a child wasn’t really his forte. Actually, handling children wasn’t his forte, let alone taking care of one. Even the fact that he had two children as disciples made him confused, being unable to remember the promise with Gabriel because of the devil.

A-aahh~- ofm?”

The little girl sheepishly opened her small mouth and Shen immediately shoved the piece of dumpling inside, seemingly scared that she’ll close it back after a little longer.

They said she’s a glutton, but she might as well be a rather fancy one if she doesn’t like dumplings.

Shen was afraid of the worst case scenario of having a fancy glutton in his kingdom, eating all the good food and leaving only the passable or bad food for the rest.


The girl then opened her mouth again after feeling the strong aroma of demonic meat with spices and other condiments, all of these enveloped into a dough smeared with butter. Her eyes shone with life once again only from a bite, making Shen feel like laughing since a while now.

“See? Aren’t they great? Even the dead is being revived here, haha~.”

With a wide smile Shen ripped another piece and fed her just like before, telling her numerous times to chew properly.

“Chew it well or you’ll turn into a ball. Now, here another piece.”

After Shen fed her the entire dumpling, he observed how she regained enough strength in her arms to eat on her own without having him feed her now. After she finished a second dumpling, Shen took out from his inventory a little basket filled with warm dumplings and placed it in front of the little girl to eat until she was full.

“Still got a little something to do. Now be a good girl and eat on your own while I’ll see what that little baby is all about.”

Shen looked at the sleeping baby then left the little girl eat on her own beside him as he continued to read from the thick scroll. However, what he found left him baffled.

[…G-3 can be called an oddity. This specimen has been born from two normal humans with normal backgrounds from the slums, both of them being graded I. Both specimen have been injected multiple times with God-genes, but it seems that before the side-effects could affect them, the woman had already got impregnated. The baby continued to live and develop for some unknown reasons inside the specimen which was slowly turning blind and with no sense of taste or smell. Before we could place them inside the spatial cards, the female specimen gave birth to a child that absorbed close to 80% of all the God-genes infused inside the two human specimens. After further experiments we found out that the God-genes were slowly multiplying inside the new-born specimen. We were unable to understand how the God-genes were multiplying and neither how the child survived without a battery as the female specimen was still alive even after giving birth.]

Is this what one could call “A miracle”?

Shen continued reading with great interest but after he searched for more pieces of information about the baby, he only found a few sentences in comparison with the full journal about the other two:

[G-3 shows no uncontrollable traits like G-1, and neither any ominous sudden bursts in power based on emotional instability like G-2. Being still unable to take action by itself, we are also unable to take anymore information from G-3. Just in case, we placed a T.M.C.D. on the specimen. However, G-3 does not show the normal traits after being under a golden T.M.C.D. such as: Unfocused eyes, limp muscles, frozen expression. In the end, G-3’s abilities remain unknown.]

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Wait. What? That is?

Shen remained somewhat surprised but still expecting to have close to no information as the specimen was still a baby.

So with this one we go full-on without any precautions. Oh well, I went head-on in the unknown many times and yet here I am… Somewhat alive and halfway possessed by a devil…

Shen started to feel less and sure of himself and his rash decisions, but the thought of leaving a baby with a mind controlling device on his head still left a sour taste in his mouth.

Ah, whatever. I’m already neck-deep in s*** anyway. Can’t fall more than this.



Just as Shen wanted to get up, the little demoness showed to Shen the empty basket, not even a grain of a dumpling remaining behind.

“Oy… for real? I had enough to keep me for at least 3 days.”


The little girl pouted after seeing Shen so revolted and clenched onto the piece of cloth that covered her body like a messy dirty one-piece in guilt. Seeing her like this, Shen couldn’t help but sigh out helplessly and reach out to pat her head.

“Come on now. No need to be sad, I’m not mad or any-…”

However, before he could pat her, Shen observed how the little girl’s aura swirled around herself like a barrier and crouched down on the ground with a pale face, fear engulfing her as she was unable to even cry out in terror, only trembling uncontrollably and covering her head with both trembling hands. Her reaction made Shen freeze in place, only later to understand what happened.


So now she’s able to feel the devil’s aura inside me as well… Well, whatever.

Shen sighed out helplessly and simply got up. He took out some fruits gifted from Alfheim and placed them inside the empty basket then simply walked past the trembling young dark human, waiting for her to recover and have her eat the medicinal fruits.

Afterwards he waved once the diamond card above the baby’s head and the ring was removed in the next moment.

Hmm… So they wished to create these G-ranked individuals to absorb the ABYSS’ energy…? Just what is their reason?

Continuing to read, Shen found another chapter at the very end, entitled: [ABYSS’ energy: Chaos]

Just what the Hell…

Inside the chapter, Shen found about the properties of a dark energy that can absorb all and any kind of elemental essence and turn them into chaotical, corrosive energy. Even though this was nothing new for Shen who was already able to do such a thing, what baffled him was the next piece of information:

[…the energy absorbed from the ABYSS has almost the same properties with the mythological energies that appear inside the deepest parts of Chaos, which is to turn every other form of energy into its own. No matter if is Water, Air, Earth, Darkness or even Light. It might not be as strong and deadly as the original Chaos essence, but it still shows incredible power as-….]

Shen stopped reading and fell into deep thoughts. He stood like such for a while then he quickly went through the scroll as to search what they wanted to do with the children at the very end. After not even 10 minutes, Shen finished reading the scroll and with a dark face he got up from atop the stone, the scroll now burning in his hand with a violent fire.

So they wished to make these brats into G-ranked entities so they could absorb the chaotic energies of the ABYSS… First they used other energies from the same place to make the body more familiar with this type of energy, then inject the Chaos inside them so they could control this type of energy without disintegrating… Or at least to die slow enough so they could have time in using this power to absorb and annihilate the gods of Sario, from where the title of God-Eaters… What won’t humans do to reach absolute power?

Shen sighed out helplessly and simply threw the remaining scrolls inside his inventory, leaving the rest to be read for later.

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