Chapter 179: A second Judgment

“Alright, now I’m done here.”

With a wave of his hand, the baby and the young elf started to slowly levitate in the air and to follow Shen from behind. Not even turning, Shen said to the young dark-human.


Sniff u-uuh~…”

With her eyes soaked wet, the little girl got up and tried to follow, sometimes tripping and falling but trying to keep following, afraid that Shen might do something with his scary aura against her.


Seeing her trying so hard just to follow, Shen also made her levitate and made sure to not place her too close so she won’t enter inside his aura. Just to be sure, he made the same with the other children as well. As such, Shen walked in front and at a distance of around ten meters behind, the three children levitating after him, two of them sleeping soundly while the third one looking around in wonder and with some fear every time her gaze fell on Shen’s back.

Three full days passed since Shen released every single specimen from inside the cards to have Sylvia transport them all inside the Antara Kingdom. Because of the ridiculous amount of immigrants, everyone had to take part in the inner organization of the kingdom as even Shen and Ryu needed to work in different regions. Because of the after-effects from the inhuman experiments, the white-heads had to suffer, Shen had to examine and come up with some forms of spells that would cancel the drug addiction and lower their aggressivity until they started to learn of Tranquil Mind and Subdued Evil. Also, for the higher-ranked ones, they needed to come up with forms of purifying their auras and souls which are now stained with chaotic essence. The I ranked ones were the hardest to accommodate and help as their bodies were ridiculously fragile, needing to use the minimum amount of mana to heal and purify them. Theo and Shen had especially a lot of work to do as they needed to summon a ridiculous amount of Prana to heal the I-ranked’s lost senses. Because of his devilish traits, Shen was hard-pressed on summoning more Prana than his body needed, such Theo did most of the work while Shen mostly helped Ryu with the organization and Sylvia with teaching everyone her books. Everyone inside the kingdom had to do something and the most work had the heads and leaders of all groups, being overwhelmed by the sheer numbers in the newcomers.

“I’m beat…”

Using Sylvia’s powers, both of them teleported back to Williams’ villa inside Shen’s room. Shen instantly crashed on his bed and Sylvia also sat down on his bed with a tired face, both of them feeling drained by all the agitation from inside the kingdom.

“At least we finished with organizing… Now all that must be done is for them to learn about the rules then start going to school.”

Sylvia sighed tired and laid down on Shen’s bed right beside him. Rather, right in front of him.

“… Ain’t you too close?”

“We are not touching, so why the complain?”


I didn’t wish to do it this way but my heart might relax if this continues, so…

Right then, his aura chilled, his eyes forcefully sharpened while he stared coldly at her for no clear reason.

“Sylvia. I asked you to get off.”


Without saying a word, Sylvia’s big eyes looked intently at Shen’s cold eyes, a slight blush appearing on her face and her eyes seemingly sparkling. This unexpected change in her facial expression made Shen’s cold eyes to also have a glint of confusion, feeling troubled.

“W-… What?”

He tried to keep his cold image but Sylvia only got closer to his face, her blush intensifying.

“These cold eyes… I find them quite hot. No, extremely sexy at that.”


Shen looked at her smiling eyes troubled, but Sylvia simply got closer and went straight into his embrace with her head at his chest.

“This is worse, oy…”

Too tired to overreact, Shen simply complained with a deep voice but Sylvia only made herself more comfortable at his chest, justifying her actions with a light smiling pout.

“Don’t be like that. Do you have any idea how hard is to maintain a portal through space for more than a few thousand people? I’m playing with the law of space and time here, Shen. Of course I’d get tired after all of that. Let’s not forget the fact that I also had to help Ryu and the others with the accommodations and teachings. I deserve at least this much, don’t I?”

“Alright alright, I got you now, geez…”

Shen felt his head throbbing after hearing her complains. He was indeed unaware of how hard it was for her as well so he couldn’t help but comply with her wish for now.

“Good… Now, may I ask of you to stare at me with those cold eyes again…? I think I got addicted.”

“… You don’t need this kind of fetish.”

Her request made Shen almost puke blood, never in his wildest dreams thinking that his plan to make Sylvia distance herself from him would actually backfire in such a severe way.

As the two of them stood like this, Sylvia looked upwards and Shen noticed her curious and big eyes on him, asking somewhat embarrassed because of the small distance between their faces, turning his head upwards.

“W-what is it…?”

“Shen. Are you still sad?”


Sylvia asked curiously while her big eyes resembled those of a young girl’s.

Shen was left surprised by her question then Sylvia continued somewhat concerned.

“While we were accommodating the children, everyone was keeping their distance from you and you also left to help with the training of the higher-ranked ones. You seemed quite dejected at that time, you know?”

“I seemed dejected?”

“Actually, you seemed saddened even when I got back. Do you know? When you’re sad, your face seems heavy, as if your facial muscles suddenly drop while your eyes lose their shine, seemingly tired.”

Shen looked dazed at her for a moment, amazed that she was able to observe such minute details at him. Understanding his thoughts, Sylvia then continued with a calm smile.

“Of course I’ll observe such details, Shen. You’re my beloved after all.”

Argh, stop with that!”

Uff? Hehe~.”

Feeling somewhat embarrassed, Shen pulled her head toward his chest so she won’t be able to feel her big eyes on him, while Sylvia chuckled happily while burying herself even more in his embrace and hugging him back.

Her warmth, her scent, her aura and everything of her made Shen’s heart calm down little by little, giving him a hard time to remain tense.

Because of her, now I’m aware of my tensions and it gets tiresome to stay like this when I could just relax for once.

Although he could just distance himself from her, he couldn’t help but think just how much work Sylvia had to go through the past week as even when he was simply releasing specimen after specimen, Sylvia still had to organize the ones already saved on her own. Because a bestial wave just struck the kingdom at that time, most of the leaders and warriors had to bring all the materials and meats acquired from the wave inside the deposit and organize them based on usages and type of material. This was the main reason why the organization of the first path of immigrants took around a week, while the second took only 3 days. Putting into consideration the familiar view of the sick I-ranked specimens, Sylvia was now exhausted both physically and mentally.

And adding all that, she’s still able to take notice and worry for me… What an idiot.

Shen felt his chest tightening as a frown appeared on his face. Without realizing he tightened his embrace around Sylvia and slowly caressed her head, making her relax and fall asleep almost instantly.


Now, what am I supposed to do?

Being in Sylvia’s embrace, Shen was unable to move away so all he could do for now was to stay still and wait until she wakes up.

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« General Information »

Name:        Shen

Sex:        Male

Class:        Spirit Fighter

Primary Element: Darkness

« Skill Points »

Health: 200.000

Mana: 10.000

STR:  307

AGI:  400

DEF:  400

VIT:   1.000

INT:  619

Avg Attack Power: 720 → 2.200 (AP)


Soul’s rank: golden (Locked)

Pride’s might (awoken)

One of the Seven Deadly Sins. Essence used by gods against gods.

Feeding on Prana:

Regenerate 50.000 HP/s. In case of instant death, the body will be completely rebuilt in 100 seconds.

Curse of Vepar (weakened)

Strengthens inner demons and Rosabhi’s awakening power.

Rosabhi’s imprint

Your soul has been touched by the devil while your heart was sealed. Physical modifications will appear while the control of the elements of chaos and darkness are strengthened.


It seems that my AP and Health grew after that one time with the separate space, but other than that, nothing seems to have changed… Same STR, same MP, INT, VIT, level… Level?! 

Shen’s eyes grew large as he looked above the status window on a small corner where his level was showing.

[Level: 10 (99+)]

Besides his normal level, another, much greater number was now showing, as if telling Shen that not even the system was able to accurately calculate his true range of power.

Level 10 and level 99… In-game, the max was 60, so what is with this 99? And, two levels?… Perhaps, is the second one is the devil’s level…? In a way, we are indeed two souls inside the same body…

Thinking such, Shen couldn’t help but feel some sweat form on his forehead, but at the same time, something told him that it couldn’t be like that as the system didn’t add Rosabhi’s name beside his on the status window.

But even if that’s true, then who’s level is that? Mine? Then what stops it to not be the main level? The system? The devil? Or is it myself as my superior spirit said? To shut down the system I’ll need the help of an Elder God power-rank at least, but I’m not sure what the backlashes will be so I can’t ask that out of Sylvia. To defeat the devil I’ve been told I’m too weak, but I’m yet to know in just what way I’m “weak” and how I can grow stronger. To free my child-self and many other personal spirits I’ve locked away cause of my fears, the superior spirit told me to get the help from Luna, but just who is that? I’m still in the shadows as I’m not yet sure of many things. I don’t even know how to search for the answer, let alone to find it in the first place….

Shen’s thoughts swirled continuously for a few more minutes, then an overwhelming tiredness made him succumb into a deep sleep, losing consciousness and fading into the world of dreams.




A deafening sound as if thunder just boomed by his ears resounded, making for Shen’s awareness to wake up and perceive the reality around him.

“I’m here again…?”

Inside a colossal hall with walls made of gold and white jadeite, with a tall and pure white judging table in front of him, while nothing but a clear blue sky as a ceiling, Shen stood in the middle of all of this with thousands of eyes on him.


Thousands of horrifying monsters and demons chanted the same two words at his left, sitting on chairs like at a judging hall, but now those chairs were now completely broken and destroyed. Their eyes flashed with hate, grudge, mockery, slyness, and resentment, seeming as if celebrating for another’s loss.

[Yet you failed once again…] [If only you were more aware of your surroundings…] [Failure caused by uncontrollable emotions it is a normality… But not for you as a higher soul, Omisus…]

On his right, thousands of white, blue, and golden spirits were sitting down with either sorrowful, frowning, neutral, or straight out frustrated expressions, some shaking their heads while others avoiding eye contact with him.


The thunderous noise resounded once again and the three similar spirits of bronze, silver, and gold now stared with neutral eyes at Shen from above; or rather, staring at their human self. The silver-armored one then opened his mouth and said calmly, but one could still hear a slightly frustrated tone in his voice.

[Quiet… It’s judgment time.]

He then took out a scroll from his breast-pocket of the armor and immediately unrolled it to read aloud.

[For killing exactly 5769 mutated humans, beastmen, and dragoons from the Sario dimension, I, Equal Silver Omisus I hereby declare the faults of human Omisus as Guilty!] [I, Inferior Bronze Omisus declare Guilty!] [I, Superior Gold Omisus declare Guilty!]


Shen was already aware of his detention so, in front of the decisive moment, he wasn’t in the least bit shocked or surprised. Rather, he was amused. Amused at how things played out as if only so he could finally be sentenced to Hell.

“Alright then. What am I supposed to do? Hell has many forms, you know? Burn like a BBQ? Turn into an iceman for eons? Or straight out get reborn into a living Hell or something like that? I’m quite curious now.”

[…Your insolence has grown since the last time, human Omisus.]

The silver-armored giant commented with a sharp gaze, his pressure alone breaking the judging table and making even the floor made of white jade break and usurp under Shen.

However, rather than pressured, Shen only felt more anger as he roared in indignation.

“And what’s the problem, huh?! Those things resembled monsters so much, you must’ve been some kinda Medium or God to tell the differences! At first glance, all souls look alike! Their auras were filled with contaminated energy, while their voices were even more ferocious and grave than a lion’s! I was unable to tell what the hell they were until the very end! Only later when I heard that monster whisper words of gratitude have I finally understood something, but not completely! You know all too well just how f***** up things were at that time, so don’t you even dare continue judging my actions based on inevitable mistakes! I can only blame fate for this…”

[You are already past the point where such “mistakes” are allowed, Omisus. And fate can always be changed, you know this full well. Do you wish to be God? Then you first must understand that even in flesh, such mistakes are not to be tolerated!]

“… You know what? Just damn tell me already what will await me and stop wasting my time. Unlike you spirits, we mortals are dependent on time.”

[… You will know the moment you’ll die.]

“Then f*** off and send me back!”

Already furious past the boiling point, Shen roared with a disgusted face while crossing his arms, the demons beside him laughing and jeering amused. Even so, he was just too annoyed to listen to them, simply turning his back at the three spirits and waiting to wake up.

The three spirits looked at one another then back at Shen. They sighed together and announced with a heavy tone.

[If anyone has something to say against my words, then it is free to talk. If not, then the judgment shall be taken accordingly.]


Shen turned around somewhat confused, unable to understand why it would matter the thoughts of another when this judgment was judging the soul of the same spirit with the judger. Unable to even ask, a hand from his right raised and the three spirits sighed out while feeling at ease. Although they were the judgers and are supposed to be neutral, they still didn’t wish to stay for millions of years inside the depths of Tartarus or something similar. Although they already experienced that before, this was the main reason why they didn’t wish to do so again.

[Yes. Goddess Luna, what may it be?]


Shen’s eyes opened wide after hearing the name and looked shocked at the huge woman, as huge as the three spirits, but so beautiful that even the three spirits couldn’t help but smile at her beauty. The other spirits around her also looked curiously, some smiling knowingly while some fist-pumping from the emotion that their ancestral friend was finally being helped by someone.

[Sit down! Woman!] [Yeah! You can’t save him!] [Sit down!]

On the other hand, the demons we’re extremely aggressive against her, but this only made the judge smite the demon’s side with a humongous pillar of red lightning.


[[Keep quiet.]]

All three of them growled threateningly as a few hundred of demons turned into black smoke and deserted the judging hall from that one strike alone, making the remaining ones to shut their mouths in fear and terror.

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