Chapter 409: A Person Of Empty Words

Principal Cao sat in his chairperson seat and spoke strictly, “This is an activity to heighten high school students’ thought processes and political consciousness, increase their patriotism, and raise their awareness about national defense and security. That is why our school must closely follow the arrangements of our higher-ups, and complete the ‘Social Practice Exercise’ for all the Grade 11 and Grade 12 students in the second half of the year.”

“In the meantime, the school will establish a ‘Student boot camp leadership’ unit. This unit will decide on the boot camp personnel and are specifically in charge of ensuring that the organization in charge of the student boot camp will be up and running. They will also cooperate actively with the said organization with their various schedules and matters to ensure the success of the boot camp for our school’s Grade 11 and Grade 12 students.”

Every one of the teachers looked further into the files they were holding. When they saw the scheduled time for the boot camp, all of them let out light sighs of relief.

Thank goodness it didn’t take up time from classes. If it was during the holidays, all was fine; they would definitely support this!

Besides, it was also for the best that their students lost that delicate demeanor of theirs!

After the meeting concluded before the ten-minute mark, Principal Cao did not return to his office. He hurried in the direction of the school’s gate instead.

Teacher Tong, who had returned to the classroom after the meeting, summarized Principal Cao’s words and repeated it to the class committee of Class One. What Ye Jian thought was: I can’t go back to the village to accompany Grandpa Gen on the 1st of October, then.

She wasn’t thinking that she couldn’t fully enjoy playing around during the holidays. She was only thinking about returning to the village during the holidays.

“The holiday with seven days off, my dad told me we’re going to travel to Huangshan and have fun there! Now, all of that has gone down the drain!” Once Teacher Tong had left, a health committee member, Wang Rui, started whining, “We’re going on a boot camp during our 7-day holiday. Why are we so unfortunate, having to experience this during our year?”

“Stop complaining, haven’t you heard Teacher Tong? This is going to be recorded in your student record archives, and it is going to become one of the prerequisites to graduate? “ Lü Xin was fine with it and continued cheerfully, “I believe that it’s quite good. My dad even mentioned this: if I don’t get into a university, I can enlist into the military after high school!”

“That’s not a bad idea, but I’ve heard that being a soldier is tough.”

Another boy laughed joyfully, “So what? From what I can tell, becoming a soldier is quite good. Lü Xin, why don’t we form a pact? In the case that we don’t manage to get into university, both of us will join the army and become brothers in arms!”

Wang Rui was complaining that her holiday was gone. But with the casual input from Lü Xin, the topic quickly changed, and this managed to uplift the low spirits of everyone after hearing that they needed to attend a boot camp during their holidays.

That was also the purpose of a class monitor.

Of the class committee members, besides the health, literary, and the assistant monitor being girls, the rest were all boys.

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When it was mentioned they wanted to enlist into the army after graduation, all the boys had their interests piqued, while Ye Jian was watching them have a heated discussion about it. She spoke while packing her textbooks with a smile on her face, “A person’s family will become glorious when they join the army! Becoming a soldier for the glory of the family, it’s worth it!”

That was the essential slogan that they used to recruit new soldiers. Spoken from the lips of a girl like Ye Jian, it managed to elicit laughter from all the boys.

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The literary committee member, Ye Ying, just scoffed disdainfully at them. Enlisting into the army after high school? Wouldn’t they just become a poor soldier? They lacked ambition.

“You guys continue, I still have another meeting with the student council, I’m leaving.” Although she looked down on them in her heart, Ye Ying didn’t show it on her face and waved at them, leaving with an elegant smile on her face.

Her temperament was good. The footsteps she had when she was leaving was also quite light, eliciting an exclaim from Wang Rui, “Ye Ying acts the most like a girl in our whole class. She is really elegant!”

On that, Ye Jian agreed with her.

“Ah, excuse me, I just forgot to pick up my pen.” Ye Ying, who had obviously left the classroom, returned once more, probably hearing Wang Rui’s exclamation. The smile on her pretty face became more pronounced, “If there’s anything that you need, you guys can come to me any time.”

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