Chapter 165: Where Did This Fool Come From?

In this moment, the handkerchief in Yang Cui’s hand became crumpled. She felt so much hatred in her heart and the jealousy was shown clearly on her face.

“Dear?” She called out several times but Li Wei didn’t answer. She suddenly became dissatisfied. Her voice changed from the usual sweet-sounding to a furious tone.

Li Wei squinted at Yang Cui: “You go back first. I want to have a look at the girl myself.”

“I…” Yang Cui was stunned speechless. Now she really knew what it meant by lifting a rock and dropping it on her own feet.

“Why are you still here?” Li Wei looked at Yang Cui in dissatisfaction. If Yang Cui was standing beside him, the beauty would definitely ignore him, so it was better for Yang Cui to leave.

Yang Cui almost cried. Her face showed grievances but Li Wei didn’t care about her. Yang Cui turned and ran in the direction of home.

After she disappeared, Li Wei was relieved. He fanned himself as he walked towards the two houses.

He walked to the house that Ning Meng Yao entered and knocked on the closed door.

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At that time, Ning Meng Yao was helping Qiao Tian Chang to tidy up his house. She heard the knocking sounds and frowned. If it was Qiao Tian Chang, he wouldn’t knock on the door, so who…

Ning Meng Yao subconsciously thought of the man who had been with Yang Cui. Disgust suddenly flashed in her eyes.

As she was thinking about this, the door was pushed open from the outside and Li Wei stepped in.

Upon seeing Li Wei, Ning Meng Yao’s face turned cold in an instant.

Li Wei originally didn’t intend to barge in but who knew that no one came to open the door for him after he had knocked, so he decided to let himself in.

It was a pity that his actions only angered the beautiful girl he saw.

However, even her rage brought a different sort of feeling that made him like her more.

“Young lady, my name is Li Wei…”

“I don’t care if you’re Yang Wei or Li Wei, just get out of my sight this instant.” Ning Meng Yao had never seen such a shameless person who would actually dare to barge into other people’s homes.

Li Wei’s expression stiffened. He frowned. He had never been treated in such a way before.

“Young lady, I don’t have any other meaning. I just want to have a cup of water to drink.” Li Wei casually gave an excuse.

However, Ning Meng Yao looked at him as if he was an idiot: “You want to drink some water? Aren’t you the one Yang Cui married to? Does her family not have a cup of water for you to drink? If you want to give excuses, at least say something that makes more sense. If you don’t leave now, then you better watch out. I’ll report you for intrusion.”

When Li Wei found out that Ning Meng Yao knew his relationship with Yang Cui, he thought she was unhappy about it so he quickly added: “My relationship with her…”

“I’m not interested in the things between you and her. Leave immediately. I believe that your father wouldn’t be too happy if he finds out that his son, who he’s so proud of, has intruded into someone else’s home.”

Li Wei was a talented man and was a successful candidate in the imperial examinations. This year, he was expected to achieve the top scorer in the palace examination. Even if he didn’t come in top, he could still become an official. His father had always been very proud of him. Because of that, he would often turn a blind eye on his son’s lasciviousness. To him, as long as his son did not stray from his studies, he did not care much about it.

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When Li Wei heard that Ning Meng Yao used his father to pressure him, he frowned. It seemed that this girl wasn’t any ordinary village girl.

When Qiao Tian Chang came down from the mountain, he saw a man standing at his door and Ning Meng Yao had a disgusted look on her face.

He quickly walked to Ning Meng Yao and smoothen out her frowning brows: “What’s happening here? Why are you so angry?”

“There’s an intruder.” Ning Meng Yao didn’t explain it clearly, but Qiao Tian Chang understood.

Turning to Li Wei, his eyes were full of dissatisfaction as he demanded: “Where did this fool come from?”

Wasn’t he a fool? He was still standing in someone else’s home even when he wasn’t welcomed. He was simply looking for trouble.

Li Wei’s expression turned ugly as he glared at Qiao Tian Chang. What’s the relationship between this man and the beauty? How are they so close?

“Tian Chang, I don’t want to see this man. I just want to dig out those disgusting eyes of his when I see them.” Ning Meng Yao said.

What she hated the most were others looking at her with those disgusting look.

Qiao Tian Chang nodded then reached out to pat her on the shoulder: “Calm down.”

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