Chapter 164: Dazed

Li Wei looked at Yang Cui with a smile. His hand slowly cupped Yang Cui’s breasts: “I didn’t know you’re that into being alone with me?” “Hmm?” In the days of being married to Li Wei, Yang Cui was quite familiar with Li Wei’s simple movements. She was already in love with him. So upon listening to him, she looked ...

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Chapter 164: Dazed
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LV 3

Yang Cui is really addled in the head. She wants to demonize Yao Yao so bad but all she does is set herself up for failure…

LV 5

thankyou for the chapter waiting for more and this yan cui really knows how to dig her and her family grave beside even if her plan suceded ning meng yao wont be trow away by her future husband.and in another theme its to litlle to get 2 or 3 creative stone with every log in please administrator san take petty of us that depend on the free creative stons and at least give us a total of 7 or 8 free creative stonsevery day afterl all every chapter is 8 or 9 wat it cost

LV 5

How stupid can she be.

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