Chapter 292: Who the hell is Rhee Ji-Hyuk? (2)

“C-comrade general!” (adjutant)

The Commanding Officer of the Democratic People’s Republic of Joseon, General Kim Ryong-Seong, simply couldn’t regain his wits from all the countless incoming radio calls inundating him.

“What the hell are you talking about?! Gimme a straight-forward report!!” (Kim Ryong-Seong)

“M-monsters are advancing up north from the south, sir!” (adjutant)

“I asked you what the hell you’re talking about! The boys from the brigade is down south, so how can monsters advance up north?!” (Kim Ryong-Seong)

“There are too many monsters, according to the report, sir!” (adjutant)

“Rhee Jin-Cheol!! Where is Rhee Jin-Cheol?!” (Kim Ryong-Seong)

“The report from Senior Colonel Rhee Jin-Cheol states that his team has abandoned the defensive line and they are currently retreating, sir!” (adjutant)

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“That stinking son of a b*tch!!” (Kim Ryong-Seong)

Kim Ryong-Seong slammed the commander’s baton hard on the ground and yanked his pistol out.

“Where is that b*stard right now?? I’m going to put a hole in that b*stard’s head!” (Kim Ryong-Seong)

“Comrade General, please calm down, sir. N-now isn’t the time for such actions. If the Comrade Chairman gets wind of this news, then all of us will be holding our funerals today.” (adjutant)

Kim Ryong-Seong finally regained his wits after hearing the words ‘Comrade’ and ‘Chairman’. His body shuddered grandly next. Indeed, if his dear comrade leader heard about this news, the General would be suspected of incompetence, instead.

“Explain the situation in detail. Just how many monsters are we talking about?” (Kim Ryong-Seong)

“It’s impossible to accurately count the numbers, but according to the report, more than enough to fill up one’s vision, sir.” (adjutant)

“Are they strong?” (Kim Ryong-Seong)

“Bullets apparently don’t work on them. S-sir, even the ability users are said to be helpless against them.” (adjutant)

Kim Ryong-Seong’s complexion turned blue next. He had finally recognised the severity of the situation. At this rate, those monsters would invade even Pyongyang.

If that happens, everything would be over.

The moment their ruling class system densely spread out the country with Pyongyang as its centre was destroyed, then Joseon would not be able to maintain a semblance of a functioning nation anymore.

“I-I must speak to the Comrade Minister of Defence. N-no. I shall go and meet Comrade Vice Marshal personally. Connect me through.” (Kim Ryong-Seong)

“Understood, sir.” (adjutant)

Kim Ryong-Seong anxiously waited for the phone to connect.

“Comrade Vice Marshal.” (Kim Ryong-Seong)

– “What have you called me for?” (Vice Marshal)

“A large horde of monsters are flooding in from the South, comrade.” (Kim Ryong-Seong)

– “What was that? What are you talking about?? Give me a proper explanation, comrade!!” (Vice Marshal)

“Well, uh, didn’t Gates appear where the Demarcation Line is?” (Kim Ryong-Seong)

– “Right, that happened.” (Vice Marshal)

“Far too many monsters have flooded out from there and our ability user brigade can’t do anything about them. They are currently retreating, apparently. And all those monsters are advancing up north as we speak, comrade.” (Kim Ryong-Seong)

– “How far have they reached? Where are those monsters now??” (Vice Marshal)

“P-Pyongsan, sir.” (Kim Ryong-Seong)

– “Pyongsan?! Hey, you stupid son of a b*tch!! What did you just say to me?! Are you trying to imply that those monster b*stards will invade Pyongyang soon??” (Vice Marshal)

“That’s correct, Comrade Vice Marshal.” (Kim Ryong-Seong)

– “F*cking son of a b*tch!! Where are you right now?!” (Vice Marshal)

“Please calm down, sir.” (Kim Ryong-Seong)

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– “You think I can calm down? Ah?? Don’t you get smart with me, you hear!!” (Vice Marshal)

Kim Ryong-Seong couldn’t reply and just sat there, cold sweat dripping from his body. He could definitely understand why the Vice Marshal was this furious. Because, he too could barely hold back his own anger at the moment.

– “For the time being, I’ll relay the news to Comrade Chairman, so in the meantime, you do whatever you can to defend Pyongyang. The moment a single monster sets foot in the city, you’ll lose your stinking head!” (Vice Marshal)

“I’ll remember that, sir.” (Kim Ryong-Seong)

– “I’m hanging up.” (Vice Marshal)

Kim Ryong-Seong ended the call and wiped the trickling sweat off his forehead.

“Mobilise every single combatant you can find and defend the route up to the capital. Right now!!” (Kim Ryong-Seong)

“Sir!” (adjutant)

Kim Ryong-Seong watched the adjutant hurriedly dash outside the office and grabbed the sleeve tightly.

Could they be able to stop the monsters by mobilising all of their available combat force? How should they stop them when even bullets didn’t work??

His sighs grew lengthier.


“What did you say?” (Kim Jung-XX)

Some said that ones enjoying the greatest authority among the North’s elites had to be the Minister of Defence and the Vice Marshal. And in actuality, they could be described as the nucleus of North Korea’s power structure.

Their power was so almighty that it might figuratively shoot down a flying bird, and even if they chose to suddenly execute some people, those on the chopping block wouldn’t dare to question their guilt.

But then, such a man in the almighty position of power called Vice Marshal, Choi Myeong-Hae, was currently standing straight at attention, unable to wipe away the trickling sweat covering his face. Sweat from his forehead got in his eyes and it stung, but he had little room to mind it at the moment.

If he conducted himself just a bit poorly here, then everything he had achieved so far in his life would go down the drain in an instant. A minor mistake or even small failure wouldn’t shake his foundation at all, but the current situation was just too different.

More importantly, the fact that this matter could annoy the man before his eyes proved to be the worst thing ever.

Well, this man was renowned for his sensitivity towards his own safety, after all.

“S-sir, monsters emerging from the Gates that appeared near the division line between us and South Joseon are all currently heading towards Pyongyang.” (Choi Myeong-Hae)

“What was it that you said before? Didn’t you say you’ll send People’s ability user brigade over there or something?” (Kim Jung-XX)

“T-that I did, sir. However, those d*mn reactionaries are refusing to die an honourable death under the glorious flag of the Democratic People’s Republic, and I heard that they are currently retreating, sir!” (Choi Myeong-Hae)

“Retreating?” (Kim Jung-XX)

“Please forgive us!!” (Choi Myeong-Hae)

The man who was the Supreme Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Joseon, the Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Joseon, as well as the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of North Korea, slowly raised his rather chubby body up from behind his desk.

“Did you just ask me to forgive you?” (Kim Jung-XX)

“C-Comrade Chairman.” (Choi Myeong-Hae)

“How long ago was it when you loudly proclaimed that you’ll take full responsibility and deal with this situation? But now that things have gone wrong, you want me to forgive you?” (Kim Jung-XX)

“It was beyond our control.” (Choi Myeong-Hae)

“Not because your loyalty to the Party was inadequate?” (Kim Jung-XX)

“C-Comrade Chairman!!” (Choi Myeong-Hae)

Choi Myeong-Hae immediately knelt down on the floor.

“Sir, offering up my measly life isn’t hard at all. If you tell me to die because I’m incompetent, I’ll gladly do so. However, I feel truly wronged that my loyalty to the Party is being questioned, sir.” (Choi Myeong-Hae)

“H-mm.” (Kim Jung-XX)

“If you order me to die, then I shall. If you order me to defend, then I shall do so. My loyalty has not changed.” (Choi Myeong-Hae)

“Stand up.” (Kim Jung-XX)

“Comrade Chairman.” (Choi Myeong-Hae)

“I said, stand back up.” (Kim Jung-XX)

“I-I thank you.” (Choi Myeong-Hae)

“No need to thank me. However, Comrade Vice Marshal.” (Kim Jung-XX)

“Yes, Comrade Chairman.” (Choi Myeong-Hae)

“Do whatever it takes to stop them. Remember that if Pyongyang is overrun, then the whole Republic will be overrun, too.” (Kim Jung-XX)

“I shall remember, sir.” (Choi Myeong-Hae)

The Supreme Leader quietly stared at the Vice Marshal before opening his lips again.

“I told you specifically to do… What. Ever. It. Takes.” (Kim Jung-XX)

“….I understand.” (Choi Myeong-Hae)

“Then, leave me.” (Kim Jung-XX)

“I shall be on my way, sir.” (Choi Myeong-Hae)

Choi Myeong-Hae escaped from the office and spat out a lengthy sigh.

‘It’s still attached.’ (Choi Myeong-Hae)

He stroked his own neck. He felt thankful for his head still attached in the right place every time he had to enter and leave that d*mn office.

Back when the Leader was still a younger man, he seemed to have some semblance of sanity, but after he rose to power, he began changing noticeably and now, he had transformed into someone quite unpredictable.

But then again, here was a guy who blew up his own aunt’s husband with a bazooka, so how could anyone expect any sort of compassion from him?

‘He gained power at a young age, so he probably isn’t scared of anything.’ (Choi Myeong-Hae)

What a sad thing it was, having his life and that of all the citizens currently held as collateral in said young man’s hands.

“Did he say that I must do whatever it takes to stop them?” (Choi Myeong-Hae)

All thanks to that useless pride of his, the dear Leader neglected to mention what he exactly meant by ‘whatever it takes’.

“How deflating.” (Choi Myeong-Hae)

Choi Myeong-Hae shook his head. He then raised his radio and issued a new order.

“Convene the supreme council.” (Choi Myeong-Hae)

His steps taking him to the conference chamber looked energyless for some reason.


“What is the meaning of this??”

“Calm down.” (Choi Myeong-Hae)

“Didn’t you say that Pyongyang is in danger? So, how can I…..”

“I told you to calm down.” (Choi Myeong-Hae)

“….My apologies.”

Others didn’t try to open their lips, but displeasure was writ oh-so-large in their faces.

‘God d*mn pigs.’ (Choi Myeong-Hae)

Vice Marshal Choi Myeong-Hae felt his innards twist to knots while watching these greasy-bellied lazy fools that usually lounged around the whole day, suddenly splashing around noisily just because some water rose up to their ankles.

“Comrade Vice Marshal.”

“Please speak, Comrade Standing Committee Chairman.” (Choi Myeong-Hae)

“Just what is going on with the situation?”

Kim Ryong-Seong dry coughed.

“Currently, monsters are advancing towards Pyongyang.” (Kim Ryong-Seong)

“You think I didn’t know that when I asked you?! I’m asking if there’s been any sort of countermeasures planned for this!! A d*mn countermeasure!!”

“Actually….” (Kim Ryong-Seong)

Choi Myeong-Hae fanned himself with his hand. For some reason, his face was getting heated up from a while ago.

“I’ve been told that it’s difficult to stop them.” (Kim Ryong-Seong)

“What was that?!”

The Chairman of the Standing Committee shot up from his seat.

“You, you stupid motherf*ckers, is that something you should say in this place?!”

“Please, calm yourself. That isn’t my jurisdiction. No, this is a matter for the Minister of Defence. I merely convened this meeting after finishing my report to Comrade Chairman.” (Choi Myeong-Hae)

“So where is the Minister of Defence bastard, then?”

“Comrade Minister is out by the location.” (Kim Ryong-Seong)

“Commander General, what is going on here? You’ve been sucking out as much benefits as you can thanks to the Party’s blessings, so you better not be thinking of giving up now that we’re in a dangerous situation.”

“Comrade, honestly speaking, it’s really difficult.” (Kim Ryong-Seong)

“You stinking son of a b*tch!!”

Chairman of the State Affairs Commission, Jeong Byeong-Seo, shot up from his seat and yanked his pistol out.

“Is that something you should say?! All of you, your loyalty to the Party has hit the rock bottom! Today, I shall put a d*mn bullet in the heads of every son of a b*tch in this place!!” (Jeong Byeong-Seo)

“Calm down.”

“Getting angry will not solve this situation, comrade!!”

“What did you say?!” (Jeong Byeong-Seo)

Jeong Byeong-Seo panted angrily for a while, but he couldn’t fire his pistol in the end. He knew that, if any of these men were to go ‘missing’ and leave a void during the current crisis, then the ensuing event could flow in an unpredictable and uncontrollable direction.

“Comrade State Affairs Commission Chairman.” (Choi Myeong-Hae)

“Speak, comrade.” (Jeong Byeong-Seo)

“Comrade Chairman has said something to me.” (Choi Myeon-Hae)

“Comrade Chairman has?” (Jeong Byeong-Seo)

“Yes, that’s correct.” (Choi Myeong-Hae)

“What did he say, then?” (Jeong Byeong-Seo)

“He said that we need to do whatever it takes to prevent the monsters from entering Pyongyang.” (Choi Myeong-Hae)

“So what of it? Isn’t that something obvious?” (Jeong Byeong-Seo)

“The thing is, Comrade Chairman emphasized the ‘whatever it takes’ part.” (Choi Myeong-Hae)

“What… ever it takes, is it?” (Jeong Byeong-Seo)

“That’s right.” (Choi Myeong-Hae)

Jeong Byeong-Seo swallowed back his moan.

If the dear Supreme Leader said that, then he definitely was implying something there. He had been assisting the North’s top ruler for so many years now, so how could he not realise such a simple truth?

“So, what you’re saying here is that our Supreme Leader deemed it impossible to protect Pyongyang in the same manner we’ve been employing until now?” (Jeong Byeong-Seo)

“How can a mere common man such as myself comprehend the deeper meaning of our truly keen Supreme Leader? I only brought it up, hoping that someone of your calibre, Comrade Chairman of State Affairs, might be able to guess his true intentions.” (Choi Myeong-Hae)

“What a stinking b*stard. Did you oil your tongue before coming here? Stop with your antics right this instance.” (Jeong Byeong-Seo)

Jeong Byeong-Seo holstered his pistol and settled back down.

“…What a stinking situation this is.” (Jeong Byeong-Seo)

If Pyongyang was to be destroyed, then so would the People’s Republic. Indeed, at least 80% of this nation was basically Pyongyang.

Even if the citizens were to be evacuated, the moment all the infrastructure of the capital was destroyed, Democratic People’s Republic would no longer function like a republic anymore.

“In that case, we better do whatever it takes. All of you fools, why don’t you tell me this? What do you think our Comrade Supreme Leader was trying to tell us?” (Jeong Byeong-Seo)


No one opened their mouths.

They knew that if they carelessly tried to guess what their Supreme Leader was implying only for him to have a change of heart later, then there was a real possibility of their whole family getting crushed in an instant. So, no one dared to say something.

“Did you all slather glue on your lips or something? Anyone unwilling to open their mouth, allow me to put a new hole in there for you. Now, speak.” (Jeong Byeong-Seo)

Jeong Byeong-Seo glared at everyone else, which led to the Commander General to say something finally.

“Comrade.” (Kim Ryong-Seong)

“I said, speak your opinion.” (Jeong Byeong-Seo)

“If I’m honest with you, sir, this matter is too tough to solve with our powers alone.” (Kim Ryong-Seong)

“What was that, you b*stard?! How dare you say that?!” (Jeong Byeong-Seo)

“Let’s look at our reality. Both the Yankees and even the Chinese can’t solve their problems alone and shamefully have to go begging for help from another nation. No matter how glorious our Democratic Republic is, we can’t do everything all on our own, no?” (Kim Ryong-Seong)

“So? Are you suggesting we behave like the d*mn Yankees?” (Jeong Byeong-Seo)

“Even China is doing the same, isn’t it, sir? I hear Russia is the same story, too.” (Kim Ryong-Seong)

“….Fine. Continue.” (Jeong Byeong-Seo)

“So, shouldn’t we also ask for assistance?” (Kim Ryong-Seong)

“From whom?” (Jeong Byeong-Seo)

Silence descended in the chamber.

Everyone already knew where, but they simply dared not to mention it.

And then… they began glancing at each other, instead.

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