Chapter 959 – Suffocated

Huan Qing Yan’s heart sank after listening in on their conversation, the odds are really stacked against her this time.

Plus her body was in poor condition due to the daily hypnotism, she was feeling soft and weak while her cultivation seems to be dropping as it was also hard to manipulate spirit energy.

Huan Qing Yan’s heart sank more as the days went by.

Movement was getting difficult because of her increasingly large tummy, she was unable to escape alone.

She felt extremely depressed while remaining in the room, staring at the cold stone walls. It caused her state of mind to become weaker than the day before.

She could only lie in bed and think.

She has never thought about Ji Mo Ya whenever her mind was clear.

From the moment she discarded the Phoenix Feather Bell and left the Holy City, she told herself to never think about him.

Only when she was in a dazed state would she uncontrollably miss him.

Has the devil energy on Ji Mo Ya been completely removed? It should be mostly cleared, right? Else he would not have gone to greet the Wine Sage while holding hands with Bai Li Zi Xi… 

Being able to attend the banquet should mean that his body was fine, right?

He should have retrieved the Phoenix Feather Bell by now!

Will he come to find her?

This was the second time she threw away the Phoenix Feather Bell, Ji Mo Ya might be angry with her and hand the Phoenix Feather Bell to Bai Li Zi Xi. The two might even be married under the blessings of the Half-Sages…

Huan Qing Yan’s willpower got even gloomier when she thought of this problem.

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Her disappearance now was also a way of helping them…

No one was optimistic about their relationship, yet she naively believed that they could face life and death together just because they loved each other. 

She was prepared to die along with him, but Ji Mo Ya threw her aside in a blink of an eye.

And got together with another woman.

Are all men so fickle?

No, she cannot blame others but herself, she deserves it.

It was because her spirit treasure did not suit him, because she was not from a big family like Bai Li Zi Xi, because she was prideful despite her low cultivation, she deserves to be caught, deserves to die just like that…


Ji Mo Ya was feeling suffocated.

It has been ten days since he had followed Bai Chen Feng and arrived at the last place that Little Yan was last seen at in Sun City.

He had literally performed a carpet-style search within Sun City and its surrounding areas, but no traces were found.

His heart sunk deeper as the days went by.

He had even used his clan’s power and several elders have arrived after hearing the news.

Ji Mo Kai Yuan, Ji Mo Yi Fan, even Madam Ru, arrived.

Ji Mo Ya suppressed the random chest pains as he went to receive the elders of his clan that arrived in Sun City.

“Little Ya, I heard from the Clan Patriarch, he specially sent us here to see if we could provide any help.” Ji Mo Kai Yuan was here on orders, but his enthusiasm was not high.

The rumors have been saying that their family’s Brat Ya has been cuckolded and that woman ran away from shame; it was better if he do without such a woman.

Ji Mo Yi Fan was displaying a tired expression while his beard was unkempt, he had no mind to tidy up as he had traveled over a thousand miles to arrive at Sun City.

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“Thank you, Elders.”

The aid from the clan could not be accepted readily without satisfactory performance, but the current situation was unique and Ji Mo Ya was getting anxious. It was unknown if Huan Qing Yan was dead or alive; she was currently pregnant and the child was due for birth soon.

He was already regretting; had he knew the lass would react on such a scale, he would have broken his vow and told her about the plan regarding the devil energy.

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