Chapter 960 – Only A Woman

“Did you have any clothes of the missing Lady Huan or anything she possessed before? Give it to me.” Ji Mo Yi Fan said. 

The number of pockets in his clothes were exceptionally many, various bugs could be seen climbing in and out of these pockets.

Ji Mo Ya took out Phoenix Feather Bell from his storage ring, Ji Mo Yi Fan placed some insects on the bell to trace its scent.

After smelling it, they anxiously climbed about and did not come off the bell.

Ji Mo Yi Fan shook his head, “No good, there are too many scents on top of it. It is best if you have something like her personal clothes or similar.”

Ji Mo Ya took out the teddy bear pajamas Huan Qing Yan once used.

This time, the insects seem to have located their targets and came off the pajamas to scatter everywhere…

“Okay, I got the insects to look for Lady Huan, the insects would inform me if they found Lady Huan’s whereabouts. I will head west of Sun City for you.”

“Thank you, Fifth Elder.”

Ji Mo Kai Yuan also left, “I will head east. Brat Ya, do not be too worried, she should be fine.”

The shine in Ji Mo Ya’s eyes slightly dims, “Thank you, Head Elder.”

Only Madam Ru remained.

Madam Ru frowned and look at Ji Mo Ya with disdain.

She said sarcastically, “Look at you, that unkempt beard of yours has shattered your celestial young master image. It is only a woman, do you need to be like that? She even ran off with a man, did you have to be so anxious?”

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Ji Mo Ya looked at her with a dark gaze, “Mother, I will only ask you once. Are you the one that made a move on Little Yan?”

“During the Wine Sage’s birthday banquet, I am still within your sights, which eye did you see my making a move? Also, I have once made a vow, and I will receive a backlash if I made a move on her. Do I look like someone who has received a backlash?” Madam Ru sneered.

Once a King Spirit Master breaks their vows, the consequences would be severe, their cultivation would at least be reduced by a stage.

Madam Ru’s cultivation was still stable at Early King Spirit Master and had no sign of dropping, it should be proof enough.

Ji Mo Ya had been thinking and there were not many people would make a move on Huan Qing Yan; Madam Ru was the most suspicious.

The other suspect was Bai Li Zi Xi, but she was currently in prison so it should not be her, and no one would risk their lives for a witch.

News that Bai Li Zi Xi was a witch had spread to the entire Spirit Treasure Continent over the past dozen days.

Who else was there?

Was it really just some random people that were robbing for wealth and woman?

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Ji Mo Ya was feeling frustrated, “This son got overly anxious, hope mother can appease her anger.”

Madam Ru waved her hand and snorted, “The son of others would be very close to their mothers, yet my son treats me like a stranger. I did not raise you when you are young, but I still gave birth to you. Your words have really chilled your mother’s heart.”

Ji Mo Ya turned and moved away, he had no time to listen to Madam Ru/

Little Yan was still waiting for him.

Madam Ru felt embarrassed and frustrated at his reaction, “Ji Mo Ya! What attitude is that? Is the whereabouts of a woman more important than your own mother?”

Ji Mo Ya’s steps did not stop.

When Madam Ru saw that nothing could move Ji Mo Ya, she gritted her teeth and said, “I will go south of Sun City to take a look.”

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