Chapter 961 – Demon Form

She coldly snorted and walked away without waiting for Ji Mo Ya’s reaction.

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Ji Mo Ya called out while he was walking, “Mo Wu!”

“Here.” A figure appeared from a dark corner.

“Any news from Mo Yi in Holy City?”

Mo Wu replied, “None, Young Master. The associates of the witch that you suspected have not been found as well.”

Ji Mo Ya has analyzed before, with Bai Li Zi Xi no longer being a Saintess, ordinary humans will no longer help her; this was the same for the demon as well as both races cultivate in spirit energy and not devil energy.”

The devil clan could be said to be the natural enemy of both humans and demons, demon men would also not work for her as well.

The only exception was devil cultivators like her!

Devil cultivators were unheard within Spirit Treasure Continent, but what if she has associates?

Ji Mo Ya started to ponder, “Okay. Follow Madam Ru from today onward, perform a detailed search in all the places she has been.”

Although Madam Ru’s cultivation did not drop, so, in theory, she was not the one that took action, but what if she used some sort of secret technique?

Also, even if it was not her, but what if she knew who did it? Having a lead from following her was better than nothing.

“Okay. Mo Wu shall go immediately.”

After hesitating for a moment, Mo Wu added, “Young Master, you have not had any rest for over ten days, please take a rest!”

“Little Yan is waiting for me.”

His sentence was filled with longing and worry.


Within the deep mountain forest, a golden lion was constantly running.

Every time he reached a new place, he would stop and carefully smell for nearly an hour. If there were no discovery, it would continue on its journey.

It was Bai Chen Feng!

He could no longer bother about being in the territory of humans and had used his demon form.

He had absorbed two drops of blood of the Lion Emperor’s blood, allowing him to adopt a perfect beast form when he demonized, no one would be able to see that he was a human.

In his perfect beast form, his speed, power, smell, and reaction, etc. had all obtained a significant increase.

He has not slept a wink for the past ten over days as well, not even drinking or eating.

He only had one thought: Find Little Yan, find Little Yan, find Little Yan. After that, use whatever reason to never let her go again.

At most, he would bring her to the demon lands to live.

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By force, or kidnapping.


Nan Gong Bei Chen had returned to Holy City.

He was the only person who did not search for Huan Qing Yan.

But returned to the Holy City.

He came to the Bai Li Clan’s estate within the city to look for Bai Li Feng, the Crazy Sage!

Bai Li Feng was unwilling to meet Nan Gong Bei Cheng, “I am having a headache when I see you, brat, a feeling that nothing good would come from you! Speak, why have you been requesting to meet me several times a day? This old man is busy.”

Over the past few days, the three sages have been taking turns to interrogate Bai Li Zi Xi for information regarding the Devil Eye, but there has been no progress.

Bai Li Zi Xi was firm with her reply, saying that she did not know anything. Her master appeared and made her a God Chosen after she came out of the Blood Moon Hidden Realm. Bai Li Zi Xi also added that she was too young and did not know about devil energy, she thought it was some unique spirit energy bestowed by sages…

She practiced it as it allowed her cultivation to increase significantly.

After using a secret technique to search her soul without harming it and obtaining the same results, the three sages were at a loss on what to do next.

Nan Gong Bei Chen has been outside the Bai Li Clan’s estate begging for half a day to meet the Crazy Sage.

“Lord Sage, this junior is here to help you locate the missing Bai Li Clan bloodline. Bai Li Zi Xi was a fake, don’t you want to know where the real Bai Li Clan bloodline is at?”

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