Chapter 962 – No!

Bai Li Feng grabbed Nan Gong Bei Chen by the collar and lifted the latter up like a chick.

“You know something Brat? Where? Tell me, quick!”

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Nan Gong Bei Chen replied, “Lord Sage, I am unable to confirm if that person is the one you are looking for, but I can see that it is a Bai Li Clan bloodline that’s lost outside of the clan…”

“Then why did you not bring her back? Why are you still dawdling with this old man about?”

Nan Gong Bei Chen lowered his head, “Lord Sage, the situation got slightly complicated, this was what happened…”

He summarized Huan Qing Yan’s situation.

Bai Li Feng put down Nan Gong Bei Chen and squinted, “So you are saying that this girl is highly related to the Ji Mo Clan and has gone missing, no one knows if she is dead or alive. That’s why you thought to use this old man to help you search for her? Brat, are you able to pay the fees of engaging the help of a Half-Sage?”

Nan Gong Bei Chen smiled wryly.

Bai Li Feng added, “And it is related to the Ji Mo Clan, this sage currently hates people from the Ji Mo Clan the most! That brat called Ji Mo Ya! Help him look for his wife? Are you overthinking!”

The Ji Mo Clan had undermined Bai Li Zi Xi countless times, although the latter was ultimately discovered to be a witch, she was still a representative of the Bai Li Clan at that time. No one told Bai Li Feng when he came out from seclusion earlier on, but over the past few days, he was given a detailed report of what had happened.

Causing him to have a strong sense of dislike towards the Ji Mo Clan.

“Lord Sage, but what if she is really the person the Bai Li Clan is looking for? The situation is very dangerous now, if you do not act, it might be too late to regret when the time comes.”

Bai Li Feng turned silent.


Huan Qing Yan felt that she was about to give birth.

She was starting to feel the contractions while the two muted maids helped her up and changed her clothes several times.

The two aunties wore cold smiles as they looked at her tummy.

They brought out sharp knives and scissors that gave of a cold glint as they discussed where to start without harming the baby.

At the entrance of the cabin was a shadow-like man who was silent.

Looking at him would cause her to feel like sleeping.

“You are finally about to give birth, quick! Give birth so that we can complete our assignment. Give birth, and you will obtain your release, and be free…” Auntie Ma said.

“That’s right, stay spirited! It will be great if you can give birth naturally, else we can only slit your tummy and extract the baby.”

Huan Qing Yan started crying like a startled cat, “No, no…”

At the same time, a bright light descended from the sky!

It was a familiar figure, his graceful and elegant poise, that nobility of a person of high status…

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It’s Ji Mo Ya!

He smoothly landed within the stone cabin and beat up everyone till they were on the ground.

He walked towards Huan Qing Yan and said dotingly, “Little Yan, I am here. Little Yan, you have suffered!”

Huan Qing Yan happily replied, “Ji Mo Ya, you are finally here, your child is about to be born…”

Hearing the word ‘child’, Ji Mo Ya’s doting mode disappeared, “Little Yan, you are lying to yourself. That is a child of a demon man, a bastard, it is not mine! However, I do not blame you, I will bring it to the demon lands after you gave birth to it. Leave the child to its fate, we can have our own children in the future…”

“No! Ji Mo Ya, I beg you not to do that.”

“Oh, right, Little Yan. You threw away the Phoenix Bell twice, so I gave it to Bai Li Zi Xi and have married her. She told me that she did not mind your existence. She is now outside waiting for us, we will return to the clan together…”

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