Chapter 215 – Cross Fire

Undead Juggernaut Sion

He came from the Noxus Faction of the <League of Legends> World. Sion was the previous Hand of Noxus, his fighting power was undoubted. Although he became undead in the end, he still lived up to his name as a war machine.

His appearance had shocked the entire F City, both the Qin Land and Benevolence Land were significantly affected by his presence.

Benevolence Land

Thirty-Six Paradise City

Sky Hegemon Blade Sage was standing at the highest point of the city, he was able to see the entirety of Benevolence Land, but his gaze was fixed on Sion. The latter’s appearance was causing his arms to tremble, it was unknown if the trembling was due to excitement or…

Qin Land

Within a majestic palace was a terrifying Zombie King, but he did not possess any unique traits of a zombie, looking more like a human instead.

The majestic palace magnified his authority as an emperor. However, there was a trace of anxiousness between his brows as he looked at a certain point faraway within F City.


Yang Tian did not know what was happening within F City, he was currently fighting a Peak Rank 3 insect, Blackrock Bug.

The Insect Wave this time appeared suddenly and was much more ferocious than the previous waves. A total of twenty Peak Rank 3 insects.

The Wu Family needs to face four Peak Rank 3 insects, Yang Tian was currently dealing with one, Wu Family Head dealt with another, while the remaining two were harassed and pinned down by the metahumans of the Wu Family and Yang Tian’s tamed beasts.

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The Blackrock Bug has a body as black as ink and defense that was equivalent to Early Rank 4. It was a purely defense-type insect, Yang Tian would need quite some time to kill this one.

“Why did it appear so suddenly this time?” Yang Tian pondered.

The insects did not appear like an Insect Wave, but more like a raid. Although it was a raid done by only twenty Peak Rank 3 insects, it was still enough to cause A City to be in despair.

Are there any Peak Rank 3 metahumans in the Central Region?

In the entire A City, the number of Peak Rank 3 metahumans could be counted with a palm.

Yang Tian possessed Venom that was able to give him fighting power equivalent to a Peak Rank 3 metahuman.

The domineering inner energy of Lion Roar circled around his arms, each punch unleashed by Yang Tian was filled with terrifying fighting power.

Boom Boom

Each blow that landed on the Blackrock Bug would leave a white mark on its carapace, but each blow was unable to break its armor.

Yang Tian knew clearly that Blackrock Bugs possessed powerful defenses, it was obviously impossible to break through its defenses with Peak Rank 3 fighting power, but Yang Tian had no choice but to do that. The weak spot of Blackrock Bugs was their necks, the gap between their head and carapace. The Blackrock Bug was protecting this area really well, causing Yang Tian to be unable to land an attack.

That was why Yang Tian unleashed powerful blows repeatedly on the Blackrock Bug, only after angering it with pain, would the Blackrock Bug create an opening for Yang Tian to attack its weak spot.

Screech! Screech!

Blackrock Bug screeched out, it was on the verge of rage, even its bug eyes were starting to be shrouded in red.

Yang Tian secretly equipped the Early Rank 4 Golden Silkworm Gloves and turned his hands into a pair of dragon claws. However, Yang Tian was still striking on the Blackrock Bug with punches to anger it.

After a few more punches, the Blackrock Bug was utterly enraged, its eyes were now completely red. For the sake of attacking Yang Tian, it no longer cared to protect that gap.

When the gap appeared, its tender meat was immediately seen.

Yang Tian had no reason to ignore this opportunity.


Yang Tian instantly moved to the side of the Blackrock Bug and used the most destructive attack of Dragon-Claw Hand, Yang Tian had condensed the power for this strike long ago.

Yang Tian wanted to unleash the most destructive force he could muster, and kill in a single blow.

When the Blackrock Bug noticed that Yang Tian suddenly disappeared and detected a lethal danger coming from its side, it knew that its situation was not going to be good.

By the time the Blackrock Bug wanted to tighten its body again, it was already too late. Yang Tian’s claws had stabbed into its flesh.


Its head was separated from its body.

The Black Rock Bug’s eyes revealed a trace of unwillingness as its head fell.

After extracting the energy crystal from the head, Yang Tian tossed it to Brain-Eating Terror Hog. The brain matter of a Peak Rank 3 insect was very nutritious to the latter.

Yang Tian’s four tamed beasts were fighting against a Peak Rank 3 insect, by relying on T-Rex, the tamed beasts were able to have an advantage over their opponent.

Four-Legged Wall Worm

The most distinct difference between this creature and other insects was its pair of long furry legs. It has no carapace to protect it, but its skin would secrete a special fluid that reduces the power of physical attacks by half.

While the Wu Family Head and his subordinates were dealing with the Peak Rank 3 insects, Redrock Bug, and Bluerock Bug. The two insects looked similar to the Blackrock Bug, their only difference was their attributes. The Blackrock Bug focused on Defense, the Redrock Bug excels in physical attack while the Bluerock Bug has powerful magic attacks.

The Wu Family Head relied on his powerful Fire Dragon ability to beat the Redrock Bug into a disadvantage and was on the verge of exterminating his opponent. The Wu Family metahumans were also at a similar advantage thanks to the three High Rank 3 metahumans.

After devouring the brain matter of the Blackrock Bug, the injuries on Brain-Eating Terror Hog have mostly recovered. The Four-Legged Wall Worm was the most powerful of the four Peak Rank 3 insects, but it was at a disadvantage under the assault of the four tamed beasts. One could see that the combined power of the four tamed beasts were not weaker than Peak Rank 3 insects.

Especially when facing against the Yin Energy of the Three-Headed Yin Insect, the Four-Legged Wall Worm had no choice but to evade. Just that the attacks of T-Rex could not be ignored as well, which was why the Four-Legged Wall Worm was covered in injuries. One of the most severe injuries was the one struck by Yin Energy on its back, ice the size of a human head was formed on it and was seriously affecting the fighting power of the Four-Legged Wall Worm.

The recovered Brain-Eating Terror Hog plus the addition of Yang Tian had significantly increased the strain on the Four-Legged Wall Worm.

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Earth Spike

Yang Tian used Earth Spike to reduce the mobility range of the Four-Legged Wall Worm.

The coordination between the tamed beasts soon increased the injuries on the Four-Legged Wall Worm.

“Let me finish you!”

“Cross Fire!”

Yang Tian had encountered a Flame Flame Fruit user in his previous life who developed the Flame Flame Fruit to a high degree, one of the moves that the user developed, was Cross Fire. Yang Tian used this opportunity to try it out.

Deactivating Venom form, Yang Tian placed his forefingers to form a cross. A cross-shaped emerald green flame was formed.

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