Chapter 214 – Undead Juggernaut

“You guys… are too much!”

“Count yourself lucky that we did not kill you already,

The metahuman from the Wang Family said impatiently.

With no other choice, the messenger from the Warblade Monster Hunting Group left in anger.

Seated within the top-most position of the Wang Family’s Great Hall was the Wang Family Head, his face was dark as he listened to the report of a subordinate.

“You are saying that two Peak Rank 3 insects have been tamed by the Radiant Church?”

“Family Head, this subordinate saw it personally that two Peak Rank 3 insects were following the Radiant Pope like two obedient dogs.”

The Wang Family Head’s expression turned even uglier.

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He initially thought that the two Peak Rank 3 insects heading towards Radiant Church would cause the Radiant Pope significant problems, little did he expect that both insects would turn into the dogs of the Radiant Pope.

Wang Family Head did not know the strength of the Radiant Pope, that was why the former assumed that the latter was at most similar to him in power, a Peak Rank 3.

“Where did this pope come from?” Wang Family Head pondered.

The Wu Family was as concerned as the Wang Family regarding the sudden emergence of the Radiant Church, especially when the Wu Family Head heard that the Radiant Pope was Rank 4.

Within the Wu Family Hall, Wu Family Head was seated in the top-most position. Yang Tian was also present and was sitting on the first seat on the Wu Family Head’s right, on the left was Wu Ying Xue.

“Young Master Yang, what methods did you think the Radiant Pope used to tame that two Peak Rank 3 insects?”

Wu Family Head had also obtained the same report and wanted to ask Yang Tian. Especially when Yang Tian had managed to capture the Three-Headed Yin Insect as well.

However, Yang Tian was familiar with the abilities of a Radiant Pope and did not think that this one has any taming methods.

If his guess was correct, it should be the Brainwashing skill of the Radiant Believer. They would of course not admit that their ability as Brainwashing, they beautify it with another term: Instructing The Masses

The two Peak Rank 3 insects were likely successfully brainwashed.

“It’s just brainwashing! Isn’t this something that all religions like to do?”

“Insects can also be brainwashed?”

Wu Family Head was shocked. If even insects could be brainwashed, then it also means that all sorts of creatures could be brainwashed, even… fear crept up the heart of the Wu Family Head.

“Of course they can, but the Radiant Pope must have done more than that because he would have failed if he performed forced brainwashing.”

The Radiant Pope was stronger than the Peak Rank 3 insects, he would have a very high success rate if he caused an anomaly to the mental states of the Peak Rank 3 insects. If they were of the same level, the chances of the Radiant Pope succeeding would be less than fifty percent. If the creature were stronger than the Radiant Pope, then the rate of success would literally be none, and he might even receive a backlash.

“That’s good, that’s good.” Wu Family Head heaved a sigh of relief.

“There’s one more thing. The two insects had just been brainwashed and could not be too far from the Radiant Pope, else…”

Yang Tian gave a meaningful expression, and the Wu Family Head immediately understood the meaning.

The targets were still Peak Rank 3 insects, the Radiant Pope needs at least three days to complete the brainwashing. During this period, they could not be more than ten meters away from the Radiant Pope else they would slowly wake up. 

Once they woke up, their first target would undoubtedly be the Radiant Pope. Being brainwashed by the Radiant Pope had turned them into traitors of the Insect World in a certain way, this was something they could not allow.

“Our abilities aside, it is more important to deal with our current enemies, the insects.” Wu Family Head waved his hand.

This was also within Yang Tian’s expectations, the Wu Family Head might not be a great person, but he still understands the bigger picture of things. At least the Wu Family Head knows what to do and what not to do.

Within the Radiant Church, a man covered in a golden glow was continuously reciting scriptures, giving off inviolable holiness.

But the ones listening to him were two fat insects.

“Founder, our actions have been seen by the other organizations with A City, will it attract their dissatisfaction?”

The Radiant Pope stopped reciting after hearing his subordinate’s words and slowly said:

“Rest assured, the people who could become leaders all possess sound wisdom. There is no need to worry about this.”

“Yes, Founder!”

The subordinate retreated after getting the reply, he looked at the Radiant Pope with revered eyes. Looking no different from how the two insects were displaying. 

The Radiant Church had developed very quickly, much more terrifying than the Yi Family had in the past. The Yi Family could only control a specific area within their territory, but the Radiant Church could control all the Yi Family’s land as their own, this was even more formidable than the Wang Family. 

After the believer left, the Radiant Pope did not continue to recite the scriptures but looked at the cross behind him.

“You became a slave of the Abyss despite being a human, I will imprison you here for the rest of your life.”

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A faint tremble came from within the cross, but it soon became quiet after a golden light shone on it.

If Yang Tian were present, he would recognize that the energy being emitted from this cross was the energy of the Abyss.

F City

Benevolence Land and Qin Land

With the return of Sky Hegemon Blade Sage, fighting against the Insect Wave was still rough, but they were able to defeat the waves. While the zombies of the Qin Land were able to efficiently deal with insects using formations that comprise of Rank 2 zombies. If they encounter stronger insects, they would still be able to deal relatively high damage to them. In the Qin Lands, it was rare for powerful zombies to appear and fight the insects, they mostly relied on formations to exterminate them.

Just as the Qin Land and Benevolence Land have successfully eradicated the Insect Wave. A huge black hole appeared directly above F City, the energy emitted from within the black hole was very similar to that of the undead creatures that descended before.

The difference was, it was Rank 1 undead creatures back then, their energy was scattered due to their large amount. However, the energy this time was gathered at one point, only one undead creature?

The energy coming from within the black hole became more and more frightening, even the sky seemed to be unable to handle the pressure.


A colossal figure fell from the black hole, and the black hole disappeared immediately from the sky, allowing it to quickly restore to its previous peace.


A humanoid creature with a remarkably brawny five-meter tall physique appeared, his body was covered in dense scars while his right hand was holding a huge axe. There was also a red dreadful-looking hole on his stomach.

This colossal creature with ruthless eyes made the Insect Wave looked insignificant.

“Who are you?”

“I! Am! War!”

His killing intent caused all nearby metahumans to feel terrified. He was not a creature of the Abyss, but he was an undead. The Undead Juggernaut.

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